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Showdown in Mirage Tower! Enter the King of Nightmares!

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Krypto and gang have reached Mirage Tower, where they face the newly powered King Leogun! But what's this strange force that's coming their way? It's making even Para-Clone nervous.

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The Dream Shard: Showdown in Mirage Tower! Enter the King of Nightmares!

King Leogun stands in front of a wall, and on that wall is a small hole the size of the Dream Shard, in which dark energy radiates out of. "At long last. The power of both worlds will finally be mine." He places the shard into the hole but it is rejected immediately. "Hmm...It still needs a while to get used to being here. I'm in no hurry though, as there's nothing anyone can do at this point. Once this shard is rejoined with the fissure, I shall be invincible! I'll be the most powerful king to ever rule the two worlds! Ah ha ha!" Through the small fissure, two demon red eyes are shown.

Krypto and everyone else finally reaches the room where Leogun was originally, only to find it empty. "So this is the throne room." Krypto remarks. Streaky finds the crystal ball, "And this must be how he was spying on us. The nerve of that guy!" Kirin says, "Well it doesn't look like he's here. Where could he of gone?" Ace sets Isis on the throne chair. "Look for anything that might lead to where he is." Everyone looks around. Para-Clone looks out the balcony and notices a large tower in the courtyard. "Hey guys, come look at this! I think I know where he went!" They go to where she is and see the tower. "Hey I don't remember that tower being there when we came in." Kirin says. Para-Clone explains, "That's Mirage Tower. It's the only part of the castle that is usually invisible to everyone. It only appears when King Leogun is in the tower, and it's said that only he knows the secret to getting inside." Ace agrees, "Looks like it. No windows, no doors. No way in." Krypto adds, "But there has to be a way in. Otherwise, how could Leogun get in?" Streaky asks, "Why don't we just dream up a doorway that can get us in?" Para-Clone replies, "Because that tower is the only place in the Dream World that you can dream yourself into. The only way in is through a secret passage, and as I said only the king knows the location." "Then we have to look for it. Search the room for anything suspicious." Krypto orders and everyone begins to look around once again. Kirin pulls out a book from a bookcase and reads the book. There's a button inside the book. "Hello Mr. Button, let's see what you do." He pushes it and the bookcase begins to open up like a doorway, leading to some large circular room. The others rejoin, "Good work Kirin." Krypto says and they go inside.

"This has to be the base of the tower, as we are now inside Mirage Tower." Para-Clone states. "Then it's up the stairs we go. Come on!" Krypto leads on and everyone begins to follow up. They go up for awhile, as it's a long flight of stairs. Streaky is getting tired and slows down, "Dang....How high is this thing?" He collapses. Para-Clone justs to fly and pick him up with her tiny feet and she drags him up the stairs, "You're heavy! You need to cut back on the fish treats!" "Hey I'm not heavy, you're just too small." She gets infuriated, "I maybe small but I'm not too small to kick your butt!" They continue going up until at last, they reach the ceiling, with a door leading into the next room. They stop and rest as it was a long way up. Kirin complains, "pant Next time...pant We're taking the elevator!" They open the door.

"Hold it right there Leogun!" Krypto shouts as they enter the room. "You're too late!" He inserts the Dream Shard into the fissure again. This time it fits. The cracks of where it was placed shine brightly as it merges back into the spot. The wall begins to shine a bright light. Everyone else is slightly blinded by the light. "I have already returned the shard to it's rightful place. And with it, I will receive power greater than you can ever imagine! Bow down to your new and more powerful king!" Everyone holds on as the power bursts greatly from the wall. The wall reveals a purple messed up world on the otherside. "Behold...The World of Nightmares! As you can see it clearly here, I can see it everywhere! I now possess the power to command both worlds, in one place! And with this power I shall begin a new era, the era of Leogun! will taste this power for yourself!"

