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The Element vs The Dark!

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Kirin faces off againest Nirik, a Nightmare created by King Leogun sent to destroy him. He uses the powers of darkness for his attacks and seems to get the upperhand. Can Kirin stop him?

Category: Krypto the Superdog - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Ace, Krypto, Streaky - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-06-16 - Updated: 2006-06-16 - 1773 words

The Dream Shard: The Element vs The Dark!

Instead of rejoining Kirin, we now get a short glimpse of the others. Streaky is still running up a flight of stairs. He is getting tired of running. "Geez, this castle can't be that high." As he passes by, the walls around him change to make it look like he's going through different places. Like a forest, a mountain range, and even a snowy landscape. "Burr...It's cold here." Then it turns into a beach like area, and he sees some large fish jumping out of the water. His mouth waters, "Man. Would I give for a fish like that. Wait a second, yes I can." One of the fish lands in front of him, and transforms into a fish dinner on a silver platter. "Now this I like." He is prepared to eat. Meanwhile, Krypto enters a large room that resembles a ball room, only made of out glass. He begins to walk around and in certain parts of the room, he sees images of those he knows. In fact, he sees events in which he has experienced with them. He sees his meeting with Kevin, to the Dog Stars, and even some other new faces. "This room is strange. I'm starting to see things I used to know." On the ceiling, unknown to Krypto, Para-Clone spies on him evily.

Back with Kirin, he looks on at the new foe in front of him. The guy jumps from the hill and lands on the ground below. "I bet you're wondering. How a handsome guy like you has such an awsome doppleganger like myself." Kirin asks, "Doppleganger? Just who are you exactly?" "I thought you never ask. The name is Nirik. In this case, your worst nightmare." A dark aura bursts out of him and a shockwave passes by Kirin. He isn't phased by it, but his cape flows with the wave. "Let me guess. You're here to destroy me, is that it?" Nirik replies, "Oh no. Well maybe. Who knows. I could either spare you, or kill you. Really all depends on my mood. Whether or not you live at all doesn't concern my master. He created me to simply fight you. Killing you or not is up to me alone, let's just leave it at that." "Really? So what is it you can do exactly? Being my clone, I assume you have the same powers as me?" "Maybe. Maybe not. Who's to say? Why don't we find out? Shall we?" Kirin gets serious and launches a beam of fire at him. But it is blocked by something. "What the?" Kirin exclaims as Nirik uses some dark shield thing in front of him to block the attack. The flames disappear. His voice is heard in announcing his move, "Dark Arts, Dark Shield." Kirin is surprised as he thinks, "Dark energy huh? So that must be his power. Instead of Element Arts, he uses Dark Arts." Nirik puts away his Dark Shield and snickers. Kirin continues to think and picture people using Dark Arts, "I've only heard about this brand of magic. It consists of using the powers of darkness as a weapon. Powerful stuff indeed. It is said to rival almost any other brand of magic known in existance. Leogun must of juiced him with Dark versions of my attacks. I better be careful." Nirik pulls out his bladeless sword sheath. "I can't let my guard down, even for a second. Even if this is all a dream, dieing is for real." He takes out his sword sheath and says, "Element Blade, Form!" He blade turns into a fire blade. "Fire Blade." Nirik makes a blade out of darkness for his sword, "Dark Blade." They both charge in and clash blades. "A sword fight it is then. Let's see what's stronger, your elements, or my darkness!"

Meanwhile, Leogun and Isis watch the fight from their throne room. "Well well. Looks like the human has already begun his fight." Leogun says, changing the crystal ball's image to Krypto. "Superdog is close to his opponent already." Then to Streaky, "And while this one snacks, his opponent waits patiently. Such is the way of the hunter." Isis asks, "Tell me my king, do you have any thought of them actually getting to us?" "My dear, the only way they can get to us really, is if the Nightmares simply drag their corpses up here. I created these Nightmares to easily overpower them. How they do it is my little secret. Just watch." It goes back to Kirin and Nirik. The fight continues as they push each other backward. After some distance, Kirin unleashes an attack, "Fire Whip!" His sword becomes long like a whip as he swings it at Nirik. He knocks it down with his own sword, "Is that all you got? Here's something better. Dark Crackle!" His blade turns into a dark whip and it goes for Kirin. He nearly dodges it and it makes a large cracking sound. "Woah! That sounded dangerous." Nirik continues trying to whip Kirin with his attack. "That's it! Run! Run away from my whip!" Kirin thinks, "But he's sloppy with his moves. He can easily..." He disappears from Nirik's sight, "Huh? Where'd you go?" Kirin appears from behind him and continues his thought, "get surprised." He slices him in two with his firey weapon. Nirik falls to the ground, looking like he was killed off. Kirin looks at him, "So much for that."

