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Dark Disturbances

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Somewhere in space, Deathcon discovers a large power on a deserted dark planet, and goes to check it out. What he finds will prove to be a challenge of his power. And what is going on on Earth?

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Krypto. He is property of X-626 of, and he has allowed me to use his character for this story.

Somewhere in outer space, we find Deathcon's planet ship. Inside the vast machinery that is of the giant ship, we find Deathcon, in the middle of meditation. His aura surrounds him as he thinks in his mind, eyes closed, floating in mid air as he is with his center. His eyes open as he senses someone near. He begins to stand up as Moonspike, one of his three generals, who is a slim female with the same body coating as Deathcon with long metal like hair, appears in the room. "Master Deathcon. I have to report." Deathcon replies, "What is it? I'm in the middle of meditation, so what is so important right now?" She replies, "Well sir, I believe it would be better if I showed you." They go into the main control room where Dr. Metallo and Cerebrus are waiting. Moonspike types on the keyboard and brings up on the monitor, an image of a planet. "According to our readings, we found this planet that is completely uninhabitable to anyone." Deathcon asks, "So your point?" She brings up a Power Chart. "Well sir, there appears to be one living being on the planet. And the strange thing is what kind of power it has. Check it out." The power chart begins to rise for awhile. Deathcon is amazed at how high it is. "Impressive." Dr. Metallo adds, "From what the charts say, this huge power source is near equivallent to yours sir." Then Cerebrus asks, "Shall we go down and exterminate what is down there sir?" He replies, "No. Such power is rare in this galaxy. I think I shall go face whoever it is. I could use some fun."

He takes a small pod ship down to the deserted planet. All it is is a barren wasteland of black deserts and small mountains. Deathcon emerges from his ship and takes a look around. He stops after awhile and speaks to himself. "Such an empty planet. Nothing but darkness and barren wasteland. Nothing could possibly live in a place like this. Not in a void of darkness...Whoever is here must be powerful enough to stay here." He takes a step, and a large rumble is heard as the ground shakes and part of a mountain begins to crumble just like that. Deathcon is surprised to see that happening. He then sees something on the flat top of the destroyed mountain part. It's a white dog, who bears a resemblance to Krypto, but with a black cape and S symbol. Deathcon is really surprised to see this, "Superdog?" Dark Krypto flies over toward his direction and lands a few feet away from him. "Well, looks like I have a visitor." Deathcon thinks, "No. This can't be the Superdog from Earth. His power is way too high to be the same from Earth. No. This one is different. He even has...a dark presence inside of him."

Dark Krypto asks, "Speak stranger. Who are you and why are you here?" He replies, "You ask for my name without giving yours? Very well, I can go along with that. My name is Deathcon. And who do I hold the pleasure of meeting?" "My name isn't of importance. I was once part of a whole being, but that life I left behind long ago. It is behind me now." Deathcon thinks, "I see then. From what I understand, this one isn't a real being. He is only a fragment of the real being. He must be Superdog's dark side, for there is a small trace of what evil remains." Dark Krypto asks again, "Now I ask again, why did you come here? What do you seek on this barren planet of darkness?" Deathcon replies, "I seek out the one who has the enourmous power that I rarely see. And you my friend, have such power." He makes his scythe appear. Dark Krypto sees where this is going. "Let me see what kind of power you have." They stare at each other for awhile, wind blowing across them. In a blur, Dark Krypto disappears and reappears behind Deathcon. Deathcon barely retaliates and blocks the punch he was about to get. Then Dark Krypto flips and kicks Deathcon backward a bit. He then starts punching him a few times before being grabbed by Deathcon. He then throws Dark Krypto across the land. Then with his scythe, "Crescent Energy Blade!" He swings the blade to cause an energy blade to fly toward him. Dark Krypto recovers and flies out of the way. He shoots Heat Vision at Deathcon, who blocks with his scythe. "You are an impressive one. But this fight has just gotten started."