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Well after that little event, Kirin pulls out his sword and forms the Light Blade. He charges at Leogun in an attempt to strike him down, but he misses and is swiped by his massive claw. Streaky tries to hit him but is knocked back too. Ace throws Baterangs at him but don't do much. Krypto uses Heat Vision on him but he gets slapped away. Kirin tries a spell, "Element Arts, Light Whip!" His blade extends like a whip and he tries to hit Leogun with it, but he just simply grabs it. "Oh please." He pulls on the whip and throws Kirin with it. "Woah!" Streaky says, "Alright! Prepare to fall behind the paws of.." His fur changes yellow again with static electricity, "Static Elec-Streaky!" Leogun doesn't seem too impressed, "Bring it then." Streaky flies at him, but Leogun just stops him in his tracks with his fingertips. Then he flicks him into the wall, where Streaky shocks himself. "Owwww...." Just then, Leogun is wrapped up by the same chains that Ace used last chapter. "Not gonna work!" Leogun breaks free and smashes Ace into the wall. Krypto's turn, he gets all fired up and throws himself at Leogun. He begins to throw punches and kicks in which Leogun takes without a scratch. He dusts himself off and then punches Krypto. It seems like no one can hurt him. Para-Clone watches and has enough. "Okay! Now you invoked the wrath of me! Para-Clone!" She turns into Leogun, "How do you like facing somebody your own size!? Or rather yourself!" "Heh. I've seen better." She throws a punch at him but he simply grabs it, "Even you cannot match the powers that I have. You are nothing." He knocks her back with the others and she reverts to normal.

He chuckles. "Even together you are nothing before me. Your powers can never exceed that in which I have gained. I will easily rule these worlds with an iron fist!" Everyone tries to stand up. "This guy is really tough. He seems to have more power than the Nightmares we fought." Kirin says. Krypto says, "Then let's grow stronger than. This is the World of Dreams, so let's build up our strengths!" They all shout, "Yeah!" Their auras glow brightly and from what it looks like, they have gotten stronger. Well..except Para-Clone. "Hey, why isn't Para-Clone getting stronger?" Streaky asks and Krypto replies, "It's because she is a creation of Nightmare World. She can't be changed here." Leogun interrupts, "If you're done talking, can we get back to fighting!?" "With pleasure!" Everyone surrounds him. They then begin to pounce on him. "That won't work against me you fools! I have more power than..." He feels something wrong, but just as he does, everyone starts beating the crud out of him with punches and kicks. Leogun is thrown up through the ceiling, out of the tower. He falls right back in, battered and bruise. Streaky is excited, "Alright! We did it! We kicked his butt good!" Kirin doesn't understand, "Odd...I was expecting more of a struggle with that last attack." Krypto agrees, "Yeah...Something's up." Leogun can't seem to stand up, "I don't understand, what just happened? Why do I feel like I just lost power?" "I'll explain that." Isis shows up out of no where. "Isis!" Ace shouts. "You may have the power of both worlds, but since you were close to people who were dreaming, you started to lose power. Remember, people who dream borrow power from this world, and you happened to be the closest power source at the time." Streaky doesn't get it, "Power source? What's she talking about." Ace explains, "Of course. The rift in which the Dream Shard came from was a major power source. Where we get our dreams..." Kirin continues, "Is from where the two worlds meet." King Leogun stands, "So...I will always lose power so long as such things happen? This wasn't supposed to happen!" Krypto says, "It's over Leogun. Now tell us how to get home!"

They begin to corner him. Leogun has nothing left to do. "This can't be happening...I'm the true ruler of the worlds! I shouldn't be losing to you knaves!" A voice is heard in his mind, "Then it's time I change things..." He feels something in his mind and begins to scream in agony as he holds his head. Everyone is confused. "What's wrong with him?" Kirin asks. "Something seems to be attacking his mind." Krypto says. Para-Clone seems to be scared and hides behind Krypto. "What's wrong Para-Clone?" "H..he's coming." "Who is?" "Th..the King of Nightmares!" Everyone gasps. The sky begins to darken, and the rift on the wall begins to shine brightly again. Darkness pours from inside. Everyone is tensed as the King falls over unconsciously. A voice is heard, "Well, now that I have absorbed enough power from that fool of a king, it's time to make my grand appearance." Krypto shouts, "Come on out! Show yourself!" "As you wish!" The wind picks up as a large arm comes out of the rift, then another. Then a head of an demon comes out, along with the rest of the body. A large demonly figure has emerged from the other world. He wears a evil looking robe, wears a skull crown, and is really evil looking. "The King of Nightmares has arrived!"

To Be Continued...
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