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The Shadow of Deathcon

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Deathcon, a dangerous villian from the depths of space who has been pursuing Kirin for some time has appeared on Earth. Or has he? Can Kirin stop Deathcon, even though he is unprepared for what may...

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Somewhere in deep space, there is a large planet moving by. But something is odd about it. A closer look shows that it is only a projection. In reality, it is a large ship in the shape of a planet. A closer look inside the mechanized ship shows a beautiful power core. Shielded in a rainbow energy field. An armored figured goes toward it. He touches it and some power goes into him. He glows with the same energy as the force field. Another armored figure, with a woman's voice, appears. She tell him that his ship is ready, Deathcon. The full image of Deathcon is shown. "Excellent...Time to send the word of doom. And this time, I will completely have my revenge." And then so it shows a ship blasting out of the ship, heading out into space. Inside, it appears to be Deathcon. "The time of death is near. And I am the one to bring it."

Back on Earth, there is a fire breaking out in a building. Firemen are trying to put it out, but they can't. Krypto arrives and goes to save the people. After getting everyone out, he prepares to blow out the. But then Kirin appears on the top of a building and says he'll handle this. "Element Arts, Fire Tornado!" He begins to spin in place as the fire begins to gather around him into a tornado. Then the tornado starts to go up into the sky and into space. Kirin stops spinning on the building. Everyone starts cheering for Krypto and Kirin.

In space, Deathcon catches sight of the fire tornado coming from the blue planet, as it begins to dissipate in space. "Hm hm hm. I found you Kirin." His ship begins to head toward the planet.

Back with the others, the people thank Krypto and Kirin. Reporters come in to interview Kirin for his heroics. They ask who he is, and he says that he is called the Element. He can control the elements. As they keep asking questions, a ship flies above the city toward the docks. Kirin says he has to go and leaves. Krypto follows him to the top of a building. Kirin looks like he is in a state of shock at the sight of the ship as it lands the bay. Krypto asks what's wrong, and as the creature from the ship emerges to be, "Deathcon..." Kirin falls to his knees as he is still frightened.

In thought, he knows that Deathcon has found him. He wasn't expecting him to find him so soon. But why alone? What is he planning this time? Kirin then tells Krypto to contact any superhero he knows and tell them to come here. This is someone really evil and dangerous and he needs everyone's help in this fight. He then takes off to face the menace as Krypto wonders what is going on.

Kirin rushes toward the bay as Deathcon begins to go to shore he's standing on water and can walk on it. Kirin reaches the area. "Deathcon!" Deathcon stops. "Kirin. We meet again at last. Been awhile since our last battle." "Why did you come alone!? What's the meaning of this!? I thought you'd at least bring in your giant warship to the fray." "Oh that old thing? I figured we..fight like gentleman, and go one on one instead." Kirin doesn't like this at all. Something doesn't seem right. But he is determined to end it immediately. He pulls out his sword handle and uses the sand to form the Earth Blade. He charges in to cut him down. But Deathcon blocks with his scythe. "Oh you wouldn't be needing to use that worthless weapon of yours now, do you? It phails in comparison to my weapon after all." "The Paragon Scythe...." "Yes. Made by metal off our planet after all. It's so strong it can stand againest your brand of magic."

After some more blade clashing, Kirin breaks out some fire from one of his bags and sends a wave of it at him, but it misses as Deathcon leaps behind him. Kirin gathers back the fire and shoots it at him just as he hits the ground, engulfing him in a large fire. Few seconds later, Deathcon bursts out of the fire at full speed and rams into Kirin at full force, knocking him back a ways and into a snack post. Shaking it off, Kirin goes back to attacking Deathcon with his weapon. "Is that all you can muster after all this time? I was sure you'd be stronger than last time." Kirin then punches him in the face, knocking him back a few steps. Then he blasts him with a gust of wind from the surrounding environment. As he is flown back across the sand, Kirin quickly uses a spell "Element Arts, Earth Pillar!" An earthened like pillar bursts out of the ground underneath Deathcon, sending him flying into the air. Kirin quickly jumps to him and drop kicks him back down to earth, with a large bang and sand flys upward from impact. Kirin lands back down and waits. Deathcon stands up, unscathed and not scratched. "Impressive. Unless it was meant to hurt me." Kirin is shakened by the fact that he isn't hurt. "Now, it's my turn..." Deathcon raises his scythe, then swings it at full force, and a crescent like energy blade flies out toward Kirin. He dodges and Deathcon continues swinging some more at him. It all keeps missing as Kirin proceeds to get to him. They then lock blades again. Kirin swears that he will defeat him this time. It was a mistake coming alone. But Deathcon says it was a mistake to fight Deathcon, when he can't win.

Elsewhere, Krypto and Streaky are flying back toward the battle site. It was all so sudden that Streaky didn't even get to eat dinner. Krypto knows that Andrea will just heat his meal up when he gets back. More importantly things are at matter. Plus he also told the Dog Stars to meet them at the site. Streaky is rather disappointed, but reluctantly goes on anyway.

