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Past Dreams and Nightmares

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As Krypto and gang try to escape the possessed people of Dream World, King Leogun has plans in store for the unsuspecting trio, as they make their way to the castle to find Ace. What kind of nightm...

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Disclaimer: I do not own the short One Piece moment in this chapter you probably wouldn't get it unless you read the current manga or the latest japanese episodes.

Where we left off, Krypto and friends are surrounded by countless people and animals. Included are Kevin and Andrea's families, their school friends, some animal friends that Krypto and Streaky know, and even Ignatius, who is holding a teddy bear. "No good. We're surround on all sides." Krypto points out, as they get closer. Streaky is scared and hides behind Kirin's legs. Kirin gets an idea, "Looks like we're gonna have to fight our way out. Leave this to me." Krypto nods in agreement, and Kirin prepares a spell. "Hey wait! What are you gonna do?" Streaky asks as Kirin does his spell, "Element Arts..." Fire comes out of his belt pocket and surrounds them all we don't want Krypto or Streaky hurt now.."Firey Explosion!" The ring of fire forms a dome that spreads across and frying everyone in it's path. All that remains are the burnt bodies of everyone, and they begin to disappear. Kirin drops his one knee and is exhausted. "Phew. Now that was a doozy." "Good work Kirin." Streaky freaks out and yells at Kirin, grabbing him by the neck collar, "Kirin! What were you thinking!? Those were our friends and family you just wasted! What you go and do that for!!?" Krypto tells him, "It's okay Streaky. Nothing really happened to them." "What!? Did you not just see them get fried like toast!?" Kirin speaks, "He's right. I didn't really destroy them. Since they got here through initial sleep, they can't die for real. Heck, all that really happened was that I just forced them to wake up." Streaky is confused, "I don't get it." Krypto explains, "Streaky, what usually wakes you up from a good nights sleep?" Streaky begins to recall in a thought bubble, images included think of images people, "Well. I usually wake up to the smell of breakfest, the sound of breakfest made, Andrea yelling in my face, her alarm clock going off..." "Other than that." He says. "Oh. Well I don't know. I'm not an expert in this stuff." Krypto and Kirin sigh.

Krypto explains further, "What I'm trying to say is, that you can wake up from a dream whenever something bad is about to happen to you during a dream. It's a impulse that people get whenever they don't want to see what happens to them because it can be so realistic." Streaky is slowly getting it. Kirin adds, "So say that you are killed, or about to die in a dream. Whenever something like that happens, you get the feeling you don't want to see it happen and you just, wake up. Just like that." Streaky mumbles about the details, trying to get it. "Wait, so how would it work for us again?" Krypto replies, "If we were to die in a dream, we die for good. Because we got sent here by the Dream Shard." "I get it now..." He rubs his head, "Though my brain hurts." Kirin is worried though, "Still, we better get out of here as soon as possible. We're not out of danger yet." "What are you talking about? Everyone's gone." Kirin reminds him, "Yes. But they got to go back to sleep sometime, and when they do..." People begin to pop out of no where, gradually and surely until they are once again surrounded by everyone again. "They'll just appear right where they were." Everyone is prepared to strike. "What now K-Dog!?" Streaky asks. "Shall we fly guys?" Krypto asks and Kirin replies, "Let's." Everyone pounces on them, but they all break free by flying upward. Kirin is holding on to Krypto's hind leg as they begin to fly away. After getting a bit far, Kirin throws down his portable hover craft thingie and he jumps down to it. It transforms and he lands on it and begins to fly with the others. Streaky is relieved, "Well..That was close. Least we got away from all those people." But they then look behind them and see everyone flying after them, without wings! "Hey! How can they fly without wings!?" Krypto and Kirin both say, "Because it's a dream! They can do whatever they want!" Streaky gives a funny smile, "Heh heh."

They go faster to try and ditch them, but they are coming faster. Kirin says, "There're coming in fast! What now Krypto?" He thinks for a moment, looking back at the flying pursuers, "I got it. Since this is a dream world, we can make anything happen." Streaky asks, "What good will it do us?" "Well, picture a giant floating fan coming out of nowhere behind us, and blowing them all the way back behind us." And just like that, a giant fan appears and begins to blow wind at the pursuers. They can't fight it and are blown away. Streaky is happy, "Yay! We're safe!" Somehow, Ignatius got around the fan and turns it around so it's blowing at them instead. "Or not." Krypto and friends are then blown forward toward the castle. They crash into the side of the castle walls and fall into the inner courtyard. Krypto remarks, "Well..That's one way to get away." Through a small orb, the King is watching them. "And so they arrive, right on schedule." Isis, who is now wearing the Dream Shard around her neck, comes to him, "So the meddlesome trio has arrived. Excellent. We can finish them all right here in the castle." "Not so fast my darling. We need to prepare the punishments first. In fact, why don't you go down to the dungeon and check on our other guest. I'll prepare a little surprise that you will certainly like." She smirks, "Won't be much a surprise just telling me you are throwing one, but I guess it can't be helped. I'll be back." She goes down the stairs. The King speaks to himself after she leaves, "Enjoy your queenship while you can. Once I get my hands on the shard, I can fully spread my power over this world again. Hm hm hm." In the dungeon, Ace begins to wake up and tries to move. But he is chained. "Oh great." A door opens across the room, and Isis comes in. "Why hello, Bat Hound."

