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The World of Dreams

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Isis and Kit Clock steal the Dream Shard from the Gotham Museum. Isis, with the power of the shard, puts Kit Clock to sleep for his reward. Ace, along with Krypto, Streaky, and Kirin, go after Isis...

Category: Krypto the Superdog - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Ace, Kevin, Krypto, Streaky - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-06-04 - Updated: 2006-06-04 - 1894 words

Disclaimer: I do not own Kit Clock. He is property of catfan1 of, and he is letting me use him. And again, I do not own the use of these songs for the opening and ending.

Opening: Brand New World One Piece

The security alarms for the museum finally go off what took them so long? O.o. Security arrives on the scene to find that the Dream Shard was stolen. They wonder how it was possible and they ponder a lot. Unbeknownst to them, Ace is watching them on a monitor in his hideout place. "This happened sometime ago. Three minutes to be exact. Now watch this shot of the outside of the museum, just before the shard was stolen." He is showing Krypto, Streaky, and Kirin something. It now shows two characters, Isis and Kit Clock, appear on the outside of the building, and then they just disappear in a flash. "Yep. That's Kit Clock alright. Always messing with time." Krypto says. "Yeah. Apparently he decided to team up with Isis this time. But it doesn't matter, we need to get that shard back before something bad happens." Streaky asks, "Why? What's so special about some dumb piece of glass?" Ace replies, "That is no ordinary piece of glass, that is the one and only Dream Shard. According to ancient myth, it is a piece, a fragment of the World of Dreams, a place of legend. Said that when you sleep you are taken there." "Wha?" Krypto explains, "When you sleep you have dreams. So obviously that sleeping sends you to this place in your mind." Streaky is really confused, "Wait. Then how can something that exists in your mind be real?! I don't get it!" Ace just says, "The point is, it is said that whoever posesses the shard has the power to put anyone to sleep, and send them to the World of Dreams. But not in a way as to they are asleep, but it being so real that anything that happens there will affect you here." Krypto says, "Then we better find them before they use it for their own purposes. Let's go."

Meanwhile, in some dark alley somewhere, Isis stares at her prize. "Excellant." Kit Clock comes down from a garbage can and asks. "So what is so special about that shard anyway? You still haven't told me and I still haven't received my so great reward." "Patience is a virtue. I wouldn't want you knowing ahead of time after all. But I guess now is good to tell you." Kit Clock listens. "This shard, known as the Dream Shard, is said to contain powers only found in the World of Dreams. Anyone who holds it can send anyone or anything to the World of Dreams. Normally you can get there through sleep, but this makes things more real. Anything that happens to you there will happen for real here." Kit Clock asks, "So what good is it to me?" "Why, everything. You can have anything you can ever desire there. All you have to do is dream. I'll demonstrate, on you." The shard shines and Kit Clock is affected. He falls asleep on the ground. "Have a nice dream. Enjoy your reward while you're at it." She leaves him.

She goes through the streets of Gotham and looks at her shard. "The power of dreams...This will do wonders for my master. But how bout a little fun first." She spies a local fish mart. "Perhaps I can send those people on a little trip to dreamland. Hm hm." She walks forward, but then..."I wouldn't go there if I were you." Ace drops in. "Err..Bat Hound. I knew you'd show sometime tonight." "Oh? Were you expecting this?" Krypto, Streaky, and Kirin drop in and surround her. "I suggest you hand over the shard, and nobody gets hurt." Isis gets serious, "You do realize that I hold the power to send you all to a world that no one can ever reach before? I can easily take you all down with ease." Ace is confident, "Then let's see." Isis prepares to use the shard, but Ace presses his utility collar and a baterang shoots out. It knocks the shard out of her paws and into Streaky's mouth. "I got it!" He mumbles with the thing in his mouth. Isis is mad, "Blast. Didn't think I have to use this, but I most certainly will." She pulls out some kind of device from underneath her. "She's got a bomb!" "Now for a short stop in time!" She throws the bomb downward and time freezes. Only Isis can move. "Kit Clock got his worth afterall." She goes and grabs the shard from Streaky's mouth. "Eww. But thanks anyway." Before she can move further, time resumes itself and Streaky grabs her by the tail. "Not so fast." "Actually, I have something else in mind." She uses the shard, and Streaky falls asleep. Everyone is shocked. "So it does work." Kirin says. "Quick! Grab it!" Ace shouts as they all jump in on her. "Not so fast." She uses the shard again so she can make everyone else fall asleep. "Have a nice nap. Huh?" She forgets that they are still in midair and they land on her. The shard somehow activates by itself and we see her falling into some vortex thingy. When she wakes up, she finds herself in some palace like place. "Oh no. Don't tell me I'm asleep too." A figure rises up behind her. She turns around and is surprised, "Greetings, my queen."