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Leogun and Isis look onward as they see Kirin has won. "Your nightmare lost." Isis says. "I thought you said they were unbeatable." "Now now my dear. Who's says my creation has been vanquished." Back to Kirin, Kirin puts away his blade and walks away. "I wasted enough time as it is. Gotta find Ace." Behind him, he doesn't see that Nirik is reforming himself with dark energy. We see Leoguns eyes as he says, "In this world, so long as I can see, no creation shall perish. That is my ruling." Nirik finishes reforming. Kirin senses something and turns around, but Nirik's body is gone. "Huh? Where did he.." Nirik appears behind him so suddenly, at a slow motion rate, he puts his hand on Kirin's back as he turns his head around in shock. "Dark Arts, Dark Lightning!" Kirin is blasted with dark lightning, which makes him scream in pain. He collapses to the ground. Nirik chuckles and steps over him. "I'm betting you thought you wasted me earlier. Nope. See, in this world, so long as my master watches over me, so long as I live. He won't let me die. So you, are pretty much owned right now." Kirin struggles to his feet. "Oh? You want some more? Very well. I can enjoy this."

Nirik disappears and reappears in front of him. He throws a punch but Kirin blocks it. "What the?" "Oh please Nirik. A small blast like that won't put me down for good. You'll have to do better than that to get rid of me." Nirik gets a bit mad and throws another punch. But it is blocked again. Then he starts throwing a series of punches that all don't land a blow. Then Kirin begins his counter attack and throws his share of punches. Nirik leaps backward. "So you still have some energy left in that body of yours. Guess next time I'll make sure my lightning kills you. In fact, why don't we step it up a notch?" His body starts emitting a strong dark aura, with energy bolts shooting out. "His aura is increasing. That can't be good." Kirin thinks. Nirik takes out his blade again and forms a Dark Blade, "Come! It's time for your funeral!"

Streaky makes his way up the stairs again and comes to a door. "Huh? A door?" It's a rather large doorway. So large indeed, the door handle is up so high. "Dang. There must be a giant living behind that door. Oh boy. I don't like giants." He flies up to the doorknob and tries to turn it, but it doesn't budge. "Gah! Stupid door!" Behind the door, someone, perferably Blaconda, waits on the other side. "I know your out there kitty. This time, I'll make a lunch of you yet." Now back to the fight, Kirin takes out his sword sheath again and makes a Fire Blade. "Come on! Let's go!" Nirik flies in at him and they clash again. At fast speeds they clash blades with each other. They crash into the landscape and destroy it as they fight. "Dark Lightning!" Kirin jumps into the air and begins to spin, "Fire Tornado!" He spins in a vortex of fire right into Nirik, causing a huge cloud of dust to rise up. They leap out and both skid across the ground. They both then run toward each other. "Fire Slice!" Kirin swings his sword and sends a blade shape of fire energy at Nirik, who side steps it. "Dark Wave!" He swings his blade upward and a large crescent blade of energy slices toward Kirin from the ground up. Kirin rolls away from it, and then puts his hand on the ground. "Earth Pillar!" Nirik jumps from place to place to avoid the pillars. "Dance of Darkness!" Nirik sticks his blade into the ground. Kirin doesn't know what is coming, and is hit by many pillars of darkness from the ground. "And now, Dark Sting!" He goes and kicks Kirin iun the chest with a hard kick, with dark energy on his foot. "And to top it off, Dark Lightning!" His foot is still on his chest, so the lightning goes through that and shocks Kirin. Kirin looks as though he is finished.

"There we go. I told you he was no match." Leogun tells Isis, who still has her doubts. Back at the fight, Nirik looks at the body of Kirin. He senses he is still alive. "Bleh. You're a tough one I can give you that. But darkness will always conquer all others. Looks like you won't be seeing Deathcon anytime soon." Kirin's eyes go red for a second hearing that name. He is angry. "Oh well. Time to end this." He take his Dark Blade and prepares to strike down on his head. As he strikes, Kirin's hand grabs the blade. "What?!" Kirin's body glows with a white aura as he begins to stand up. "So you say darkness will conquer all others? Well then..." He puts his face up. "Why don't we shed a little light on the situation?"

To Be Continued...
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