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Wind Wind, Go Away!

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Upon hearing about the upcoming threat of Deathcon, the League of Supercats decide to train for the upcoming battle that will happen in a year. Jin decides to go solo training despite the team's di...

Category: Krypto the Superdog - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Brainy Barker - Published: 2006-06-02 - Updated: 2006-06-03 - 1057 words

In space, we find the LoSC's ship heading out through space. Inside, we find a sleeping Jin, in his hammock bed, as he dreams of girls admiring him for being cool. He's also got some stuff in his room that remind him of, him. He even talks in his sleep. Just then, Gruff comes into his room, and flips over his bed to wake him up. Jin doesn't like that, but Gruff says that Diamond wants everyone in the control room for a briefing. Jin hates briefings and considers them a drag. But Gruff insists by grabbing him by the tail and dragging him to the place.

Everyone from Diamond to Atomic Tom is in the room. Diamond announces that she has received a message from the Dog Stars about a major threat from the space foe Deathcon. They would like the LoSC to come help them in about a year to face this threat, if possible. She has already accepted the offer and now it's time to get into serious training. In a year a large superpower is coming and they need to be in the best they can be. That is what was said. Jin, being the carefree guy he is, doesn't really like the idea of a 24-hour training session. Gruff tells him to pipe down and get over it. It's not so hard. Well, to him maybe. Jin remarks that he's a freakin powerhouse who likes to weight lift every day. He must like drink many protein drinks with that. Diamond says enough, and orders everyone to start training. It's to the training room! Everyone but Jin goes on. Jin decides if they want to train, fine. He'll go somewhere else though to get some real training. So he sneaks away, but Diamond already knows is little plan.

Jin takes a small ship to a planet he knows that is always windy. Upon arriving he feels the intense power of the wind. Jin thinks he can train back on the ship anyday. But to really develop his powers, how about trying to control a whole mass of wind blowing from all directions! So, he begins to use the wind to fly around and get used to the wind conditions that make this planet uninhabitable. With that, he decides to stir up some fun by creating a few tornados. Using his wind charms on his body, he uses his paws to create miniture tornados. Then he goes ahead and creates bigger ones. He watches them destroy rock formations and watches the tornados clash into each other to see which one will absorb the other. Funny stuff to Jin. If training could only be fun like this.

He wonders if he can control all the wind on the planet and gather it to this spot. He could create one super tornado, that would go up to the planet's atmosphere! So, he begins to focus hardly as the wind begins to slowly gather around him. Soon, all of the wind from the planet gathers into this one spot, and the largest tornado ever created is made. It's so large, it goes outside the atmosphere though, and something happens. It actually begins to suck in another planet, one with inhabitants, in a crash course for this one. And Jin doesn't know it!

Later, Gruff and Atomic Tom arrive in one of their other ships and go out to find Jin. Atomic Tom thinks this a drag having to go look for him like this. But before leaving the ship, Gruff picks up a reading that one of the nearby planets is on a collision course with the one they are on. It is has people on it! Atomic Tom begins to check it out further and it appears something is sucking it toward them like a vacuum. Made by, wind. They both look at each other and go, "Jin!"

Jin is like enjoying himself as things are sucked into the tornado. Even his ship! Good thing it's indestructible from natural disasters, he says. Then, Gruff and Atomic Tom show up just outside the tornado. They begin to call out for Jin, but he can't hear them and goes, "WHAT!?" They try and try, but then they get sucked in too. Seeing them, Jin stops the tornado and lets all the wind back across the planet. Gruff and Atomic Tom fall down to the ground. Jin flies back down to check on them. Atomic Tom tells him his tornado trick just caused a nearby planet to go on a collision course to where they are standing! Gruff grabs Jin and tells him that there are people on that planet who are about to die because of his stupid act! Jin didn't think this would happen. He was having so much fun he forgot to check for nearby planets. Wait a minute, he didn't even think wind could suck up stuff in space! How was he supposed to know he could? No matter, Atomic Tom tells him to do that trick again. But this time, with a blowing effect so he can blow that planet back to it's original orbit. Jin agrees. If he could make the entire planet a wind vacuum, then he could do a giant wind blower. So he tries his move again. The others get out of the way as the wind gathers into another tornado. But instead of sucking, it blows away. It goes into space and begins to blow intensely at the planet, and it sends it backwards towards it's original orbit. Everyone is saved.

Back on the LoSC's ship, Jin apologizes for his stupid actions, and will now train in their own training room for now on. Diamond is glad to hear that. But as punishment for his little act, he has to train all by himself for a week while the others go relax in the simulation chamber can you say, beach party?. Jin is upset as he is sent to the training room. The others, except Gruff, go to the other room. Instead, Gruff follows Jin and says he'll be happy to train with him. After all, Jin could use a little muscle in his arms. Jin complains that he has muscle! He asks him to feel it. Gruff presses to hard and hurts him. Ouch. Gruff says he's sorry.
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