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Krypto's Anger! A Resolved Nightmare Come True.

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The fight with Krypto and Para-Clone continues. Krypto now starts to take the upperhand in this bout until Para-Clone unleashes her most powerful attack. Meanwhile, Kirin and Streaky finally reach ...

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The Dream Shard: Krypto's Anger! A Resolved Nightmare Come True.

Where we last left off, Krypto has just powered up with a tremendous aura. He is ready to put the hurt on Para-Clone. He looks a bit scary, but not menacing. Para-Clone doesn't seem too worried though. "So you've decided to get a bit more serious then. About time. Now the fun can really begin." She turns into Electromutt. "This will be quite a shocking experience." Krypto leaps up into the air, and she follows after him. The two forces clash together, and Para-Clone is knocked back a bit. She sends a blast of electricity at Krypto, which doesn't seem to affect him at all. "Well then..." She turns into Sprocket, "How about a little of this!" She throws a device that entangles Krypto so he can't move. But it doesn't restrain him for long, Krypto breaks free with his strength. "Grr..." Krypto says, "You should know that stuff doesn't really affect me. And with only half power it's really nothing." Para-Clone then replies, "Hmph. Well it was a poor choice of character. Perhaps it's time..." She turns back into Superman, "I go back to an old favorite." She flies toward Krypto and throws a punch, only to be blocked by Krypto's paw. She throws another punch and Krypto blocks that too. "That won't work on me anymore." Krypto hits her with heat vision and she backs off a bit. "Grr....So you managed to adapt to my strengths...No biggie. Even with your sudden change in power, it's not like you're better than me."

Para-Clone concentrates hard and makes more clones of herself. Krypto asks, "Isn't that getting old? Aren't you getting tired of doing that?" "Be quiet! This is all I need to defeat you, so a little loss of energy wouldn't hurt for solid clones!" All the clones charge in on Krypto and gang up on him. Only to be blown away by Krypto's awsome power. "Errrawww!" They both clash at each other and throw punches and kicks at each other. Para-Clone gets one hit, but manages to land one on Krypto. She backs off a bit, "Let's see you take on a missile!" She flies fast at him, and turns into a large missile. The missile comes in contact with Krypto who begins to try and hold it back as it pushes him to the ground. After being pushed across the ground a bit, Krypto manages to stop the missile's movements, and then he slams her into a cliff wall, and she lands into one of the dish lakes. She returns to normal and gets on top of the water, hurt a bit. Krypto lands on the edge of the lake, with a serious look on his face. Para-Clone is agitated. "You're starting to bug me." She then turns into a large kraken, which roars as it tries to grab Krypto. Krypto tackles her and sends her upward a bit, where she turns into an elephant to smash on him, but misses. She turns into Streaky and tries to hit him again but misses. Krypto kicks her downward, where she turns into a spring and launches herself back up into the air where she turns into a metal spear. She hits Krypto's underside, but it doesn't really hurt as he is the Dog of Steel. She falls back down and reverts to normal.

"Kinda forgot that that kind of stuff doesn't really hurt me?" Para-Clone is really ticked now. "Keep talking mutt.." She springs herself back up into the air and turns into a green spear, "Perhaps a little Kryptonite will take you down!" But again, all she does is just crash into him without harming him, and then falling to the ground. "Impossible! You're supposed to be vulnerable to that stuff." "I am. But in this world I can do anything I want. And guess what? I just made myself immune to any kind of Kryptonite for as long as I am here." "Darn you...I didn't think I'd have to do this but you made me force my hand." She begins to change into something strange. She turns into a large building. It resembles a large factory. "Cloning Factory!" Krypto doesn't get it. She explains her power, "This is my trump card. This is where I become a master of mass production! It is this factory in which I can create an army of clones at the same time. Where as I normally produce a small number, I can create thousands! Not even you can handle an army of clones, especially of what I'm about to produce. Now, behold! Mass Clone Production!" Gears grind and machines churn as four doors open up. From each door, hundreds of Krypto, Streaky, Ace, and Kirin clones march out of the facility. They line up together until it looks as though a large army has gathered outside the factory. "And the piece of resistance...Factory Transformation!" The factory begins to transform into a large mech version of herself. "Para-Mech!" Krypto now stands before an army of clones, and a large super mech of Para-Clone.

