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The One and Only Supercat!

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A new feline hero comes to town and Streaky becomes fond of his new friend. But is there more to this new cat? Is he really a hero?

Category: Krypto the Superdog - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Krypto, Streaky - Published: 2006-06-02 - Updated: 2006-06-03 - 2174 words

On the TV, a news report is going on saying that Superdog and Supercat have saved a group of construction workers after falling into a pool of cement that was to be mixed and used. No one is hurt, thanks to the super animals. Then the channel flips to another news station, broadcasting news about a local dog who saved a baby who was locked in a car during a hot day. Again, another news station reports something about a dog doing a good deed. It goes on for two more channels that's a lot of news networks. The TV is then turned off by Streaky, who is in Kevin's house with Krypto. Krypto thinks that a lot of dogs sure did a lot of good today. Streaky sarcastically agrees, and Krypto asks what's wrong. Streaky asks if it's just him, or are there never any reports of cats doing good deeds? Krypto says that he's sure there must of been some. But Streaky disagrees. He sometimes is forced to watch the news with Andrea, and he never sees any cats, but dogs doing good things. In fact, the only cat he ever sees is himself. Is he like the only cat who is kind of like a hero around here? Come on. Krypto doesn't know what to say. But Streaky says that it's not fair. It's like dogs are the only animals who are capable of doing the good stuff, when others like cats are sometimes considered useless and sometimes in their case, evil. Haven't you noticed that there are more evil cats than there of any other animal? Gives them a bad rep. Krypto says that it's not like anyone on Earth knows a lot of them, since it's mostly known in space. Still..Streaky wishes that there be at least one cat like him. Just one. Dogs aren't the only ones who can be heros, cats can too. So then he starts to leave, and thanks him for inviting him over. Krypto kinda feels bad for him. Anyway, later in the day, Streaky is flying in the sky, still mumbling about his little issue, when he hears a cry for help. Inside a building, an elevator full of people has stopped moving, and it is about to fall. Getting on it, Streaky flies inside, finds his way to the elevator shaft, and flies under the elevator they are in, just as it begins to fall. Streaky is having a hard time holding it, as it pushes him downward. Then he hears a voice, asking him if he needs a hand. Then, a purple cat is next to him, with a cool suit, starts holding the elevator up with Streaky. Streaky and the new cat hold it long enough to get onto the bottom floor safely, then the firemen can get them out. Streaky and the cat fly outside, where the people are at. Krypto shows up, and asks what happened. Streaky tells him that he and this cat saved people in an elevator, but the thing is, this guy show up from no where. So Krypto asks who he is, and the cat replies his name is Ray, and he's a super hero too. Later, they are talking on top of a roof. Ray comes from a small town outside of Metropolis, and came here to fight real villians like in all the big cities. Streaky is glad to meet another super hero cat, and introduces himself and Krypto. Ray has heard of Streaky. In fact, he's the only other cat super hero he has ever heard of. Streaky wonders if it's true. Yep. He and Streaky are the only super cats in the world. Streaky is amazed that he didn't know. Krypto asks him if he plans on finding a home in Metropolis. Ray says he'll find a place eventually. But anyway, Streaky asks what his powers are. Ray says that he has super strength, super speed, and the ability of flight. Not bad. Streaky goes on saying his powers, and Ray points that he knows, as it is the same as Krypto. Streaky hopes he and Ray will get along just fine, as this is the first time he's ever met a cat just like him who is a super hero. Ray couldn't agree more, and they shake paws. So anyway, time goes by a few days worth, and Krypto and Streaky do a lot of work in Metropolis. However, when they are preventing a pipe leak in the sewer, Streaky is taken out of comission by junk in the sewer, so Ray takes his place. As they come out, people cheer for them. Streaky comes out, only to find that everyone is gone. Same sort of thing happens again when saving a plane from crashing, but he gets caught in the engine since he's super, he can't die from this, so Ray helps out. Once again, Krypto and Ray get recognition, and Streaky gets none. Again and again, this happens. Streaky begins to wonder if they like Ray more than him. Anyway, one day he decides to get see Squeaky at the Supercat Fan Club. Only he comes to find out, after talking to Squeaky about the new guy and how everyone seems to be liking him a lot more than ever, and that it's possible that everyone doesn't remember himself, Squeaky and his friends have already changed the club so it's for Ray. Streaky is shocked. Squeaky apologizes and says he's still a hero to him. But it doesn't change things.

