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The League of Supercats, Part 2

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Ray, who works for Mechanikat, has taken control of the LoSC and Streaky. Can Krypto stop him and free everyone?

Category: Krypto the Superdog - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Krypto, Streaky - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-06-02 - Updated: 2006-06-03 - 1669 words

It's been days, and Krypto hasn't seen Streaky anywhere. Knowing this, he checks by Andrea's place, and sees that Andrea is wondering where he is. But he is gone a lot anyway, so she'll give him another day, before she goes out to look for him. It looks like he hasn't been home either. But anyway, he is called by the Dog Stars, so he goes up to their ship. Inside, he asks Krypto if there was any sign of Streaky anywhere. He isn't in Metropolis at all. Brainy says that she can't detect him on the planet at all. Krypto is worried something might of happened to him. Maybe Mechanikat got to him or something. No, he hasn't been seen around the system at all. He must be up to no good, if he's been quiet for so long. Anyway, they get an alarm, saying that something bad is going on at an oil site in a barren part of Texas. Apparently, it's bad. So they decide to go check it out. Upon entering, there are many oil bursts, and it isn't stopping. There is no one here, so they get to work on clogging up the holes. Afterwards, they hear someone congratulate them on their work. It is coming from Ray, who reveals himself from a nearby cave. Krypto is shocked to see him again, and says that he wasn't expecting him. Now, Ray heads into the cave, and the others follow him. It's dark, so Hot Dog uses his body as a torch to light the place. As they go further, they come into a big chamber. That's when the lights turn on, and Ray is standing in the center of the room. Krypto says he isn't gonna get away this time. But Ray says otherwise. He has a little surprise for them. That's, when Krypto is blown by a gust of wind and ice. Mammoth Mutt catches him by enlarging herself, as the blast was powerful. Krypto wonders where it came from, and then everyone is shocked to see that it came from Hasu, of the League of Super Cats. She has evil red eyes. Confused, the others show up, all looking the same way. Krypto demands to know what has he done to them. Ray explains that they are under his control now. Thanks to a special fluid, created by Mechanikat, he injected the entire team with a serum that infects the nervous system, making it so that they follow him. So now, they are evil, just like him. Laughing, Krypto says he won't get away with this. Ray thinks he will, and orders his new team to attack. With that, it's the Dog Stars and Krypto againest the League of Super Cats. Hot Dog tries to deal with Hasu, but his fire isn't hot enough to handle a whole blizzard in your face. Bull Dog starts his horns, and charges at Gruff, only to be grabbed by the horns and sent flying into a wall. The others, except for Krypto and Brainy, corner Jin. But then, using his many bracelets, and his breath, he is able to blow them away violently, and they are hurt bad from slamming into a wall. Now Brainy has to deal with Diamond. Both of them have telekinetic powers, and both use them againest each other. Both forces reach a stand still, so they struggle with it. They are evenly matched. But then, Brainy is overcomed, and taken out. Krypto is gonna handle Ray. After knocking him back into a corner, it would seem Krypto has won this little round. However, Ray has another surprise, as Krypto is hit by heat vision, from Streaky! He comes down, and he is also under the evil control. Krypto tries to get Streaky to snap out of it. But it won't work, he's on their side now. So then, Streaky starts kicking Krypto's butt with all kinds of attacks. Wow. Under evil control, he's more powerful than usual. He never was able to do this before. Having no way of stopping them, Krypto suggests running for now. Brainy agrees, and they take off. Ray gloats about that now, the cats have won this day. No dog can beat them.