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Kirin and Streaky stand in front of another door. "Well...this is the last door." Kirin says. "For our sake, let's hope it leads to something. Like someplace to eat, I'm starving!" Kirin gives a look, then opens the door. On the otherside there's a missile aimed at them. "Well that can't be good." The missile is proned to fire and it does. Kirin and Streaky panic and close the door. An explosion is heard on the other side and the force is exerted on the door. "Okay, that was not a good place to eat." "Streaky, if you're that hungry then just dream up something to eat." Streaky gets it, "Oh, good idea." She thinks up a large dinner table of food, in which he prepares to devour. Kirin looks at the table, and then the door. "Hmm...I wonder." He opens the door, and it instead leads to the dungeon. "Duh." Before Streaky could eat, Kirin grabs him, "Come on!" He is pulled away, "Hey! I was about to eat!" "Eat later. I just dreamt up the door to our next destination!" They go through the door and it shuts behind them. When they enter the room, the door then disappears behind them. "This must be where Ace is." "Who would of thought he'd be placed in someplace dark and gloomy. It suits him." Kirin points out, "There he is. Hey Ace!" Ace was preoccupied with the television of Krypto's fight. "You made it." They go to his prison cell. "Hang tight, we'll bust you out in no time!" Streaky says as he kicks the door. But it doesn't work. "Ow." Kirin says, "Let me try." He uses his Light Blade to cut, but it doesn't work either. "Well that didn't work." "Hate to break it to ya, but this cell was created by Leogun. It was designed to be 100% indestructible to any kind of force. Only the key to the cell will open the door." "But we don't have the key!" Streaky says. "But I do." They turn to the stairway and see Isis. They all say, "Isis!" She holds up the key in her claw. "Alright you, hand over the key and no one gets hurt." But the key is thrown right in front of them. "Huh?" She says, "You can have it. I have much to talk about." They all wonder what she's doing.

Back to the fight, Krypto is about to face an army of himself and his friends, and a giant mechanized version of Para-Clone. "It's over Krypto. There's no way you can stand up against an army of my wonderful clones, and my robot self! Too bad. You were rather cute, but now it's time to die! Ah ha ha!" "You forgot one thing Para-Clone." "What's that?" "In this dream, I can grow to epic porportions!" "Huh?" He begins to get bigger. He gets so large until he's the same size as Para-Clone's mech. "Ah...ah.." She is stunned by his ability. "Inconceivible!" He takes a step onto the ground and all the clones are knocked away. They all disappear. Para-Clone is left speechless. "This can't be happening..." "Para-Clone, your time has come!" "Errr....aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!" She charges in, ready to slice him with her wings. But Krypto goes and tackles her hard and fast. So hard it damages the mech badly. "I lost? To him!?" The mech explodes and Para-Clone lands on the ground hard. Badly injured, she can't move. Krypto returns to normal size and goes to her. She says, "You were kinda cute." "So I assume all those words toward me were real?" "Yeah...You can say that. I always did like cute guys." Krypto smiles. "Well...better go ahead and finish me off." "Why would I do that?" "Why not? I'm a Nightmare, created to destroy you. It was King Leogun's idea, so why don't you? If you let me live I'd only come back to kill you. But personally, I really don't want to. See, I really like you and all but...I'm just an image from someone's bad dream." A short pause, then Krypto asks, "Can Leogun remove you from this world at sheer will?" "Well no..He can only create me and that's all." With that, Krypto picks her up and flings her on his back. "Wha..what are you doing?" "I don't want to hurt you anymore. And you can't be left alone here. Besides, perhaps since Leogun can't destroy you immediately, maybe you can help me? That is, if you still like me." She is amazed at what he said, "You...really want to trust me? After all I did to you?" "You maybe a Nightmare, but to me you're still a someone. And I think Nightmares can change." She forms tears of happiness and is happy. King Leogun sees this from his room, "So now I have a traitor...And she's right, I can't just simply remove her from this world. The only way for that is through death. However...I'm sure he, can."

Back with the others, Kirin unlocks Ace's shackles, after unlocking the door of course. They get out of the cell and Isis comes near. "Perhaps you like an exclamation on why I just let you go free?" "Well yeah...I guess so." Kirin says. Ace then adds, "You probably got tired of having your new friend do all the work for you." "Well he was getting quite annoying. But there's another reason. One I don't particularally like. And it involves this shard." She's perfering to the Dream Shard. "What's so special about that?" Streaky asks. "Well..if you listen well you'll understand it." Streaky feels insulted. "The Dream Shard is a fragment of this world, as you know. But also, the place in which it came off from, serves as a portal from this world, to the World of Nightmares." Kirin and Streaky are surprised. "World of Nightmares?" Kirin wonders. Ace replies, "I was wondering about that. Seeing as there is a World of Dreams, there has to be a World of Nightmares. Otherwise these Nightmares couldn't exist in this world, nor would the logic of dreaming would happen." "Exactly." Isis says. "This world is merely the opposite of what the Nightmare World has. Why, if this were the other world, we could be in some other kind of place right now." Streaky asks, "So the two worlds are in the same place, and exist side by side?" "Yes. And for that reason, Leogun is trying to..." Leogun comes from behind her and knocks her out. "Trying to obtain absolute power." He says that as he holds her up. Kirin, Streaky, and Ace prepare for any kind of combat as King Leogun makes his appearance.

To Be Continued...
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