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The Endless Form Shifter! Krypto vs Para-Clone!

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Krypto confronts the most powerful Nightmare of King Leogun, Para-Clone. With the ability to become anyone or anything at will, as well as use their powers, she is a deadly adversary. Can Krypto de...

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own the character Aria. She is property of X-626 of I also do not own the song ending "Brand New World."

The Dream Shard: The Endless Form Shifter! Krypto vs Para-Clone!

We see through Leogun's Crystal Ball the events that are currently going on. Streaky and Kirin walking and looking through doors. Then we see Ace in his prison cell. Finally we Krypto in the glass hallway again. We see Leogun smirking at the current situation.

The scene now shifts down to where Krypto is, who is now approaching a door. "Hmm...I wonder what's behind this door." He pushes open the door and enters a room of darkness sound familiar?. As he enters it, the door shuts behind him. The light turns on to reveal...a large meadow. A kind of utopia like meadow for dogs. There are fire hydrants everywhere, dog bones growing out of the ground like flowers, trees with squishy toys growing out like apples, and several lakes that are elevated like some kind of doggie dish. Krypto is in awe at such paradise. There are other dogs here too having the time of their life. "Wow...Amazing." He comes to one of the large dish lakes and decides to taste it. "Wow. Just like regular dish water. What is this place?" "This is Dogtopia." A mysterious, yet familiar voice is heard across the lake. He looks across to find, Aria, standing on top of the water in the middle of the lake. "Aria...Is that you?" She walks across the lake to him. "Surprised to see me again? It's been awhile." Krypto has doubts, "No. You can't be real. Can you?" "Now how can you say that? You don't really think of me as just a figment of this dream world do you?" "I want to believe that but...It's just..." She rubs her head across his neck for a second. "I'm as real as I am. It really is me." Krypto still doesn't know what to think, "Well.." "Why don't you come with me? Let's have some fun anyway. I'm sure you'll come to your senses sooner or later. Let's go explore this dog utopia." She runs off... "Hmmm.." He goes off after her.

Over time, they have fun doing different things that can only be done here. They chew on bones that grew from the ground. Later they are walking through the hydrant covered pathways through a nice park, where dogs play catch with automated disc throwers. They start to play too. They go swimming in one of the lakes, they have a lot of fun.

Later they rest on top a sunset lit hill. "That was really fun, wasn't it Krypto?" "Yeah. I never had that much fun with you in a long time." "Then why not last? Let's just stay here, and never wake up. This is the ultimate paradise for dogs and if we dream real hard, we can never leave it." "Yeah...This place really is the best thing a dog could wish for. But..." He thinks about his friends Dog Stars, Kevin, etc... "But I can't stay. I have something to do. It was such a good offer, but I'm sorry. I have to go." He gets up and starts walking away. Aria then gets up and blocks his way, "Please...You don't have to do this. We'll be together forever again." "But if this is a dream, then I can come back if I want to. We can see each other another time." He walks further but is cut off again. "Aria please!" Her voice changes, "We could of been together Krypto. I wouldn't of have to kill you and you could lived here forever. You fool." Krypto backs off cautiously, "! You're not Aria!" "You're right. I'm not." She changes into her true form. Which is that parakeet we saw earlier, "I am Para-Clone. Master of Illusion and Deceit. A Nightmare under the command of King Leogun." "I knew something was suspicious. Aria was long gone from this world." "Hm hm hm. Yes. It's easy to manipulate the hearts and minds of someone who used to know someone. Now let's see, who was it you were after again? Ah yes." She transforms into Ace. Krypto shouts, "Where is Ace!?" She speaks her voices changes to whoever she is, unless I say otherwise, "Like it matters." She transforms into Streaky, "You're no where close to him." She turns into Kirin, "Your friends though are very close. But also close.." She turns into Kevin, "To their doom." Krypto speaks, "That's what you think!" "Oh?" She returns to normal. "Why don't we see then?" He gets into pounce position and growls. "Well come on tough boy. Try and get me."

Krypto leaps to pounce on her. She giggles and disappears as he lands. "Where did she.." She appears behind him and back kicks him in the next, sending him to the ground. He shrugs it off, "Gee..Strong kick for a little bird." She appears in front of his face, "You don't know the half of me." She disappears again and reappears just above him, "Hail of Feathers!" He spreads her wings and hundreds of feathers begin to fly down at Krypto. He flies upward and dodges each one as he goes for her. She makes a boulder appear and makes it fall. "What the?" He dodges it, but only to then get pelted by the shower of feathers. He is knocked to the ground, as he is hit by more feathers. The feathers stop falling and she slowly lands to the ground in pure DBZ action, wings acrossed. "Well now, you're no fun at all." Krypto tries to stand, with feathers stuck to his body. He notices that there is no boulder to be found. "What happened to the boulder?" "Oh? You mean this boulder?" She makes the boulder appear on her finger tip more like wing but you get the idea. She spins it and Krypto is surprised. "It's merely more than an illusion and nothing more. My feathers are the real deal however." He scowls. "Now let's see..What should I do to you next? Oh I know! I'll show you the real horror of my transformation ability! Weee!!!!" Krypto stands up fine now. "But first! Come to me my pets!" All the dogs that were here come to her and surround Krypto. "Hm hm hm..." She turns into a ninja. So do all the illusions. He is surprised, "No way. So these were just illusions?" "Well these guys aren't your typical illusions. Each of these thirty illusional characters are the result of some advanced magic, in which the illusions are real. It takes awhile to make them and require a bit of magic. But it's easy for me. But really now...Shall we begin?" The ninjas prepare to draw weapons. Krypto is in trouble!

