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The Light that Conquers the Dark! Next Up, Streaky vs Blaconda!

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The fight between Kirin and Nirik draws to a close. As Kirin draws the power of Light from the Dream World, he begins to overpower Nirik. In the meanwhile, Streaky begins his fight againest Blacond...

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The Dream Shard: The Light that Conquers the Dark! Next Up, Streaky vs Blaconda!

Back at the battlefield, Kirin now stands with a white aura as he holds the Dark Blade of Nirik's from moving. Nirik tries to push his blade down to kill Kirin, but can't move it. "Darn it! What is going on here?! Where is this power coming from?!" He thinks as Kirin seems to become more powerful for some reason. Kirin pushes back Nirik with great force, which causes him to skid across the ground a bit. "You know something Nirik. Ever since Deathcon destroyed my home planet, I've been trying to find a way to achieve a special kind of magic that could make me stronger and quite possibly defeat him. For years, on each planet I've been to, I've researched on how to control a type of magical energy known as Light. I've been able to control Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Ice..." As he says each of his elements, his separate bags are shown for each one. Each has a different Kanji and coloring to mark each one. "But according to folk legend, there is a way to control this power of Light. I haven't found it yet, but I'll find it soon. Until then though..." He grins at Nirik, "I'll just settle for dream power over Light." His aura turns gold, much like what Light would be represented by sometimes. Nirik thinks, "His power is increasing. Is this what happens whenever one obtains the power of Light?" Kirin continues talking, "It was said by someone that in the Dream World, you can do anything you can never normally do in the real world. Although this is temporary for as long as I am in this world, I can easily dream that I, Kirin the Element, have mastered the power of Light Magic!"

Nirik sticks out his hand and holds a ball of darkness, "Shut up." He blasts it at him and causes a large explosion of darkness. He says, "Even in the Dream World, you can never hope to defeat me. As a Nightmare, I will continue to be stronger than you, better than you, and more importantly, dominate over you. As long as King Leogun watches over me, I am invincible! You can never kill me!" After a few moments, the dust clears and Nirik is shocked to see Kirin, still alive. "Really now? Then why don't we fix that?" He opens his hand up to the sky. "Element Arts.." His hand glows with light energy. "Light of Purification!" It goes into the sky, then it explodes and spreads across the entire landscape. In King Leogun's room, the crystal ball blanks out. This surprises him and Isis. "What just happened? I lost contact with my creation." Leogun says to himself. Isis is unphased by this. "Hmm...."

Back at the fight..."What did you do?" Nirik asks. "What was that attack just now?" Kirin speaks, "That, was a little something called Light of Purification. It's a spell I can only do in this world. With it, I can prevent any kind of force that would be considered evil from reaching this place. Also, anything that would be made of that same evil, is weakened here. In other words, darkness cannot reach this place. And any kind of darkness already here, will be eradicated. As we speak, the light energy from my attack is slowly weakening you. Also, since your master can no longer see you, you are no longer invincible." Nirik scowls over this. "It's amazing what I can do in this world." He smiles. Nirik gets angry and yells, "Oh yeah? Well let's see if your little theory is true. Can your Light defeat the Darkness? I don't feel weak at all! I will kill you!" Nirik rushes in at Kirin. "You are nothing to me! You are weak!" Nirik swings his blade at Kirin, who blocks with his own blade. This time, it is a Light Blade. Nirik is shocked, "No way!" Kirin fends him off. "Light and Dark always clash in a never ending battle over dominance. Truth is, there is no clear cut winner. But in this case...Light is dominate here." "Shut up!" Nirik pulls back for another swing, "I AM THE DOMINATE ONE!" He swings at what is only an illusion. Nirik is petrified. "An illusion?" Kirin appears behind him and stabs him with his blade. Nirik, painfully, turns his head in horror. "Disappear..." Kirin puts his other hand on the bottom of the sword. Energy begins gathering at that point and Nirik is freaked. "Element Arts...Light Wave!" A large blast of light from the blade goes through Nirik, engulfing him. He screams as he disappears. Afterwards, Kirin puts away his blade. "Another win for the Light. That's one nightmare down."

In King Leogun's room, he finally gets back sight of the battle, which has already ended. "Raarrrrgghhhhh!!!" He smashes a table, destroying some fine glass that was on it. Isis comforts him, "There there. It's just one defeat. He was just lucky to figure out to use the Dream World to his advantage." Leogun calms down, "Yes, you're right. After all, his kind are usually the smarter ones. But the others on the other hand, they could be a different story. Especially this one." He's talking about Streaky, still trying to open the door. "I'll just be more careful in the next fight. No more mister nice guy." A moment later, she asks, "Darling. For next fight, how about you not interfere with the actions of your Nightmare?" "What? Not interfere?" "Yes. It'd be interesting if they actually make it here. I would love to see you in action. Is that okay?" Leogun looks at her, but mostly the Dream Shard. "Very well. If it will please you." She is glad. "I'm going to go down and have our guest see the next fight. If you don't mind." "Go ahead." She leaves again. "Until the time comes, keep thinking I'm yours. Hm hm." We rejoin Streaky, and he finally gets the door open. "Finally! About time!" He goes in, it's dark. The door closes and causes complete darkness. "Ahhh!!! Someone turn on the lights!" The darkness fades and he is now in what appears to be an alley way in a city. Only it is a square area surrounded by buildings on all sides. "Hey, this looks familiar." He notices a hole in the walls of a building. Near another one, it appears to be a dumpster. "Hey, is that..." Before he finishes his sentence, someone drops in behind him. "It's been a long time kitty." Streaky turns around and sees a human size lizard man. "But now I'm back and better than ever. And it's time for my prolonged dinner!"

