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The League of Super Cats, Part 1

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A team of Supercats from another planet have appeared to Krypto and Streaky. They are indeed some fascinating characters, but what happens when an old enemy of Streaky comes to cause some trouble?

Category: Krypto the Superdog - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Krypto, Streaky - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-06-02 - Updated: 2006-06-03 - 1378 words

There is a swarm of small meteors heading for an alien planet, and they are about to reach the atmosphere. There's nothing anyone can do, until...Krypto, Streaky, and the Dog Star Patrol show up to try and prevent the meteors from hitting. However, there are just too many of them. So, Streaky wishes that they could move the planet out of the way. Good idea, Krypto says, and he tells him to help go around the planet so many times at a high speed, he can accelerate the orbital speed by a few days, and move the planet out of harm's way. So, the Dog Stars continue to hold off the meteors, while Krypto and Streaky do their thing. They spin around the planet so fast, the planet begins to spin underneath them. It causes the planet to move, and it moves further on it's orbital route. The meteors go right by. They stop going around the planet, and it stops moving. Everyone cheers for them and the Dog Stars. Just as everything was fine, there is a problem. Someone was trying to drive a truck with some deadly gas, and it's about to fall off a ledge. So, Streaky goes to help the man, as the truck falls. Krypto is prepared to stop it, but something happens to cause the truck to slowly come to a halt in mid air. Who's doing that? Anyway, it lands safely. Everyone wonders what is going on, and then some black cat with a diamond on it's head appears, saying that it was her doing. Her name is Diamond, and she is part of the League of Super Cats. Streaky likes what she did, it was cool. Anyway, back at the Dog Star Patrol ship, she introduces herself further and explains that she is the leader of a team of cats with special powers. They come from a planet far away from known civilizations. It's more of a secretive planet, where cats can live without the danger of being attacked by other races. In fact, in the past, her planet was attacked by evil space dogs, nearly destroying the entire planet. Anyway, her team protects the system they are in, or any system they visit. It's nice to meet them. Everyone introduces themselves. Diamond is interested in Streaky, as she hasn't seen any other cat like her or her comrads that can use super powers for good. Streaky is flattered, and says it's nice to meet real cat heros. She invites Streaky to come onto her ship and meet her friends. Streaky asks if he can bring his friends. Diamond isn't sure. Well Brainy says her team is busy anyway. Krypto ain't. He'd like to come too. Diamond accepts it, and they are teleported into her ship. There, Diamond introduces them to her team. First is Gruff, a large red and black stripped cat with a lot of strength. He once moved an entire belt of asteriods on his own. Next is Jin, who can control wind and even produce his own from his breath. He is a white cat with many bracelets. Finally is Hasu, who has the power to use ice. She is a light blue cat. She uses her necklace to produce snowstorms, ice showers, blizzards, you name it. And they are inside the League HQ Ship, which is in the form of a cat face. Anyway, Krypto and Streaky are glad to meet them, and vice versa wise. After talking, there is an alarm going off. On the monitor, some alien is attacking another alien city with a powerful machine. So, Diamond asks if they want to come and watch them in action. Streaky agrees, and Krypto decides to go too. With that, they are off. Anyway, they reach the planet and confront the evil alien. Diamond tells Streaky and Krypto to watch them. They begin their attack. Hasu freezes the machine with her ice attacks, while Gruff starts knocking the stuffing out of the arms and legs, so that it can be disarmed. The alien won't allow it, so he unleashes a barrage of laser. However, thanks to Jin's powerful wind breath, he is able to blow them away. Diamond finishes it off by removing the alien from the now destroyed machine, and thus ending the battle. Streaky is amazed at what they can do. Krypto is impressed.

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After a long days work, Krypto and Streaky return to Earth. Streaky is really happy that he got to meet some actual super cats. Ever since that incident with Ray, he thought he wouldn't meet anyone else. But now, there's another team that's like the Dog Stars, but for cats. Krypto is glad that he's happy now. Streaky decides to head home, as so does Krypto. That night, before Streaky is about to go to bed, he gets a tap at the window. It's Diamond. He goes to her and she says that her ship is under attack by some mysterious ship, and they can't hold off much longer. They need his help. Streaky says he'll get Krypto too, but Diamond says that there's no time. So, they take off of course, space helmets will magically appear on their heads like in some cases into space. Meanwhile, the League HQ Ship is under attack by Mechanikat's ship. He is firing lasers at them, while his Cat Bots are inside fighting with the team. They have to deal with the threat inside, and out. Eventually, Streaky and Diamond return, and now it's go time. They kick a few butts, then Diamond suggests heading for the control room. Maybe they can do something there. Streaky says he'll hold off the Cat Bots for her while she goes on, as some more just entered the room they are in. Agreeing, she takes off, and Streaky is ready to fight. As to how he kicks butt, I'll leave out, but Diamond has a problem. Reaching the control room, she finds that her defense system is offline, and she can't turn it back on. So, she tries to contact her teammates through a speaker, saying to reconnect the defense system in the power generator room, so she can activate it. However, the others are still trying to hold off their foes. Streaky isn't busy. He flies around the ship, hoping to find the room. He finds it, and has no idea which is what. Luckily, there are labels telling him what is what. With them, he is able to reconnect the defense system to the power generator. Now it's operational. With that, Diamond turns it on, and sercurity lasers destroy the Cat Bots on the ship. Also, it sends Mechanikat's ship packing, as it retreats. However, Mechanikat's plan is just starting. Anyway, Diamond thanks Streaky for his help. It's no problem. Then she asks him if it's possible, if he could become a member on the team. They can bring him back to Earth anytime he needs to head back, if it's okay. Streaky thinks about it. But he'll need to ask Krypto first. So next morning, he tells Krypto what happened. After some talk, and what responsibility he'll have, Krypto let's Streaky go ahead with joining. Happy, he heads off into the sky. Krypto is happy for him. Later on, Streaky is in the space ship, now a member of the team. Diamond shows up and asks him if he's happy he's on the team. Streaky says yeah. It's a real honor to be on a team he can relate with. After all, for all his time as a super hero, he has never met a real super hero cat like himself. It's always dogs and other animals that are heros. But now he's glad he can be with those like him. Well anyway, she asks him to come with her to the control room. After entering, Streaky is strapped to a table by Diamond's power. He struggles, and wonders what's going on. The team comes in on him, with evil red eyes. He asks what's wrong, and then a familiar voice is heard. It's Ray! And he says that it's time for this kitty, to become rotten. He takes out a needle of some sort...

To Be Continued...
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