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A New Nightmare Appears, Ace vs Nightbite!

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As Krypto and Para-Clone travel together to catch up with the others, Leogun reveals his motives and unveils a new Nightmare to them. In this case, it's Ace's turn to take down the bad guy, but can...

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The Dream Shard: A New Nightmare Appears, Ace vs Nightbite!

Meanwhile...Krypto and Para-Clone reach the edge of the Dogtopia world, as they come across a large cliff to an ocean. "Well, looks like this is as far as we can go." Krypto says. He then turns his head toward Para-Clone "Where do we go now?" She replies, "There should be a passageway out of here. Of course, you can create your own, but in this room you wouldn't know where it would go. And until you find another exit next room, you can't just willingly choose where you go." Krypto looks forward. "Alright then." He thinks for a second and a portal appears. "Don't know where this will lead to, but let's just get through alright." He leaps through the portal.

Back with the others, Leogun has just shown up and knocked Isis out cold. "King Leogun." Ace says, "What a surprise." He replies, "It was just about time to take back what rightfully should be mine." He rips the Dream Shard from Isis's neck. He throws her toward them. "You can have her back now." Kirin catches her, "Throwing a harmless gal like that, you're just too cruel." Streaky protests, "Yeah! She may of been a pain in our rear, but that's no reason to throw her like that!" Leogun glares at him and Streaky hides behind Kirin, scared. "I am King of this world, so I can do as I please. And as soon as I return this shard to the point of which it came from, I will have obtained complete power over the World of Nightmares. If just having a small hole between the worlds wasn't enough, if I could instead become the source of the two worlds!" Streaky is confused, "I don't get it." Ace fills it in, "So basically, you're gonna fill the missing piece that separates the two worlds, and somehow become some kind of passage to the two worlds as a single being?" "You're half right. Instead of a passageway, I would just have power flow into me as the worlds come toward me. In a way, I'm the only one who decides whether I send you to that nightmare world or not. Plus, I'll be able to control the actions of the Nightmare World from in there too. For once I gain the power that this shard would have, I'll be able to walk among the two worlds, at the same time!" Streaky still doesn't understand, "Uhh...what?" Kirin explains, "Well, it's kinda like having two of him. One for each world." It shows a diagram of Leogun. Two halves split between his body. "To us, we'd be seeing one king, while in the Nightmare World someone could be looking at him too. To Leogun, it can be seeing two worlds at the same time. So in other worlds, he can be in both worlds at the same time, being that they are in the same plane."

Leogun says, "Give the boy a medal, he's got it down well. And now that I have complete possession of the Dream Shard, your existance is no longer necessary." The others are tensed. "Although I won't be able to simply remove you from this world at will, I'll simply have to kill you by my own hand. Or...I give you a small sample of what I'll soon have, but more." He holds his claw out, and changes the room into a battle arena. "My last Nightmare creature may of been strong, but I gave her too much emotion and free will. So this time, I'll make something just as better. A brand new, stronger Nightmare!" Darkness forms in his claw. Kirin sets Isis down, "That's what you think!" He and Streaky charge forward, "No, wait!" Ace tries to stop them but they are already off. "Hmph." Leogun blasts both of them backward with darkness. Two cages form around them. Kirin tries to break free, "We're trapped!" Streaky too, "Aw man!" Ace scowls at Leogun. "You two will have your turn. Let's have Ace here have the honor of dying first. Behold, the fruits of my power!" Dark Lightning forms from his claw tips as they hit the ground. Slowly, a figure is born. It becomes a human sized bat creature, with demon red eyes. "Meet, Nightbite. The ultimate assassin of the night. Have fun you two." He disappears. Nightbite speaks, "So, you're my prey today." He grins. "I'm going to enjoy biting into your hide. Hm hm hm." Ace is in trouble, "Terrific.." Kirin and Streaky can only watch. And to make matters worse, Isis is outside the cages, unconscious.