Back at the fight, Kirin is getting beaten up by Deathcon as he punches him a few times while trying to slice him. But of course, Kirin can block his scythe. Kirin leaps back after dodging another punch. He pants as he is tired from having to fight this guy. "What's wrong? Weren't you going to finish me off? Oh that's right...You never did." He then flies up, because he has those metal wings, and he starts launching more crescent energy blades at Kirin as he tries to avoid them. But he is sent flying a bit from the force of impact from one of the blades. Kirin falls down and his sword reverts to normal, meaning no blade. He tries to grab his sword, but Deathcon steps on it. He picks him up by the collar of his suit. "I'm surprised at you Kirin. I come all this way to fight you, and you haven't measured up to my level." But Kirin complains that he never had a chance to prepare for this. But Deathcon agrees. But why pass up a moment like this? Deathcon drops him and prepares his scythe. "I was hoping for a challenge still. But I guess this is how it all ends." Before he can swing at his head, Deathcon is knocked back by heat vision. It's Krypto and Streaky! Krypto says that it isn't over until the bad guy goes down. Kirin smiles as he knows backup is here. And surely enough, it has. The Dog Stars appear in there ship, and rush out onto the battlefield. Ace appears on his hover car, and also joins the fray. Even Hatchi comes in from out of no where to fight. Everyone is here to fight! Kirin stands up with his weapon again. "Looks like you are outmatched this time. Even with your great strength, you can't take all of us!"

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Continuing on, Deathcon begins a statement. "I hate to disappoint you Kirin, but this session is over now. I have seen your power and what this planet has to offer." Kirin doesn't understand, and no one else does neither. "You see, what you just fought Kirin, was not really me. I am merely a shadow if you will. Created from the core of my ship, and spliced into a clone. I am that clone. As that clone, I only possess half the power my real self has." Kirin is shocked. "That's right. Even if you could defeat me here, alone or in a group, you would still be no match againest me. I only came here to test you, and to track you down. You sure picked a nice planet for me to destroy." Now everyone wonders his meaning. Streaky is sured spooked by that little sentence. Krypto asks Kirin what he means. But Deathcon says he'll explain it for him. Kirin remains silent.

"It started a long time ago. I was a mighty general of a magnificent planet. Home to a race of alien that is so beautiful and majestic, that if seen elsewhere, it's sight could kill you by looking at it. I was exiled from that land for treason. I tried to take over the planet as king. So they stripped me of being able to return to being the beautiful creature I was, and casted me away. Luckily for me, I found myself a ship. But not just any ship, the legendary planet ship, Aris Nova."

The others wonder what that is. None of the DS know about it. Kirin explains that it was a planet that was created like a ship. Built by an ancient race of people who went extinct upon finishing it.

"Yes. And it was with their technology I was able to build myself a new body in this armor, and build up a powerful army to destroy the ones who threw me aside for my acts. I even used their life energy from their true bodies as fuel for my ship's weapon, and blew up the planet. Except I haven't completed my revenge. The man in front of you is the last of his kind. Once he's gone, my revenge will be complete. And I'll be able to fully rule the universe, the galaxy, and the next! You see, Kirin is what you call, my little messenger. As he finds new planets to hide from me, I always find him. We always fight, and I always win. He always gets away, but I destroy a planet in the end. Any planet that houses this filth, must be destroyed. So unless he surrenders to me soon, I'll just have to blow up this planet too." Everyone is shocked. Kirin is angry that everyone has to hear this.

"Yes. It's going to end soon. Now that I know where this planet is, my true self will be ready to take you out. However, I'm do miss fighting you in a magnificent fight aboard my ship. It gives fulfilling my revenge a fun meaning. So, I'm giving you one year to prepare. In one year, my men and I will come, and destroy this planet. Just like all the others. Until then, why not build up a reputation and make something of yourself. Right, Element?" Kirin gets mad and rushes at him with an Earth Blade. Deathcon blocks with his arm and continues saying, "One year. Then you will all die." Deathcon begins to disappear and flies up into space. "You will all soon know what death really means."

Kirin's blade goes out and he turns to his friends with a sad look. He apologizes that he has put this planet through the same fate as the others. He never thought it would be soon. Deathcon has gotten more powerful since their last fight, with that clone power just now. If he is able to find him so easily, and have a clone stronger than him if not at full power, then perhaps it was meant for him to fall at the hands of Deathcon. Perhaps he should just go surrender himself to Deathcon so maybe he can at least save the planet some time from destruction. Krypto says no. They all have faced some tough villians in their lives. When in a tough bind, they never gave up. Now they have a new foe that needs to be stopped. Even if they found out later, it wouldn't matter. They will face this enemy and take him down. If Kirin wants to end it all, he has to face him himself. They'll help him beat Deathcon. They will not let him take the planet down! Kirin smiles and says, "Thank you. You are all good friends. And you are right, I shouldn't give up now. I am not going to run away this time. This time, I will stay and fight. If this is to be the final fight, then let it be here! I know we can take him down! Deathcon doesn't stand a chance! We have one year to prepare, so let us take the time we have to get stronger and prepare. And I will do my best to defeat him once and for all!" All the dogs start howling in agreement, except for Streaky and Hatchi of course. Kirin is happy, so he gives a hands up and cheer.
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