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The Shadow Cat

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Krypto meets up with a new hero named Hatchi, who despises dogs because of his horrible experience with them. But right now, they have to team up to face an enemy who wants to make cats more domina...

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Krypto is flying around a rather broken down neighborhood of Metropolis, hearing about some kind of criminal activity down there. He uses his X-Ray to find a group of robbers stealing Hi-Def TVs and loading them into a getaway truck. They even have pit bulls too. So, Krypto flies in toward the site. But by the time he gets there, all the thieves and pit bulls have been knocked unconsious. Just what happened? Then, he hears a noise from inside the warehouse. He goes in and finds one last robber getting the poop kicked out of him by some stranger. The guy is thrown outside the warehouse, flying past Krypto. Krypto sees something come out of the shadows. It's a black cat, wearing a mask and five round plates on his limbs and tail. The cat asks if he's one of those guys, which Krypto says no. But the guy doesn't believe it, and starts attacking Krypto, using punches and kicks like human martial artists. He is able to knock Krypto back a bit, but Krypto rams him into a wall. The cat isn't ready to give in, and disappears into the shadows. Then, he reappears above Krypto and slams his paws on Krypto's back. Krypto is down, and the cat seems victorious. Thinking that, he puts on a black cape that seems to of been laying around. Then says that mess with the best and you'll be toast. As he is about to leave, Krypto gets up. The cat prepares to fight again, but Krypto doesn't want to. Then the cat realizes that that is Krypto, the Superdog, and not a villian. Krypto asks if he is some kind of hero too, in which the cat says yes. The cat doesn't give much of a "sorry", and begins leaving. Krypto asks for his name, and it's Hatchi, The Shadow Cat.

So Krypto is resting on some roof, wondering just who this guy is. He literally attacked him even though he said that he wasn't a criminal. There's something about Hatchi that makes him wonder if he....Suddenly, there's a meow for help. Krypto goes to find it, and sees a kitten being chased by pit bulls. Krypto is about to fly down when..Hatchi shoots up in a shadow past Krypto, then lands right in front of the other dogs. The dogs keep running at him, Hatchi is armed and clawed. In a flash, the dogs have past him, and Hatchi didn't move. The dogs go down, with scratches on them. The kitten thanks Hatchi and leaves. Krypto comes down and asks how he do that. Hatchi says that dogs don't pay attention to the fact that claws can make a difference in fights, so long as they are sharp and used well. Heck, he doesn't have to move to take down three dogs. Being the nice dog Krypto is, he asks if he could join Hatchi in his lookout of this part of the city. But Hatchi says no, he doesn't want any dogs helping him. He don't need help from any dog in fact. He disappears again. Krypto wonders more about him.

Later on, Krypto sees Hatchi spying on something in a window. So, quietly, he hides and watches Hatchi as he watches what's going on inside the building. There are some cats inside, planning something. Hatchi knows what's going on, and he knows that Krypto is spying on him. Caught, Krypto goes to him and apologizes. Hatchi has no choice but to let him watch. So, the villianous looking cats are trying to create something. And they were able to make a blueprint that by miracle from a backup disk, is the exact same as the original document that was stolen by one of there own. Hatchi is that thief. Krypto wonders if he did used to work for them. But Hatchi says that he didn't know what they were planning. He was just using them to help him train in combat. For the blueprints are for a machine that can make every cat in the world under it's control, and turning them into super elite cat fighters, which is what the trained cat Hatchi is, a super fighter. Hatchi wants to make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen, so he destroyed the original prints. Now he's gonna have to steal and destroy these plans. He prepares to go in, and Krypto offers to help, but Hatchi says no, because it's his mission. So Hatchi sneeks in, unseen. He swiftly sneaks by in the shadows, getting closer to the computer that's in the corner. Krypto watches as Hatchi takes out a disk from inside the drive, and he breaks it without anyone knowing. Then he replaces the disc with another, into the drive. Krypto is amazed. He quietly comments, but since the stupid window is open, those cats heard him. But it doesn't matter, Hatchi comes out of no where and grabs the blueprints from the table and dashes for the window. But an invisible barrier zaps him, and he is stunned. Krypto flies in to help, but a Kryptonite filled net traps him. The boss cat takes back the document, and is enjoyed by the fact that Hatchi returned.

Now, dangling over a large pot of acid, tied up by rope, Krypto and Hatchi are trapped. The boss cat says that the blueprints will remain safe as long as there is no one to stop him. So once the rope lowers them into the acid, no more problems. And in the process, Krypto the Superdog will be gone and he's a major threat to the plan. So, the bad cats leave. Hatchi is mad at Krypto for getting them caught. Krypto says sorry, and asks if he doesn't trust him or anything. In fact, why does he have such a major issue over dogs? Sure that cats and dogs don't tend to get along but...This is just extreme. Hatchi explains his past *see Page 1 of "Present Day Fan Characters", and Krypto understands. Now the boss cat in the room on the next floor, from a clear window, says that he's gonna lower them in now. So now they are getting lowered. Hatchi says he's gonna get them out of the ropes. So, managing to get a claw out, starts to claw at the back of the ropes. Breaking it causes the ropes to snap, and they begin to fall into the pot. Krypto, no longer weakened by Kryptonite, flies in at Hatchi and grabs him by the neck and flies him out. The boss cat is shocked, as Hatchi breaks the window where they are in, and starts beating up the other cats. Krypto goes after the boss cat, who can't escape now. He still has the blueprints, so Krypto locates it and burns it with heat vision. The cat makes a break for it, and snags the disc from the computer, saying he still has the plans on disc. They'll never stop his plans! He escapes. Hatchi assures though, that with that disc, he won't be able to build his ultimate machine.

On a roof sometime later, Hatchi thanks Krypto for helping him, and saving him from a horrible fate. No dog has ever done this before. For now on, he'll trust this dog. Krypto tells them there are others like him who protect the innocent. So perhaps one day he'd like to meet them. There's even a supercat he knows too. Hatchi smiles and says "Maybe when I'm in the mood." He turns and disappears. Krypto is happy he made a new ally and leaves. Over the moon's life, the shadow of Hatchi appears in front.

The End
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