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Enter Kirin, the Being of Elements

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A mysterious space pod lands in Metropolis with no one in it. When Snooky tries to destroy the water dam in Smallville, a mysterious character shows up to stop him. Just who is he and where did he ...

Category: Krypto the Superdog - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Brainy Barker, Bulldog, Hot Dog, Krypto, Mammoth Mutt, Paw Pooch, Streaky, Tail Terrier - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-06-02 - Updated: 2006-06-03 - 851 words

Somewhere in space, a small space pod flies through space, heading for Earth. It soon enters the atmosphere and flies through the night sky. It lands in Metropolis park and causes a small crater. The pod opens up, and a tall shadowly figure comes out. He appears to have a cape as it flaps in the wind.

The next day, some news reporters, including Louis and Jimmy from Daily Planet in case you forget, check out the empty pod that crashed last night. People gather at the site at a safe distance, as it is still mysterious. Some crew people are bringing in equipment to take the thing away when given permission. During this time, Krypto and Streaky watch from on top of the building. Streaky makes several comments on the space craft. Krypto wonders if it's Mechanikat sending in another one of his goons for something. But then again, with a quick view with X-Ray vision, it doesn't appear to be the same kind of technology that he would use. It's something totally different. But at any rate, a transmission bot appears in front of them. It is from the Dog Stars. Brainy says they have found Snooky trying to destroy a dam that happens to be in Smallville. For whatever reason, he plans to flood that area and cause it to spread to Metropolis too I think Smallville is near Metropolis.... So without hesistation, Krypto and Streaky head off for Smallville. That one figure from the beginning heard them and looks suspicious.

So, at the dam site, the Dog Stars are fighting several Catbots while Snooky in a battle suit and some Catbots try to destroy the dam. Fortunately the dam was remade to withstand horrible conditions, and is much stronger than the last think back to Squeaky's first episode. Anyway, Krypto and Streaky show up to save the day as they help finish off some Catbots before they can get to Snooky. As they approach him, Snooky says it's too late. He is about to bust open the dam. They have to stop him! But before they can approach him, the shadowly figure lands right in front of them, stopping their advancement. They wonder who he is as he stands up to reveal he's a human. Snooky doesn't think he's a threat and sends out the remaining Catbots. But the man pulls out what appears to be part of a sword. Only it's the handle, and no blade. Snooky laughs at him for having no weapon. Then the man says, "Element Blade...Water." Then some water from the other side of the dam come flying toward him. It forms a kind of watery blade on top of the sword handle. Snooky doesn't seem impressed and orders the attack. But the man charges through and cuts through the Catbots, destroying them. Everyone is amazed. Then the man holds out his hand and lets the water blade revert into a ball and come into his hand. "Element Arts...Water Viel." He then throws the ball of water at Snooky, and completely engulfing him in a ball of water he's inside a suit, he can breathe. Then the man pulls out some ice dust from a little bag on his belt. "Element Style. Freeze Viel." He then blows the dust into the water viel, and it turns it into a ball of ice. Snooky is frozen inside. Everyone is impressed.

The man picks up the ice prison that contains Snooky and turns him over to the Dog Stars. Everyone thanks him for his work. The man replies back and that shocks everyone. As humans can't talk to aliens or animals under certain conditions. But the man reveals he is not human, but an alien himself. His name is Kirin, an Astral Phenome. He explains that he is part of a now extinct race of alien animal that was destroyed by a powerful being named Deathcon, who was once one of his people. He explains that Deathcon was exiled from the planet for trying to takeover their way of living and turning it into a dictatorship. Deathcon returned and with a powerful army and ship, destroyed everyone and the planet. He then reveals more of his past found in the created characters topic. This explains the spacepod from this morning, Krypto thinks. But Streaky doesn't get why Kirin can't reveal his true form. Kirin says that it is dangerous to see his race outside of his star system. But under special conditions, he can. Perhaps one day he will try and show them. Until then, he says he's going to live on this planet as he can go no where else, and that he doesn't want to be found by Deathcon. He is really dangerous and....Before he can reveal the rest, he says that it's best not to know anymore. But perhaps they can keep in touch?

Everyone agrees to let him live on Earth. Perhaps they'll need his help again. Kirin will when needed. For the time, he'll just travel around and see places. With that, he leaves on foot.
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