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The fight continues. Dark Krypto now flies toward Deathcon. He in the same goes after him and they begin to clash together. Deathcon is throwing punches and swinging his scythe, and Dark Krypto throws punches and kicks. It's an amazing fight with such power and speed. They then lock scythe and teeth Dark Krypto grabs the scythe handle with his teeth. Deathcon speaks, "You know, you look an awful lot like him. The one who resembles you on Earth." Dark Krypto pushes him back and lets go of the scythe. "You know Superdog?" He uses Heat Vision on Deathcon. It would seem they are talking while fighting. "Indeed. I've had a visit to Earth some time ago, just to look for someone. That's when I saw he had friends. And one of them, was Superdog." He launches another energy blade at Dark Krypto, who just flies upward to avoid. Deathcon flies up to fight some more and they begin clashing again. This time, Dark Krypto knocks the scythe out of Deathcon's hands, and they start having a fist fight. They fight into a mountain side and completely destroy it as they fight some more.

"You existance was merely from the hands of Superdog. If that is the case, then why are you here?" Dark Krypto replies, "I am here...Because Earth needs only one Superdog." Dark Krypto kicks Deathcon back a bit and they stop for a bit. "So you don't desire to kill him? You rather be an outcast than one of them? I do sense an evil inside of you. It's small, but it is so far away." "I left behind what I was so I can start a new life. One where I can be who I want to be. I am not the same Superdog I came from." Deathcon asks, "Really. Then who are you then?" "If I told you, I would have to kill you." They continue fighting some more. Deathcon then manages to knock Dark Krypto off guard and begin smacking him around a bit before sending him down to the ground. "You, kill me? There is only one person who has the right to kill me. Even if you have power nearly equivalent to mine, you would never kill me." Dark Krypto bursts out of the debre and charges head onto Deathcon. Deathcon begins falling to the ground as Dark Krypto follows up with a spinning headbutt, causing Deathcon to crash into the ground hard. Dark Krypto pants now. Deathcon rises upward, looking like it didn't really hurt him. He still looks like he can fight. "There are two reasons why you can never kill me. One is because that the one person I would expect to kill me is alive and it will be he can do the job. And second, I doubt you even have the nerve to kill me even if you tried. I mean, you gave up your life of evil. That would certainly mean you gave up the will to kill."

Dark Krypto says, "What is that?!" "You heard me right. You said you gave up the life you once had for a new one. Back then, I bet you would do anything to get what you want, even if it means killing the ones who stand between you and your goal. Oh yes. You wouldn't show mercy to anyone, much like me. But you gave it all up. So tell me this. Why? Why give up something so good? What is wrong with being evil? Being able to kill without remorse...It is usually the only way to accomplish the things in life. Or is there something more? Something you wish to protect? What makes you who you are?" Dark Krypto doesn't reply. Instead he screams with power and attacks Deathcon with all he's got. Deathcon doesn't block the attacks. He is getting beaten. Then, Dark Krypto sends him into a cliffside wall, and begins to hit him with a ton of Heat Visions and Dark Vision blasts too. There is a huge dust cloud coming from the site. When it clears, Deathcon remains standing upward. "Like I said, you could never kill me no matter where you put it." He picks up his scythe. "Usually this is the part where I finish off my foes. But you are an exception in this case. I'll let you go to live on in this empty world of darkness. Being alone on a desolate planet with no one to talk to is good enough torture for you. You can continue living on like this. But you can always return to your old ways and join me. If not, oh well. That's your decision." He begins to leave. "Where will your life take you? That is up to you. But where ever it goes, you will always be an outcast."

Deathcon takes off in his pod ship as Dark Krypto watches. "Your wrong. Back then the desire to kill ended during a time when I was still evil. I'm not like you. I might of been evil, but at least I show mercy. And even then, I still share the memories and feelings for others that Krypto had. As long as I live, I would never want to harm them, for they are a part of me. They are in my heart, my thoughts, so I am never alone. No matter where I am."

Back on Earth, in the Gotham Museum, there is a display for a "Dream Shard." A shadowly figure comes to the glass and makes a hole in it with her claws. She takes it and scrams. In a dark place, the shard glows to reveal Isis. She smiles at her new found and dangerous item.

To Be Continued...
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