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Fight the Past! Dream the Future!

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The fight with Streaky and Blaconda continues. Blaconda traps Streaky in an illusion torture from his old childhood. All alone and with no help, can he break free from Blaconda's trap?

Category: Krypto the Superdog - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Ace, Krypto, Streaky - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-06-20 - Updated: 2006-06-20 - 1638 words

The Dream Shard: Fight the Past! Dream the Future!

First we see Krypto walking in the hallway of Mirrors again. Then we see Kirin running through the hall of doors. Then we see Ace again, still captive. Isis comes down. "Hello, Bat Hound." "Oh great. What do you want now?" "I figure you could use a bit of entertainment. It must be awfully boring down here. So I've decided to let you get a piece of what is going on." She waves her arm and a TV is revealed. She turns the knob on the TV and it shows Streaky's fight. "Enjoy." She leaves him again. Ace watches, "Great. Looks like Streaky's in a bit of a bind." He's watching from the part Streaky is binded, then bitten.

We now rejoin him from where it left off last time. Blaconda looks down on him, "It would seem that the effects of my poison are already taking hold. Soon you'll experience the true nature of it's power." Streaky makes a comment, "You know...For a python, you sure don't act much like one." "I am a snake after all. I was blessed with powers related to the snake. Poisonness or otherwise. Speaking of, I'm betting you want to know what kind of venom I gave you. Well I'll tell you. Since it's true that experiencing an old painful memory close hand is the best kind of mental torture, I figure I'd go ahead and make you go delusional. In fact, this place makes it much easier to do." "What do you mean?" He is still in pain. "This place is an exact replica of where you were born, and lived during your early days. Before you got the safe comfort of a real home, you lived here, in this secluded area, surrounded on all sides by these buildings. No one but a cat could go here. Well...Except for me of course. And now, it's time you take the stroll through your darkess past. Ready?" Streaky watches as Blaconda raises his claws as to snap his fingers, "Illusion Torture Method!" He snaps them and Streaky eyes widen as he begins to experience the effects of the poison. Blaconda actually disappears as the illusion begins. "As long as you are under this spell, you will not see me, but you can hear me." Streaky manages to stand as it seems time is reversing itself back to the day of his childhood. "What's the point of this?!" "I'm going to make you suffer before you die. So watch carefully! This is gonna hurt you more than it's gonna hurt me!"

We see Straky's kitten self. "Hey, that's me! But why do I get the feeling I'm feeling what he is." Kitten Streaky falls down on accident. "Ow! Wait, how did I feel that?" Streaky is over in the center of the place, but he still felt the kitten's fall. "The torture to this is that you will feel exactly how you're counterpart felt those years ago. His happiness, his emotions, and even what he physically feels." "Wow...You're right. I do feel kinda happy. Ha ha happy." "Oh just wait. It gets much worse." Kitten Streaky goes to look at the hole in the wall, and in a flash, a large python comes out of it. "Originally, I was someone's pet python who escaped from it's cage. When I got out, I went after whatever I smelled. That would be, you and your family." Kitten Streaky becomes scared and runs for the underside of the dumpster. Real Streaky is becoming quite scared now. "Hey...Now I'm feeling scared. I shouldn't be this way." "I told you..." Blaconda says as the python goes over to prepare his feast over the kitten hoard. "Whatever your counterpart feels, you feel. It just gets better for me." The mother comes out of no where and lands on the head of the python. This gives the kittens a chance to run. Kitten Streaky gets the others away, then goes back to check on his mom. "And now my favorite part." Real Streaky looks spooked now. Kitten Streaky returns to find the python eating his mother. Only this is seen as a shadow on the wall for us. "Stop it...It's too much." Afterwards, the python goes over to the spooked kitten and opens his mouth as it preparing a strike. This really freaks real Streaky out enough to..."Ahhhhhh!!!!!" He screams really loudly in horror.

Krypto somehow senses the distress. "Streaky?" Kirin heard it too. "Oh no..." Ace can see it. "..."

Commercial Break...