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Streaky returns home after a long, and not so good day. He heads into the kitchen, hoping Andrea has gotten him some food for dinner. However, he sees Andrea feeding Ray, with the same food dish that Streaky uses. Streaky is really shocked and wonders what he's doing here. Andrea says hi and says that she found this cat in the streets, and it didn't have a home. So she decided to take care of him. She didn't know when he'd be back, so she has leftovers. She gets them for Streaky, and it is just leftover noodle casorole. He smells it, and it smells horrible, even for a cat. Not even he will eat it. Later on, Streaky finally decides to take his bath like a good kitty, but he finds Andrea giving Ray a bath, and having a good time too. She is enjoying this. Streaky never did like baths. Man, and the only time he did want one too. Later, he wants to play with some of his cat toys with Andrea, only she's playing with Ray. Now it is bed time, and instead of being able to go to bed, Ray is in his bed! So he decides to sleep by the bed. Andrea gets in hers and says good night only to Ray. What about Streaky? Has she forgotten about him now? Well, he just leaves the room and into the living room. Andrea's parents are watching TV there. Feeling lonely, he tries to get their attention, but he is ignored. Even after rubbing on their legs with his back, no response. So now he feels forgotten, so he decides to leave. Outside, he is mumbling about how everyone forgotten him, and Krypto calls him from over the fence. He asks what's going on, and Streaky says that he's leaving. Everyone has forgotten about him, so he's better off somewhere else. Krypto ask why he's doing this. Streaky says that everyone likes Ray more than him now. Even at home, he is forgotten by his own family. His own nephew likes Ray more, and there's no one left to like him. He thought having another super hero cat would be cool. But he didn't think it meant him being forgotten by everyone else. He was replaced by a stronger, better cat. So he finishes gathering his things, and he takes off, after saying good bye. Krypto wonders something. In the morning, Ray joins Krypto on patrol, and Krypto asks Ray something. Streaky has been upset because everyone might of forgotten about him. But then Ray says that that can't be, he's a cool hero. Yeah, but living in his house? Ray says that Streaky is just losing it, and he'll be back. Then he takes off on his own, Krypto has a suspision about him. Later, he goes to the Supercat Fan Club, only called the Ray Fan Club. Squeaky hasn't seen him anywhere. Krypto worries about Streaky, and Squeaky does too. Krypto decides to try and find Streaky, and Squeaky wants to too. He lets him, and the search begins in the city. Looking in his favorite places, they find nothing. But Squeaky, finds someone else, and is taken. He awakes to find himself strapped to a rocket, next to an unconsious Andrea, and Ray appears. Squeaky asks what's going on, and Ray replies that he's about to send them into orbit. Squeaky asks why. Ray replies that he's simply gonna make it dangerous, then save them and get more recognition. So the truth is out. He literally sets up dangerous situations, and then saves them, even though it was planned. Squeaky doesn't get why it would have to deal with Streaky. Ray says that he is pretending to be a real hero. He also wants Streaky out of the way, so that it'd be easier this way. People will have his trust, and then he'll give the city to Mechanikat. Krypto appears and he heard it all. So he's really an agent of Mechanikat. Here he thought he was a hero like Streaky. Oh right. Cats aren't meant to be the hero types. With power like this, they should rule over others. Streaky could of been a villian which leads into another idea of mine later, but instead he chose to be a worthless good goody do gooder. He's a fool. Then, he sets the rocket for lift off. And there's nothing he can do about it, as he's gonna save the day again, and get more recognition than Krypto, or Streaky. Krypto gets mad and attacks Ray. As they fight, Squeaky roots for Krypto. Andrea wakes up and sees Ray fighting Krypto. Then screams to realize she's strapped to a rocket! The rocket is about to take off, and Squeaky tries to call for Supercat. Anyway, somewhere else, Streaky is about to leave the city, when he hears the cry from his nephew. He knows he's in trouble, so he leaves his things and takes off. Back to the fight, the rocket takes off. Krypto can only watch, after being knocked down. Ray says that it's hero time, but Krypto hits him with heat vision. Now neither of them can save them. But Krypto doesn't think so. As the rocket goes off, and Andrea screaming like a girl, Streaky shows up and sees this. He goes after the rocket, and grabs it. But it will blow up, so he grabs Andrea and Squeaky and flies them away, just as the rocket blows. Andrea and Squeaky are glad for their hero, as he takes them down to the ground. Everyone is grouping together, after seeing the entire thing with the rocket taking off. They are thanking Supercat, and Andrea is really thankful. Ray sees them, and his plan failed. Krypto is up, and ready to take him down. But Ray says he hasn't seen the last of him, then takes off into the sky. Later that night, Streaky is looking into the sky on his house, Krypto joins him. Streaky says that it's funny. He really thought he met another super cat. Another hero like him. Instead, it turned out to be a villian just pretending. Krypto says that he thinks it's just his choice. He chose to be evil, just as Streaky chose to be good. But Streaky asks why every cat has to turn evil? It's not fair at all. Well there's no answer to that. Krypto thinks that even if things happen like that, there are still million other cats that aren't bad. And anyway, having Streaky as Supercat can incourage cats to show what they can be capable of. It may not happened yet, but soon, other cats will become like super cats. Streaky hopes that happens too. Who knows? Anyway, they go to the ground. He had a rough day, but he thinks it's over now. Time to get some nice fish. But the front door is locked. Streaky kinda worries if they still have forgotten about him. Krypto suggests going around the house and go through the back. Good idea. They go around the back. Then, Kevin and Andrea say Happy Birthday to Streaky. Streaky wonders what is going on, and then realizes that he has forgotten his own birthday. He's surprised they remember it too after everything before. Krypto says no one can replace him, he's the one and only super cat. Streaky smiles, and they go to their owners.
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