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Ace's Trump Card! Never Doubt the Utility Belt!

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The fight continues, as Ace seems to have troubles with his opponent. Can he find a way to defeat Nightbite?

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The Dream Shard: Ace's Trump Card! Never Doubt the Utility Belt!

Where we left off, Ace has a small wound, protecting Isis. Bits of blood drop from his side. Kirin shouts, "Hey that's a dirty blow! Using someone as a lure like that! That's practically cheating! What kind of hunter are you?!" Nightbite turns to him, "The kind I want to be. So if you know what's good for you, you best keep quiet! Or you'll be next." Kirin isn't worried, "Oh I'm not worried. When I get out of this cage you're gonna wish you weren't even created." "I somehow doubt that." He turns his attention back to Ace, but he's gone. "Now where'd he go." Ace is hiding in the shadows on a ledge just on the wall, holding the still unconscious Isis in his mouth, trying to keep quiet. "Darn it. I still can't trace him." Ace, quietly, steps forward and a blood droplet falls on the ledge. Nightbite turns toward the direction of the sound as he can hear it, "Ah ha!" Ace is caught. Nightbite opens his mouth and unleashes a super sonic wave of energy. Ace leaps out of the way and lands on the ground. Nightbite does his attack again and chases him around the room with it. The blast causes parts of the wall to crumble. It goes near the cages and causes Streaky and Kirin to flinch. "Watch where you're aiming that thing you stupid bat!" Streaky yells.

Ace just keeps on running. He thinks, "I can't do anything as long as Isis is vulnerable. I have to find a way to get her out of the way." Due to his injuries, he trips and looses hold of her. "Eh heh heh." Nightbite puts his foot on her. "Claws off the girl, you freak!" Ace tackles him off her. However, Nightbite then grabs him and throws him to the ground hard. "Ace!" Kirin shouts. "I got you right where I want you." Nightbite throws him upward, and prepares to attack. Kirin holds out his arms, "Element Arts, Earth Pillar!" Nothing happens. "My powers don't work in this cage?" "Bloody Impact!" He thrusts one handful of claws into Ace. Everyone is in shock, and the screen changes red as if something really bad has just happened.

Krypto, in the clocktower room place, stops as he felt something. "That feeling..." Para-Clone asks, "What's wrong?" "I..don't know. But it's like, something bad just happened." "The exit is just ahead, perhaps we should hurry?" He nods and he takes off again.

Back with the others, Nightbite throws Ace toward the still dang, she's been knocked out good unconscious Isis. He begins to laugh. Streaky can't believe it, "D..did he just do what I think he just did." Kirin nods. Nightbite laughs with glee, "That was too pathetic! He didn't even put up a fight! That's what a dog gets for thinking he can win with nothing but his utility belt! Ah ha ha!" Streaky yells, "You just shut up! He's more a better dog than you can ever hope to be! If you were a dog of course but...ah you know what I mean!" Kirin yells too, "He at leasts fights for the sake of others, and doesn't play dirty tricks like you do! You're no better than the other guys we fought!" "So what? I don't care what I do, so long as I do it to win! If others just happen to be in the way, that's their problem! I can use anyone I want to get my way, that's how a hunter works! They'll use any tool, any kind of resource to get what they desire. Nothing else matters!" He laughs some more. "Monster!" Kirin says. "Now, who shall I kill next?" He starts to walk toward the cages. However, some light emits from behind him. "Eh?" He turns around and sees, Ace, standing up like as if nothing happened. His aura glows brightly, and his injuries are gone! "Impossible! What just happened?!" Kirin and Streaky are happy to see him alive. "Ace!" They both say. Ace puts Isis up on a ledge, then averts his attention to Nightbite. "Never underestimate my utility belt. Especially when I give this belt automatic healing power." "But that can't be!" "You forget, this world lets me do whatever I want. And now, it's time for a little payback."

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Krypto and Para-Clone reach the end of the room, and it's door. "Now that we're here, you can change the destination of the door to anywhere you want." "Great." He thinks for a moment and the door opens with a bright light. "Let's go!" Para-Clone cheers, "To Ace we go!" Krypto leaps in.