Streaky is shown on the ground, holding his head as he is completely freaked. Blaconda laughs at him as we see him. "Ha ha ha. This is so much fun. Now how about a little twist to the detail. Let's spice it up a bit by changing a few details." He clenches his fist and Streaky screams more as he suffers more torture. Krypto, still in the mirror hall, can feel his suffering. "Hang in there buddy." Kirin runs by more doors, looking for the source of the sound, "That screaming is so close. If I find a door that could possibly lead to him..." Ace on the other hand, thinks to himself, "This has got to stop." As Streaky suffers some more, Blaconda begins to change his hand into another snake head. "Just a bit longer, then I will end all your suffering." He slowly walks over to him. As Streaky lays there, he gets a voice in his head, "Streaky! Snap out of it!" Streaky talks in his mind, "Wh..who's there? Who's talking to me?" "It's me, Ace!" "Ace? That really you? Or just another trick?" "No, it's really me." We see Ace again, talking telepathically, "I'm watching the whole thing from my prison cell, I just gave myself the ability to talk to anyone telepathically." "Cool! Like a mind reader?" "Quiet. Look, you got to snap out of it. This guy is just using your mind as a way to torture. You have to fight it." "I can't! This is too much for me to handle by myself!" We see Kirin open a door to a short little hallway to another door. "Interesting. Wonder where that door goes." He opens it and ends up in the place Streaky is. He is surprised, "Streaky!" He then sees Blaconda preparing to attack, "Farewell, kitty!" "That's what you think!" Kirin goes and punches Blaconda into a wall. Ace sees this in his room, "How about now? I think Kirin just made it easier." "I dunno. But I'll try."

We see Streaky trying to get up, but he still sees the illusion. Kirin notices, "Come on, get up." Blaconda appears in front of him, "Don't interfere!" Kirin gets hit by the snake head and is knocked into a wall. About now, Streaky finally gets his strength back. "Hey snake breath." "Huh?" He flies up to his face, "Take this on for size!" He punches him square on in the face. This attack really strikes a blow to him as Blaconda falls down. From his prison, Ace is glad. "Good job." Kirin is glad too, "Alright!" Blaconda gets on a knee and puts his fist to his mouth. He sees blood on it. "And there's plenty more where that came from. After seeing those flashbacks, I won't ever forgive you for what you did. Now it's time to get more serious. This time I'll really kick your butt!" Blaconda scowls, "You little..."

Kirin thinks, "Wow. Streaky really has gotten stronger. If he can fully use the Dream World to his advantage he just might win." He asks, "Hey Streaky. You want me to help?" "No thanks. This one is mine." Blaconda shouts, "You best take the help you need. You'll need as much of it if you ever hope to defeat me!" "Yeah right. I can handle you by myself. Especially now that I can do this!" He does some hand paw sign, "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He creates many clones of himself, that surround Blaconda. "What the?" Kirin's face whitens in embarrassment, "He copied that off that one show. So unoriginal." Back with Ace, he makes a sweatdrop, "This won't turn out well."

Blaconda pulls back his arm, "Oh yeah? I know where you are." He extends his arm to punch the Streaky that started the clones, but it disappears as it was a clone. "No way! But I saw you there!" All the clones begin to mock him and make faces. Blaconda begins punching each clone in hopes for the original. But no luck. As they keep going, Kirin still has a blank face of embarrassment, "I take back the word strong. This is just pathetic." One Streaky goes, "Alright guys! Full on assault!" They all then gang up on Blaconda and beat the crud out of him. They punch and kick over and over again. This makes Blaconda angry and he goes, "Enough!" He knocks everyone back. Some clones disappear as they hit the wall. Streaky and the clones fall back a bit. "That's it! You are more annoying than you're worth! I'll just kill you instead! You're not even worth eating!" "Oooo. What's wrong? I'm not much of an ontray for ya?" Kirin thinks, "You aren't even worth squat." Blaconda crosses his arms, "Enough! It's time to put you all out of your misery. Behold my must deadly attack yet! Ahhhh!!!!!" He aura grows as a large snake totem rises up underneath him and across from his left and right. Everyone is amazed. They rise up so high, revealing many snake heads on the totems. We see an wide shot of the totems and everyone looking at them. Blaconda announces his move as, "Totems of the Thousand Snakes!"

To Be Continued...
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