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Static Elec-Streaky is Born!

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The conclusion to the battle between Streaky and Blaconda, as Streaky unleashes a world of pain from a new attack.

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Opening: Innocence Eye Shield 21 (yes, new opening)

The Dream Shard: Static Elec-Streaky is Born!

Back to the fight, we left off with Blaconda summoning ten snake totems to the battlefield. "Behold, my magnificent Snake Totems!" Streaky, and his clones, are rather confused, "So uh...What are they supposed to do?" "Good question. Allow me to explain it to you in words you'd understand. Each totem consists of a hundred snakes. Each snake is loaded with a deadly venom in which, if you are bitten, you die within seconds! And even if my snakes miss their bite, they explode on impact. So you can die by poison, or by a hail of explosives. I got a thousand snakes ready to use and I intend to use them!" Kirin thinks, "This guy must be pretty desperate to be using such an attack. He could very well cause this whole place to collapse."

King Leogun is watching carefully from his room. "Indeed it could. Perhaps a change of scene will lighten things up." He snaps his fingers.

In the room, the city world begins to change into a swamp like place. Streaky and Kirin are rather amazed at this change. Blaconda is rather happy, "Excellent. A rather suitable environment for my suitable pleasure." Streaky protests, "Oh yeah!? You think a little swamp can stop me?" He snickers, "As a matter of fact, yes. Just look at yourself, and your clones." And he does, he's in swamp water and it's rather muddy. He and his clones can hardly move. "I see now," Kirin is thinking, "He plans to slow his movements so it'd be harder to avoid the snakes. This isn't good." Blaconda laughs, "Ah ha ha! And now, let the hail fire begin! Snake Totems, activate!" The mouths begin to glow. "Uh oh." Streaky says. Blaconda announces his attack, "Viper Hail Storm!" The snakes are fired out of the mouths and go straight for anything it can strike. The clones are bitten and disappear one by one. The real Streaky leaps to avoid one, but it explodes underneath him. The snake fire is coming toward Kirin. He responds by putting up an Earth Shield around him. The snakes explode on the shield.

The dust clears after that, Streaky is panting from having to dodge so many snakes. He then realizes he has gotten himself caught on something, "Huh? Oh no." He tries to get free. "Gotcha." He launches another wave of snakes at him. However, a large wall of earth rises in front of Streaky, shielding him from the snakes. "What the?" Kirin smirks, "You're not the only one fighting this battle!" Streaky thanks him, "Hey thanks!" "Don't me yet." He raises his hand and the ground underneath Streaky becomes flat and clean of swamp, freeing him of course. "Thought you might need some footing." "Cool! This is exactly what I need to do this." A patch of carpet appears underneath him, and he starts rubbing his feet across it back and forth. Blaconda is bewithered, "Huh?" "Hey Kirin! Don't let this guy hit me while I'm on here okay?" He replies, "What are you gonna do?" "Just trust me!" "Alright. Your call."

He keeps scratching the carpet, as static electricity builds up at his feet. Blaconda thinks to himself, "What's this fool trying to do? Ah no matter, I'll finish him off while he's occupied." He shouts, "You think that carpet will save you then think again! Take this!" More snakes are shot. Kirin leaps in front of the snakes and swings his Light Blade, "Element Arts, Light Slash!" A large slash cuts the snakes and destroys them. He lands in the swamp, "Try that again and you're dead." "Grrr...." Streaky is nearly done, "Oh yeah! That's the stuff!" Sparks fly as his fur begins to stand, much like when he is transforming into his Supercat form. Then there is a large flash from him and he has completely changed. Streaky now looks as though his fur is gold, completely covered in electricity. Kirin is amazed. He thinks, "Dang! Other than the rather cliched appearance like from some other anime, he looks awsome. His whole body is covered in electricity! Who knows what'll happen if he were to make contact with someone."

Blaconda isn't impressed. "Pfft. So you turn your fur gold, big deal. You're still no match for me. Now prepare for a new surprise. Totems, merge together!" All the totems begin to move toward the center one and become something else. It becomes a large wooden snake, "Giant Snake Totem!" He now merges into his totem completely. He speaks from inside, "Ah ha ha ha! There's no way you can stop me now!" Streaky leaps up and begins to fly toward him, "Bout time I finish you with something I call, the Lightning Storm Drill!" "Bring it! You'll never survive me!" They both fly at each other, yelling as they are about to make impact. Streaky begins to spin really fast like a drill as he goes into the mouth of the snake, as it closes it's mouth. But he goes right through the other side. In a short instant, after he drills out, a flash of lightning flashes by as the snake totem explodes to reveal Blaconda getting shocked by a large blast of lightning. "Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!" He begins to fall, "I...lost?" He falls into the swamp with a splash. Streaky, who looks burnt from his own attack, lands on a rock. Ace, who is watching from his prison, is glad for him, "Heh. Good work kid." Kirin runs to Streaky, "You did it! You won! You...huh?" Streaky turns around and has a rather silly look from being all burnt. His hair is sticking in places. Kirin bursts into laughter. "Hey! That's not funny! I nearly died today!" "I'm sorry, let me heal your wounds."

As he does so, they are watched by a frustrated King Leogun. "Blast! This is what happens when I let my creations get killed." Isis, from another part of the room, gives a sly look, "Oh well."

Back with Streaky and Kirin, the room becomes the hall of doors. "Hey, where are we now?" "This place again? Oh well. Let's start opening doors. For only one will lead us forward." He walks to a door. "Wait. What do you mean?" "Anything can happen when you open one of these doors." He opens a door to reveal Service Man on the other side. He lifts his sheet up to flash him, which of course is darkness with a flash of light. Streaky covers his eyes, "Ah! My eyes!" "Like I said, anything can happen."

Commercial Break...

Krypto comes onto the screen, "Umm...Sorry to interupt but, this episode has ended." Streaky coems in, "Due to unknown circumstances, the creator of this show has decided to end the episode as it is." "The next episode will consist of my fight with Para-Clone, and you'll have a whole episode to see it in." "So instead, we will show some clips from the rest of Season 2 of the actual show." They both say, "Please enjoy!"

Okay, there isn't really a clipshow. Make one up!
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