They end Streaky's cell. "Um...Hi K-Dog." "Streaky?" He looks around as he is in a cage. "Where exactly are we?" "Oh you know. In some dungeon, trapped in some cages while watching our best friend Ace fight to the death with some bat monster!" Krypto sees Ace. "Ace! You alright?!" He sees him, "What took you so long?" "Ah you know. Trying to save you and running into trouble. That stuff." Kirin adds, "Well you'll need saving, as there's no way out of these cages! So just sit back and watch the awsome fight that is to behold. Oh, and don't try destroying the cages, they're indestructible." Krypto just sits down, and Para-Clone sits next to him. Streaky notices her and looks between her and Ace a few times. "Say, who's your friend K-Dog?" "Oh this is Para-Clone. One of the Nightmares created by Leogun." "I see...And why is she in the cage..with us?" Para-Clone asks, "You got a problem with a Nightmare being in the same cage as you?" He backs off, "No no. I don't. Heh heh. Feel free to sit...if you want." Kirin asks, "So is she on our side or what?" Krypto replies, "Yep. You can say she's a reformed Nightmare." Para-Clone giggles as she is proud of it. "Good job." Kirin feels down, "Yet I had to destroy mine."

Anyway, Ace is prepared to fight again. Nightbite is angry, "Well, if that belt of yours can heal you no matter what, then I'll just have to rip it off your neck." He speeds toward him in a flash, and swings his claw upward toward his neck. "Try and stop this!" His claw hits the belt, but just comes to a stop, like nothing happened. "Hey! What gives?!" "The belt never comes off. So get your claws off it." It begins to shock Nightbite and knocks him back a bit. He holds his arm as it was slightly burnt. Ace steps forward. "Now then, get a load of my new set of toys." He presses his belt and baterangs fly out toward Nightbite. He dodges them, "Oh please, not those things again!" The baterangs then turn around back toward him, and multiply in number. "They've multiplied? And they're coming back!?" He gets hit by them and they explode on impact. The remaining ones return to Ace's belt. "Never doubt the utility belt." His belt opens automatically. Nightbite thinks, "They open without him touching it!?" Then, many chains come out of the belt and wrap around Nightbite tightly, so he doesn't get loose. He tries to struggle but can't move. "These chains...They're a lot stronger than normal. I can't break free!"

Ace's belt closes. "And now something totally original." He presses his belt again and the button glows. The belt begins to spin around his neck and enlarge. It spins upward into the air and floats above Nightbite, who wonders what is going on. "Huh? Now what are you up to?" "I made up a new feature to my belt. When I have someone trapped in my clutches, the belt hovers above and fires a powerful tractor beam, strong enough to cut a hole through the bottom of the room. If you got any last words, now's the time to say them." "That beam won't kill me! I'm the strongest Nightmare around! I'll be able to handle such a wimpy beam and destroy you!" Para-Clone is appaled. "Argh. So now he thinks he's stronger than me? That beam better kill him." Ace continues, "Now, Utility Belt Function! Tractor Beam!" The belt spins so fast, it creates light. The inside forms some kind of light. Nightbite laughs, "Bring it! You can't kill me!" "Fire beam!" The beam fires down at Nightbite. "Never!" Nightbite is hit by the beam. He continues to laugh as he slowly distentegrates. After the attack, all that's left is a hole in the floor. Everyone is impressed. "Woah." Krypto says. Streaky is speechless, "I got to get a collar like that!" Ace's utility belt falls back down and enwraps around his neck again. "And that's how you skin a bat."

The room returns to normal. The others are freed from their cages, and Isis is on the ground since the room change. They go to each other. "Good job Ace. You really showed him." Krypto says. Streaky adds, "You had us going with the whole utility belt thing. That was great!" Ace says, "Well, that guy was just stubborn till the end. He thought he could withstand such an attack, assuming that the strongest Nightmare can live. But it doesn't matter when it comes to this world." Para-Clone gets excited, "You were awsome! You didn't even have super powers and you kicked his butt!" "Yes..well.." "You can learn something from him Krypto." Krypto objects, "Hey." They laugh. They then check on Isis. "Is she going to be alright?" Krypto asks. Ace puts her on his back, "She'll be fine. Hopefully she wakes up soon. Getting tired with having to carrying her around." He goes up the stairs, "Come on everyone. Leogun should be just this way." They follow him.

To Be Continued...
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