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At the Dog Star ship, they try and recover their wounds. Anyway, thanks to Brainy, she figured out what they were doing down there. It was not so much as a mere ambush, but they have a reason for being down there. It would seem that they are collecting oil for something. Who knows what it can be for. Also, it would seem that Mechanikat's ship was hidden all this time. His ship is in the same place they fought Ray and the possessed cats. Krypto doesn't care about that, he wants to know how to free the cats, and Streaky. There has to be a way to form an antidote. Without a DNA sample, they won't be able to start looking. But then, Krypto finds a hair left by Streaky. That'll do. Brainy decides to try and form an antidote with this sample. Krypto goes ahead and decides to head back down there and find out what Mechanikat is up to. Anyway, Mechanikat is now in the room they were in before, watching the cats and Streaky pump for oil. As soon as the machine gets enough oil, he'll be able to use his newest weapon. Anyway, Krypto manages to get in undetected, and sees this. Ray is with Mechanikat, who says that now has possession over the League of Super Cats, he asks if he can continue from here. Mechanikat agrees, and tells him not to screw up. So he goes to his ship nearby, and takes off through a large opening above. So that's how he got in. That machine must be using the oil as a fuel source. Anyway, Brainy shows up, saying she has formed an antidote. It is in a special vial. In order to spread the cure, she made it into a gas. So, all he has to do is slam the vial when all of them are in good range. They'll absorb it, and they'll no longer be evil. Krypto takes it, and thanks her. However, Streaky hears them both, and in an evil way, he says there are intruders. Revealed, they reveal themselves, and the league surrounds them. Streaky does too. Ray tells them it was foolish coming down here. But it's too late anyway. In a matter of minutes, the Mind Control machine will be full, then it can operate. What does it do? It turns all cats in a given area evil, and under his control. In fact, he says that he found the secret cat planet the League of Super Cats are from. With such cats to control, no one can stop them. Well either way, it's not gonna happen. Krypto takes out the vial, and is prepared to smash it. Ray realizes that it is a gas antidote, and orders them to get it now. So Diamond takes it with her power. Krypto tries to get it back, but the others get in his way. He breaks through and goes after her. He is about to get it, but Streaky blocks him. Krypto apologizes for doing this, but he knocks him away. He is able to get the antidote back, and smashes it. The whole room fills up with the gas. All the cats are breathing in the gas, and are coughing. But it works. All of them begin to turn good. But before it is done, Streaky, who is still evil, attacks Krypto, and pins him down. He is able to claw him, but then he breathes in the gas, and loses the evil touch. They all wonder what happened. Streaky asks what's going on, and Krypto is happy he is normal again. Brainy is glad her antidote was a success. No matter, the machine is full now. Ray is gonna turn every cat evil again. Diamond doesn't say so, and she just crushes the machine with her incredible power. Running out of options, Ray is cornered by everyone. They haven't seen the last of him, and he takes off through the opening on the ceiling. Streaky doesn't think so, and goes after him. He catches up, and they fight. During the fight, Streaky hits something on Ray's suit, causing him to fly out of control, and crash. It was the suit that gave him flight. So maybe...He hits him with heat vision, full power blast. It causes the suit to malfuction. Ray says he hasn't lost yet, and tries to fight. But his blows don't even hurt. Streaky yawns, as Ray tries to damage him. But nothing. He's just a weak little cat now. Streaky knocks him what for, and it's over. Ray says he could of been one of us. But Streaky says that being evil is wrong. He'd rather use his powers for good. And for using him for evil, you got the punishment you deserved. Bad kitty. Ray falls unconsious. Back on the Dog Star Ship, everyone is meeting up to say good bye to the league. Diamond says they're gonna take Ray to their planet, so that he doesn't reveal the location of their planet. It's too bad Streaky can't come, being a member an all. Streaky decides that being a member was great, but he has realized that he was already on a super team. Besides, it's closer to home. He feels he should just protect Earth, as it is easier than other planets. It was great knowing him, Supercat. The team is teleported back to their ship, and they take off. Streaky decides to head home. Andrea must be missing him. Krypto agrees. Brainy says that they hope they see them more often. Now that they have come here, they'll probably come back. But one thing is for sure, Streaky has finally met more super cats like him.
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