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The Ghost of the Block

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Kirin captures a Wanted criminal and receives a special reward. With it he buys a very old house in Kevin's neighborhood and completely remodels it to look fancy and cool. But what will he do about...

Category: Krypto the Superdog - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Kevin, Krypto - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-06-02 - Updated: 2006-06-03 - 1299 words

In the city, we look inside a Metropolis City Bank. Then some bank robbers show up, and like any other robbery, tells them to freeze and stuff. Threats, thefts, that sort of thing. One of the tellars pushes a secret button under her station to summon the police. Shortly after, the bank robbers finish gathering the loot and make a break for it. But as they bolt toward their getaway van, they are confronted by The Element, Kirin. They are busted. They begin to run away when, "Freeze!" Kirin uses his ice shards to make ice and freeze the robbers. "And I mean that quite litterally." Eventually the police show up, and take the frozen robbers into the jail vans. "Sorry if you couldn't get back the stolen money. They should thaw out within an hour." Anyway, a police officer tells him alright, they're just glad he was able to catch these guys. In fact, thanks to their capture, he is allowed to give him this. A small envelope, containing a check for..."One million dollars?" "Yep. You see, these guys had a bounty on their head. They've been wanted in over five states. These guys always seem to get away. So an award was issued for the capture for these guys." Kirin looks at his check and thinks. The officer asks him what is he going to do with the award money. Kirin wonders...

The next day, Kevin and Krypto are going on their walk, when they see what appears to be a brand new house. But Kevin remembers there being an old worn down house that was abandoned for years. Krypto wants to check it out, so they go to the door and knock. And who answers the door? Why it's Kirin, in casual clothing this time. He sees Krypto and greets him, which confuses Kevin. Krypto tells Kirin about Kevin knowing about him and junk, so it's okay. Kirin introduces himself to Kevin, who then guesses him to be The Element. Krypto asks how he got the house. Kirin will explain inside, so they go in.

Kevin and Krytpo are in awe and the cool house. Kirin has cool stuff like a Hi-Def TV, multi-disk DVD player, surround sound built in the ceiling, and even a Gamestation 2! His kitchen is state of the art, his bedroom is a must, and he even has an inground swimming pool. Kevin asks how he got all this stuff, it's so awsome! Kirin explains what happened the other day. He sure wasn't expecting to settle into a house so soon, or to have so much money. But now he plans to go get a job somewhere, like at the Daily Planet perhaps, so he can further maintain his house. Anyway, he then takes them to a doorway that is sealed. It is to his lab. It will only open to a voice activated password, only by his voice. After giving the password, they go in. It's small, but it's good. Making Element Crystals and Shards is hard when you don't have one of these. Plus with this he can finally do his Light Energy research. Krypto asks about that and Kirin explains that he found what is called a Light Prism from the last planet he was on, before it got destroyed of course. From what the people said, it creates light energy. How? They only gave him a hint on how. It involves his powers. That's all they said. Hopefully he'll find a way to harness this energy and use it for his fighting. And now the last thing to show, that he never got to show before. He pulls out a small metal bar thing attached his his belt like a clip-on. He pushes the button on top and lets it drop in front of him. It transforms into a small hovercraft with a handlebar. He has to stand on it to work it. It runs on a never ending supply of magic made by himself. Everyone is impressed. Krypto then asks him about when he bought the house, did it look old? Kirin says yes. He bought it because it was the cheapest house he could find. Plus he was good at remodeling, and could easily do it in a single night. Kevin asks if he has seen any ghosts in here. It was rumored that ghosts live here. Kirin says no. At anyrate, who wants to play Gamestation 2? They rush to the living room, where a ghostly figure looms above the lab.

In the living room, they begin playing a game. Kevin is winning because Kirin doesn't understand how to play. Just then, the power goes out. Odd. Kirin goes to the lab to check out the power generator. It should be working. After he leaves, Kevin notices one of the game controllers moving by itself. He tells Krypto to look, but sees nothing out of the ordinary. But then the controller moves again, spooking them out. Back with Kirin, he finds the generator, to find that is was turned off. He goes to turn it back on, but he hears a scream. He runs back to the living room. He gasps as he sees a monster like ghost spooking the crud out of Kevin and Krypto. Panicing, Kirin grabs a golf club from the closet. He orders the thing to back off! The ghost goes to him, and Kirin starts swinging. But no avail. The ghost flees upstairs. I guess that's the ghost who lived in the old house. But how to get rid of it? Kevin gets an idea.

Minutes later, Kevin is upstairs in what appears to be, a ghost catching outfit he's seen Ghostbusters. O.o, and has a vacuum cleaner, with the logo of Ghost Busters on it. Krypto and Kirin follow him. Krypto doesn't think a vacuum cleaner will solve anything. But Kevin has seen this in a movie. This is full proof. Kirin doesn't care so long as that thing is gone! They peek inside Kirin's room, which I say is awsome. They sneak in quietly and look around. They look behind stuff for the ghost. Kirin notices there is something lumpy under his bed sheets. So he checks it out. The others join him as he slowly makes a grab for the cover and pulls it over to reveal, a small fat ghost! He screams in fright at them, and they all scream too. They scream for a few seconds, then stop. Kevin prepares to suck the ghost in with the vacuum cleaner, but the ghost says he surrenders! He doesn't want to get sucked up into the vacuum cleaner! Krypto asks what he is. The ghost says his name is Stanley, the ghost of the old house on the block. He's lived here for as long as he's remembered. He has always liked spooking those who come into his home. Till one day, this guy Kirin shows up and tears down the whole place, and turns! Now he has no haunted house to scare people with, and it's his fault! So he tried scaring them out so hopefully they stay out and hopefully he can have his own place again. Kirin apologizes, he didn't know. Stanley says it's okay, it was about time to begin moving anyway. This neighborhood is boring as no one comes around here anymore. He's hoping now to find a much better neighborhood to scare.

At the front door, everyone says good bye to Stanley, who has his ghostly things packed. He says good bye, and perhaps he'll visit and scare them some more. He takes off into the sky. Kirin is relieved to have his home back at last. Krypto agrees and gives him the official welcome to the neighborhood.
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