Commercial Break...

Somewhere else, Krypto wakes up at last. "Ah. You're finally awake." Kirin says. "Huh? Where are we?" They look around. "From the looks of it, we're not in Gotham anymore. I'm betting, that this is the World of Dreams." Krypto gets up. "Where's Streaky, and Ace?" Kirin points out without looking away, "Streaky, is over there." Streaky is seen floating around with some food and having a good time. "Hey guys! This tuna sundae is just the best thing I've ever tasted! You should try it!" Krypto asks Kirin, "And what about Ace?" "I dunno where he is. When I woke up it was only us three. Where ever he is, I'm sure he's fine." "Well we should go look for him and figure a way out of this place. Come on Streaky!" Kirin interjects, "Nah. Let him have some fun. It makes things a lot easier for us anyway, and much faster." They leave Streaky to his food.

The two walk across a landscape of different things. People are asleep and are dreaming of different things. People and animals alike are seen doing things that they wouldn't normally do in the real world. "Wow. Ace was right. You can get here by sleeping." Kirin points out, "Isn't that Kevin?" Kevin is going down the world's largest waterslide into a pool of soda. He lands in the pool and the others go to him. "Oh hey guys. Come on in! It's soda!" Kirin replies, "As much as I would love to dive in a pool of whatever kind of soda it is you are swimming in, we can't right now." "He's right. We're somewhat in trouble and we kinda need help." Kevin asks, "What kind of trouble?" "Well Kevin, it's like this. We were chasing someone who stolen something very magical, and we got sent here because of it." Kirin adds, "And since we got here because of it, we probably won't be able to get out of this world without it. And if anything bad were to happen to us, then bad things happen for real outside this world." Kevin is surprised, "Oh my gosh. How can I help?" Krypto says, "We need to find Ace so we can find Isis. Perhaps maybe you can come with us and look for him." "Okay. Just a minute." He goes up the large waterslide and goes down it again. "Banzai!" He lands in the pool and splashes the two of them. "Cherry soda. Go figure." Kirin remarks.

As they look around, they encounter Andrea, who is obviously dreaming of having the world's greatest tea party with her dolls. "Oh hi guys." They all say, "Hi Andrea." "We were just having a little tea party. Want to join?" They decline. Krypto asks, "Have you seen Ace the Bat Hound anywhere?" "Nope, sorry." "Thanks anyway." They leave. They eventually come across one of Kevin's teachers, who is bouncing on gelatin. "Mr. Haney! What are you doing!?" "I'm bouncing on the world's largest piece of gelatin! I hope to break the record for highest bounce! Just a little higher now and I will have done it!" They all sweatdrop. "He could dream for larger gelatin for that." Kirin says to himself.

They go back to Streaky, who is still eating. "Well...What now? We can't seem to locate him anywhere." Kirin says. Then Krypto speaks, "Yeah. But we can't give up now. We need to think of something. Something that will help us find him with no problem at all." They begin to think. "I know! What if we had some kind of tracking device that will locate him no matter where he is!?" Then, a tracking device appears in mid air. "Cool! We can use this to find him now." The device points out their location to where Ace is. "He's over there! By that strange..looking..castle?" There is a large, weird looking castle in the distance. "If he's in there, then that's where we go." Krypto says. Just then, a large astral projection of a shadowed figure appears in the sky. "Attention people of Dream World, I have something to announce." Streaky asks, "Who's that?" "I dunno." Krypto replies. "As King of Dream World, I have to report that there are three individuals in this world who have come here in an illegal matter. The way they have taken is a major threat to the existance of this world, as well as their own lives. For yours and their safety, I kindly ask you bring in the ones who have come here without sleeping correctly and take them to the castle. That is all." The projection disappears. "Illegal? What us?" Krypto says, "We better find Ace and get out of here before something bad happens." Kevin's eyes go blank. Kirin sees this, "Umm, guys." He makes them look at Kevin, who is now possessed like. "Come with me to castle...King's orders." "Kevin, snap out of it." Krypto tries but Kevin doesn't listen. "Let's get out of here!" They begin to run away from Kevin, but are cut off by more possessed people. "Other way!" They are cut off again, and soon they are surrounded by many people. "We're surrounded!" Streaky exclaims and they are trapped. What to do? Meanwhile, back at the castle's throne room, the King of Dream World, who happens to be a large lion with blue armor, sits in his chair. "The ones you depises will be soon captured like their friend. You liking this my queen?" In the other chair is Isis, with a purple robe and crown. "Yes. It's purrfect." In the dungeon, we find Ace, lying on the ground in chains.

To Be Continued...

Ending: Hanabi Bleach
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