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Back with Krypto and the others get back on their feet after crashing hard on the wall upon entry. "Well, we're at the castle at least." Kirin says. Krypto goes to a large door, "The tracking device pointed out that Ace was somewhere in here. We just got to look in here." Streaky makes a funny question, "Can't we just stay here and smell the roses? They smell like tuna and I like tuna." The roses have tuna heads inside. "Okay. Then you can watch our backs and make sure the giant mob that was after us doesn't come in." Kirin replies. This freaks Streaky out, "On second thought, maybe I'll just go with you." They open the door and go in. They end up in a large room with three stairways going different directions. Two going up, and one going down. "Three pathways..Wonder which one is to Ace." Kirin tells Krypto, "Perhaps we should split up and meet back here." "Good idea." A voice is then heard, "Go right ahead and do that." The door shuts behind them suddenly, and the image of the King appears in front of the stairs. "Welcome to Dream Castle. I am King Leogun, the King of Dream World. I hope you find my palace to your liking." Krypto asks, "Well tell us then. What was the big idea making everyone go after us like that!?" "Oh I apologize. See, some people don't know me so I have to make a point once in awhile. If you catch my drift." "Where's Bat Hound? I know you have him here." "Oh yes, Ace the Bat Hound." They are surprised. "Don't be so surprised. This is the World of Dreams. If I desire to know your true identities, Krypto the Superdog, Streaky the Supercat, Kirin the Element, then that dream shall come true. At any rate, if you desire to find your friend, and me, by all means take the stairs. But let you be warned, you can't go back once you go forward, and one of these paths lead to your friend. But all paths, lead to me. Enjoy your stay boys. Ah ha ha!" He disappears. "Well Krypto. Shall we separate anyway?" Kirin asks. "We have no choice. I'll take the central path, Kirin you take the left path, and Streaky, you take the right path." They agree, "Got it!" Krypto and Streaky go upstairs on their paths, Kirin goes down on his. Leogun watches all three on separate globes, "And so it begins. Hm hm hm." Three shadows with red eyes appear behind him.

Meanwhile, down in the dungeon, Ace and Isis meet. "I'm sorry if things are as accommendating as you want. Of course, you can always dream you are in a nice little room, with fancy wallpaper and such. But of course, you can't dream out the chains. That's my creation, and you can't touch other people's creations like that." Ace asks, "So Isis. What is it you are doing exactly? Why are you here? Why aren't you robbing banks or what ever it is you like to rob from?" "I would be doing that, if you hadn't landed on me and somehow made my shard go off on me. I'm probably still stuck underneath you and that other mutt right now back in the real world." "What about the shard? I assume it came here with you?" "Of course. King Leogun told me that it disappeared when I appeared in this world. The shard goes where ever it needs to go." Ace then asks, "Just who is this King Leogun now? You decide to follow another leader?" "Not really. In fact when we met, he made me the Queen of Dream World for no apparent reason. He did mention something about the Queen having the power over the Dream Shard, so I'm guessing he thought of me at the time. It's actually great that I'm now being considered a queen, rather than some common crook." "Oh really? Do you even like ruling over other people like that, or do you really desire stealing from others?" She objects, "Don't get started on me. I do as I please. But you should know, you are the brains behind your little group. But of course, without you, they are clueless and lost. It won't be long now until they fall under Leogun's control." "You plan to destroy us or something?" "No. I plan to make you our pets. I especially want you for mine." She rubs her paw under his chin. "You really shouldn't." "Oh really? What you gonna do about it?" She leaves the room. Ace smiles, "Yep. She's miserable."

Isis goes up the stairs, and does feel a little sad looking. But she shakes off that feeling and returns to the throne room. "Ah, welcome back my queen. Come, and let me show you, the Nightmares." She turns her attention to a wall, where three shadows are shown. One comes out, "Meet the doppleganger of Kirin's darkness, Nirik." The figure looks like Kirin, but is wearing all black and has evil looking eyes. Even black marks next to his eyes. Another figure comes out, "Meet Blaconda, the constricter of sheer power." It is a lizard man with a snake's face wait until he fights, you'll see better of him. "Lastly, meet a guy who just loves to imitate, Para-Clone." A small red bird, much like a parrot, appears from the darkness. Isis inspects them. "Interesting. They are magnificent." "Just wait until you see them in action my dear. Go now my minions, and defeat your respective opponents! Bring them back alive or dead, however you please." They bow down in loyalty, and disappear.

Meanwhile, we find Kirin walking down a hallway of doors. "Wow. So many doors. Any one of them can lead to Ace." He opens one to reveal, an old black and white film strip of a train coming right for the door! He slams the door in panic. "Woah!" He goes to another door and it opens to an underwater house with a guy in a scubasuit, sitting in a chair watching TV. He looks at Kirin and waves at him. "O..kay." He closes the door and opens another. It shows an anime like environment or a rocky shore by the ocean. Some japanese symbol in a triangle comes on screen and some japanese song is heard. It shows Kirin weirded out, "Huh?" Then it shows the Sogeking Theme Song clip from One Piece which lasted roughly a minute. Kirin has his jaw dropped to his neck in shock. He slowly closes the door and turns around. "Sogeking of Sniper Island? What the heck was that about?" He goes to another door at the end of the hallway. He opens it, "Hmm..Nothing unusual here." He goes in, and walks into the darkness. "It's awfully dark in here." The door closes, causing complete darkness. "Correction. Now it is." A light turns on and he is now in a room with cliffs and mountain like terrain. One the top of one cliff face, Kirin is surprised to see someone who looks like him. "Greetings.." It says. "My name is Nirik. And you my friend, are going to die."

To Be Continued...
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