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The Underdome

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Hatchi accidently stumbles upon the Underdome, an underground fighting arena for animals to gather and fight for glory and food. Hatchi decides to get into the action and gets a little too deep int...

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We find Hatchi stalking around a dark alley, or so hunting in a way. He then begins to pounce and corner a small mouse into a corner. The mouse is doomed, but then Hatchi decides he's not worth it. He can find better meals. In fact, he spots some leftover food in a garbage can that is still fresh to him anyway. He begins to eat the food, then some alley cats pass outside the alley. One of them mentions something about something called the Underdome. This intrigues Hatchi as he follows them. They continue talking about it. The Underdome is a secret underground fighting ring for strong animals willing to put their life on the line for some food. For those really into it, they do it for riches. Hatchi hears enough and asks them about where he can find it. The cats are spooked because this is the famous shadow cat that rules the darkness. With that, they tell him to go to the outmost part of the Metropolis docks. Satisfied, Hatchi disappears in his own way, in a flash.

He swiftly arrives at the docks and begins to look around. As he looks around, he spots an opening where he can smell a hideous odor from some smelly dogs he still depises dogs, except for Krypto. He begins his slow descent down the hole he doesn't want to fall down completely!. He continues going down till he hits a ground. He peeks around the corner and sees a fight going on. This is only a Lightweight match between a large rat and a parrot. The rat is winning. Many animals are cheering at them. The rat finally knocks out the parrot and wins the fight, and some spoils from the fans throwing some goods. This must be the Underdome. It shows an overview of the place. This is actually an underground warehouse of some sort, abandoned and forgotten. Just then, some cat official guy spots Hatchi and asks him if he's the next combantant to fight the Middleweight champion. Hatchi denies it and corrects him that he'd be a Heavyweight anyway. So the official assumes he's fighting the Heavyweight champ and escorts him into the ring. The light shines on Hatchi as the others begin to recognize him as Hatchi the Shadow Cat. But then cheer because they get to see him go rouge for once and fight illegally this is considered illegal after all.

A referree cat comes in and announces Hatchi vs the Heavyweight Champion, Bruno! Bruno walks into the ring. He is a large pit bull. Hatchi wonders what he's gotten himself into. The fight begins. Hatchi declares an easy win as he begins to attack the pit bull. But for some reason, his attacks don't seem to phase him. Hatchi is like the strongest cat in the city city. Not universe, he should be able to handle a pit bull, especially since he used to train under those bad cats. Anyway, Bruno counter punches him and Hatchi is down for the count. But he recovers and removes his gear. Now he's serious. Hatchi then begins a serious beatdown on Bruno as they begin dealing blow after blow to each other until...Hatchi does a multitude of flash attacks in which he disappears after each punch at fast speeds. Then he uppercuts him and knocks him out, winning the match. The ref announces him as Champion of the Heavyweight division.

He is taken into the back room to meet the manager, Wildcat. He asks what he's doing here, a superhero shouldnt' really be down here. It messes with their rep. Hatchi explains he was only investigating because he assumed this would be some kind of criminal figthing ring. Wildcat assures him that it's just a fighting arena for those who want some free food. He even gives Hatchi a pile of food for the match. Hatchi asks if it's really for him. Wildcat says that it's all his. In fact, he offers him a spot in the Underdome fighting circuit. He can have all the good food he wants so long as he keeps winning his fights. Hatchi doesn't know if he should. Then Wildcat reminds him that his division contains some of the strongest brutes in the city. It'd be good for his strength and a lot of animals would look up to him as the best. Hatchi thinks, and then after a few moments, Wildcat takes out a small contract. Hatchi then marks his paw onto the contract and leaves. Wildcat chuckles at his success in getting a new fighter. Another figure behind him comes in, and is also pleased that his nemesis is soon to come back to him. It's Boss! he's that bad boss cat from Hatchi's first episode. I couldn't think of anything better okay?

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As days go by, Hatchi is seen taking down many opponents during his time in the Underdome. He is payed well and Wildcat is laughing over his big success since Hatchi's sign up.