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Krypto and Para-Clone in the meanwhile, end up in a room full of clock gadgets and gears. "Interesting choice to be. Wouldn't imagine a dream castle to have a clocktower or something." "The rooms of the castle are usually made from random thoughts of people. This castle was built based on those dreams. This was back when King Leogun was first created." "For a nightmare, you sure know a lot about the Dream World." "Yeah, well...Anyone born in either world gains the knowledge and history of the Dream and Nightmare World." Krypto is confused as he walks on, "Nightmare World? Is that where you're from?" She explains, "Yes. Why else would I be a Nightmare creature? See, ever notice how there doesn't seem to be anyone suffering like as in a nightmare?" "" "Well when someone falls asleep, depending on the feeling or stress on the person, they either go to Dream World or Nightmare World. The thing about the two worlds is that they both are in the same plane, existing side by side." "Side by side?" She nods, "Yep. What this clocktower room is here, it could be completely different in the Nightmare World. You don't see the Nightmare world unless you are in it, nor do you see anyone in it unless you are in it." Krypto asks, "Well then how can you exist here?" "On occasion, manifestations of the Nightmare World come into the Dream World. Both worlds are supposed to be separate but equal in terms of dominance. But ever since the Dream Shard came off the world, the way to the other world was revealed on both sides. So anyone can get through to the other side and cause an inbalance. Leogun is trying to fill that hole the Dream Shard was in and become the boundary of the two worlds. That way, he can become part of those worlds and have absolute power over both." Krypto thinks, "So that's what he's up to. If he gets that much power, would we be able to stop him?" Para-Clone adds, "But there's one other thing. Being that there is a King of the Dream World, there would be a King of the Nightmare World." "Another king?" Para-Clone prepares to explain, "'s like this..."

Back to the fight. Nightbite leaps into the air and spreads his long wings, "Here I come!" He dives in for Ace, who jumps out of the way. He presses a button on his utility belt and shoots baterangs at him. Nightbite simply swings his left wing and blows them away. Ace then tries his grappling hook to try and entangle him. "You'll have to do better than that!" He dodges it and it misses him. But the hook swings around and ties him up. "Better think before you speak." "Don't be so sure. You haven't caught me yet." He breaks the ropes and is freed. "Now then, check this." He goves back into the air, then spins really fast, like a drill, toward Ace. "Spinning Air Drill!" Ace moves out of the way, and Nightbite drills underground. "Where'd he go?" Ace asks as everyone is wondering the same thing. Yet, Nightbite speaks like he's around, "Heh heh heh. I'm not just good in the air.." He drills out of the ground, from underneath Ace. Ace is hurt, as he tries to stand after that hit. "I'm also good underground." "Not much of a bat if you like the ground so much." Nightbite flies to the ceiling and hangs upside down, "A master hunter should always be adapt to any environment. Even by adapting to things you don't normally do." Ace smirks, "Yeah, like the fact I placed some smoke bombs on the ceiling while you were underground?" "Huh?" He sees the bombs and they blow up. He coughs, "What was that!?" Distracted by this, Ace uses the chance to leap up and tackle him into the ceiling. Kirin and Streaky cheer on, "Yeah! You show him Ace!" Streaky adds, "Yeah! Kick his batty butt!"

Ace lands and Nightbite lands on his feet. "Not bad. You caught me a bit by surprise. But rest assured, it won't happen again." "Oh I doubt that." Nightbite leaps up and throws Shuriken at him. Ace counters with more Baterangs. All of them just deflect each other. "Eeeyah!" Nightbite goes after Ace, and Ace goes for him. Nightbite swipes at him, but Ace leaps above it and jumps on him and off again. Nightbite wipes off dirt from his chin. "What? I thought you were tougher than that?" "Grrr..." Nightbite goes underground again. "Well fine! Let's see you dodge this again!" Kirin doesn't like it, "Not again!" Ace is prepared, "Heh." He runs away, leaving some kind of device on the ground. "Gotcha!" Nightbite drills out of the ground where Ace was, but encounters another bomb, "What!?" It explodes and Nightbite is down. The others cheer. Ace explains his move, "I know bats have a sense of hearing, and I would believe it would work underground. You would be able to sense the underground vibrations so I left a little device that would make you think it was me, while I carefully move away without you detecting me." "But there's no way you'd be able to do that!" "Maybe in the real world. But in this world, you could say I have really quiet feet." Kirin is intrigued, "I get it. He's made himself light in the feet so it'd be impossible to detect from underground. Truely amazing." Streaky isn't impressed, "Heh. I could do better." Nightbite stands up, "Not bad. Now you've made me force my hand." His aura glows, "I'm going to teach you a lesson in manners. The hunter will always get his prey. And I'll do it anyway I can!" His muscles begin to bulge a bit. Ace is grossed a bit. "Ah ha ha! And now for an even better surprise." He turns his attention toward Isis. "What!? No!" "This feline is gonna get a taste of my power!" Kirin and Streaky are shocked. In a flash, Ace uses the dream world to warp right in front of her and take a direct hit from Nightbite's claws. He screams in pain. "Ace!" Kirin and Streaky yell. "Ah ha ha ha! Nightbite stands over the wounded Ace...

To Be Continued...
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