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Krypto continues going through a hallway of glass and mirrors. Hearing and seeing the memories of the past. "This place is giving me the creeps. I better get out of here and fast." Para-Clone follows without notice. "Oh, when I'm done with you my friend, you'll be wishing this was really a dream." She begins to transform. But now we go back to Kirin, who is now back in the hallway of doors. "Well what a bunch of crud. There was no other exit in that place. Now I have to go through this place again." He opens up a door, "Hello? Huh?" He sees Bobobo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler in girl dresses having a tea party. Bobobo speaks in a girlie voice, "Oh howdy there! You want to join in the tea party?" Kirin uses the shock expression like Beauty would and says, "Why the heck are you dressed like that!?"

Now back to Streaky, he is rather confused with Blaconda. "Eh? What you talking about? I don't even know you." "Well let me explain. First off, my name here is Blaconda. And second, I am pretty much considered a Nightmare version of what you may of remembered me by as a child in the real world. Does anything like that ring a bell?" Streaky is blank, "Nope. Not at all." "Okay then. Do you remember anything about a large snake at any time in your life?" Streaky still doesn't know, "Uhhh...nope. Not at all." Blaconda anime drops. He gets back up quickly, "Oh come on! You can't possibly of forgotten about me! I mean come on! I was the one who devoured a member of your family after all, and I was gonna eat you too!" Streaky now sparks an interest, "Wait. What? You did what?" Blaconda is calm now, "Yes. Back then, I was the one who went after you and your family. Your mother made you and your siblings run away. But then you came back in time to watch me devour her. Then I went after you and tried to do the same with you." Streaky thinks, "Wait a minute." He gets a quick flash of a large python eating something, and a shot of kitten Streaky watching in fright. "Yeah. Now I remember. I remember a large python trying to eat me after eating my mom. But then, when you came after me, you.." Blaconda finishes, "You lead me into some butcher factory in your frantic escape and I got caught in a meat processor!" "And...your point?" Blaconda makes an angry expression with blank white eyes, "The point is I am here for revenge! Since King Leogun created me from your own memory, I shall inflict as much pain and suffering on you as I can. You're gonna get payback for what you did to me, and I'll finally have my helping of kitten."

Streaky gets more serious now, "Well Blaconda, or whoever you were before, you won't get your fangs on this kitty. I'm a superhero now! I'm not that same scared kitten you hunted before. I'm very much different now! I'm tough, I'm brave, and I kick butt!" He shows off some fighting stances. "Yeah. That's why you coward behind your friend Krypto whenever someone big and strong comes along." This makes Streaky go off balance and gives him a sweatdrop. "Hey!" "If you are so different as you say you are, prove it." He gets ready to fight, "Show me what you got? Prove to me you've grown up enough to stop me on your own." Streaky is prepared too, "Bring it then. I'll knock you down and make a pelt out of you." Blaconda holds out his claw, "Oh yeah? Then try this on for size." His hand turns into a snake's head. "Woah boy!" "Viper Fist!" His arm extends toward Streaky, who gets out of the way as it hits the wall. "That's fast!" Blaconda retracts his arm, then throws another strong punch. Streaky constantly avoids getting hit by the attack. Then, after one attack of the Viper Fist, is knocks a few hairs off Streaky's tail. "That was too close." Blaconda retracts his arm again. "You better be careful. These fangs are poisonness!"

Streaky stands firm, "Poisonness eh? Well that won't work on me, I think. I have Kryptonian power in me, I should be immune to your poison." Blaconda smiles, "That is true." "It is? Wow. Good for me." Streaky grins. "However, in this world, I can make this poison one that can affect you." Streaky is surprised by that. "Huh?" "I can make my poison any kind I want. What it will be is my surprise to you. But I can assure you, the only way you will die, is in my stomach. In any other way, I'm going to make you suffer as much as possible. So much, you'll be crying for your moth..." Streaky sucker punches him in the face. Blaconda scowls. Streaky begins laying the smackdown on him into a wall. He then kicks him, flips backward in the air, then hits him with Heat Vision. Then he backs up, then spin charges for him as the wind forms like a missile, "Streaky Spin Missile!" He rams into Blaconda at full force, causing debrie from the wall to fly out. Streaky falls back and lands on the ground. He pants. He is then shocked to see Blaconda get out of the rubble, uscaved. "No way! How can you survive that?" Blaconda chuckles, "Fool. You don't honestly think you can defeat me with those weak blows. You'll have to do better than that if you want to defeat me." A snake head quietly begins to rise from the ground behind Streaky without notice. "Weak huh? Then I'll just have to hit you harder. I'll make my next wave count." "If there is a next time. What I will do to you now you won't be able to make another attack again." "Wha?" Blaconda announces his attack as the snake head begins to strike, "Hidden Snake Bind!" Streaky is caught by surprise as the snake head begins wrapping it's body around Streaky. "What the? What is this?" The head floats upward. "And now....Venom Grip!" The snake head bites Streaky on the shoulder, he screams in pain.

The snake head lets Streaky down and he is hurt. Small bits of blood are on his fur from the bite marks. He cannot move at all in his pain. Blaconda speaks, "And now the torture begins. Hm hm hm. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!"

To Be Continued...
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