One day, Krypto comes by to Hatchi's place to see how he's doing. Hatchi's place is full of food it's still in their packages. He asks where he got all this food. Hatchi says that he's been fighting in this secret arena and winning it. Krypto asks how long he's been doing it, and Hatchi says for about a week. Krypto doesn't like the idea of him fighting in underground fighting circuits. As a hero he should be focusing his time protecting the city than selfishly fighting for his own needs. Hatchi tells him to back off. Just because he's a hero doesn't mean he knows better than him, especially for a dog hero. Hatchi takes off and Krypto gets suspicious.

Meanwhile, at the Underdome, Boss is talking to Wildcat about giving control of Hatchi now. He's given him special technology that would allow him to control anyone wearing a special collar and enhance their strength two fold. Wildcat is greedy though and won't give him up so easily. Boss then makes an agreement if he could sometimes lend him over to the Underdome on occasion so long as he can have Hatchi. Wildcat then says that there would have to be a way to make Hatchi lose his title so that the fans wouldn't care if he did fought again. Plus he would need someone strong enough to take him down anyway. Boss has someone in mind, someone he recently acquired...

Hatchi is in the ring, ready to fight. The ref announces that this fight is going to be special. As for this fight, Hatchi is to fight a human! Hatchi is surprised to hear this and the ref announces his opponent in. In comes...Kirin! Kirin enters the ring, eyes pale as to being possessed aren't you glad I made this a warehouse?. Hatchi wonders what the heck is going on. As then, Boss and Wildcat comes in just outside the ring. Hatchi is angry to see Boss again. Wildcat explains that his time of being champion is up. Prepare to meet the new champion...And Boss adds that Hatchi will be his soon.

The fight begins and Hatchi says that no human can overpower him. He jumps up to punch Kirin in the face at high speed, but Kirin blocks it by grabbing his paw. Hatchi exclaims to how he was able to block it. Boss explains that his special mind control collars work well, especially to humans. It enhances his strength and for this collar, speed too. He's facing a overpowered super human. Kirin then throws Hatchi hard into the ground. Boss continues saying he found this guy using some kind of magic to capture some bankrobbers. He was so impressed, he figured he'd control him. Now there's no way he can win againest this guy. Kirin opens up one of his bags on his belt and to pull out small red crystals. Hatchi takes off his gear once more. He proclaims he will not be controlled again. He charges toward Kirin, while he silently uses his red crystals to form a fire shield. Hatchi can't get close to him. Kirin takes some fire and puts it into his fist. He creates a firey fist move in which he tries to punch him with it. Hatchi dodges the attacks and then is hit by a kick from Kirin. Everyone is cheering over this. Hatchi sees the collar around Kirin's neck and wonders how he's gonna hit that. Just then, Kirin charges up his fire into one of his hands, and then unleashes a large beam of fire at him. Hatchi barely avoids it, only to be pinned down by the super powered Kirin. Kirin pulls out his weapon handle and makes the blade out of fire. Boss says it's game over. Kirin is about to seriously injure Hatchi by stabbing him.

Just then, Krypto comes out of nowhere as everyone panics over the intrusion. Krypto uses heat vision on the collar Kirin has. Kirin's eyes return to normal. Hatchi breaks free as Kirin falls unconsious. Hatchi catches him and sets him down. Everyone is panicing, and Wildcat is angry and Boss for what is going on. Krypto lands next to Hatchi and tells him to go after Boss. Hatchi agrees and Boss begins to make a run for it. Hatchi pursues. Kirin then begins to wake up and wonder where he is. Krypto explains the situation. Hatchi corners Boss into a wall, and he begs for mercy. Hatchi shows no mercy to anyone. He beats Boss up.

Outside, it would seem Animal Control was noted somehow to come here Krypto probably did this. A lot of animals are being taken away. Nearby, Krypto, Kirin, and Hatchi are gathered. Hatchi was wrong to even get involved in this mess. Krypto on the other hand, says at least he was able to get Boss behind bars now. Perhaps now he won't be able to go along with his plans. But Hatchi says that he'll probably be out in a day or two. He then says to Kirin that he was certianly dangerous while fighting. He is sure that he doesn't need that collar to beat him. Kirin takes that as a compliment. Hatchi does bow to become stronger than Kirin and beat his magic. Hatchi then decides to go home. Krypto asks what his plans are. Hatchi smiles and says that if he's in the hood, visit him and have some lunch. And maybe any friend of his. He leaves. Krypto and Kirin are happy that he's back to normal.
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