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Para-Clone gives the signal, "Attack my minions!" The ninjas begin to attack Krypto. Krypto swiftly dodges their attacks and begins to counter attack one by one. Also, each one with a fatal hit disappears from the battle. Para-Clone laughs at his misfortune. Krypto continues to fight and eventually defeats them all. He pants as he is tired. "There. Not so powerful weren't they?" Para-Clone gives him a look, and returns to her true form. "You've only seen half of what I can do. Now it's time to show you the true nature of the art of cloning! Now watch this!" Her aura surrounds her as she powers up a bit. Then she transforms into...Superman! Krypto is shocked at this development. "Now then...let's play, doggy!" In just a blink, the fake Superman uppercuts Krypto in the chin, then flies up and dropkicks him to the ground hard. Krypto nearly pukes up blood from such a hit. "Not bad huh? It's one of my special features of being me. Whoever I take the form of, I also take about half their power as well. In other words..." She turns into the Flash, "This is gonna be one painful day for you." Fake Flash uses his speed to throw really fast punches at Krypto. So fast Krypto can't react. After a barrage of punches, Krypto manages to break free and escape into the air. "Trying to escape eh?" She turns into Streaky and flies in front of him, "Well have a little taste of my heat vision!" She uses Streaky's Heat Vision on Krypto which badly burns him. "Ahhhh!!!!"

Krypto begins falling to the ground. "Hm hm." She chuckles as she turns into Mammoth Mutt and enflats herself to become bigger. "Here's a heavy load for ya!" She lands on him in midair, which really hurts Krypto, as they crash into the ground. She backs off and reverts to her normal form. "Give up yet?" Krypto isn't moving at all. At least barely.

King Leogun watches this through the crystal ball. "Mwahahaha. This is to be expected from my greatest of all creations. Para-Clones ability to become anyone at will, and to use their powers as well, it is a true nightmare to behold! To think my other creations were a match to her strength. But when it comes to pure power and cunning, Para-Clone is the one! Ah ha ha!" Isis stares at him with like, "Heh." She then spies a book. She first checks to see if Leogun is paying attention, which he isn't, and grabs the book. She goes into another room and begins to read it. "Hmm....So that's it then..." She closes the book. "So this king is really.."

Back to the fight, Krypto gets back his strength and gets up. "Well...Still alive huh? Well then..." She turns into Kirin, "Let me change that for you." She runs toward him and begins to throw punches and kicks, just like Kirin would in a battle. Krypto is once again taking a beating. Her fist glows with a firery color and punches him in the gut. Krypto is down again. "And now my favorite attack. The Gang Up Menuver!" She makes clones of herself, but each represent different people that know Krypto. He is once again surrounded. "The ones who you sought to love and protect, will now put the hurt on you." They all begin to stomp and kick Krypto as he lays helplessly on the ground. "Like a helpless puppy. Unable to fend for itself as others kick it around. To think I ever liked such a weakling like you." Everyone stops. Krypto coughs a bit and Para-Clone, who returned to normal, picks up her head with her wing, "And when I finally kill you, your friends will share the same fate. And you know what, if I ask King Leogun really nicely, I can go and haunt the dreams of your friends!" "No..." "Yes! I'll give them nightmares about me killing you and making you look like a total fool. You aren't the hero you used to be aren't ya? Aren't ya!?" He doesn't respond but is mad. "Hmph. Well maybe this will knock some sense in to you." She tries to punch him but Krypto blocks with his paw. "What!?" She drops him and leaps backward. "So you thought you can pull a fast one huh? Well take this! Stomp him to death!" All her transformed clones begin to stomp on him. Krypto begins to get mad as he starts to remember everyone, including Aria. "I...won't...allow have your way!" He yells out loudly and a great burst of power breaks out and the clones are forced back into Para-Clone. "Ahhh!!! My clones!" Krypto is standing up now, with a red aura. He is mad now, "You shouldn't of made me mad. Especially in this world. I should of used this world's power in the first place. So now...It's payback time!"

To Be Continued...

Ending: Adventure World One Piece
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