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The Nightmare Battle of the Century! Escape to the Real World! Part 1

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The battle with Krypto and his friends vs the King of Nightmares has finally begun! But it ends shortly and it seems like it's over for the gang. The evil king opens a rift in the worlds and plans ...

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The Dream Shard: The Nightmare Battle of the Century! Escape to the Real World! Part 1

Leaving where we left off, the King of Nightmares has just appeared. Everyone is tensed on the situation. The king speaks, "Let's take this in my domain, shall we?" With a wave of his hand, everyone, except Isis and Leogun, are teleported somewhere else. "Where'd they all go?" She asks. But then, many rifts begin to open up in the world and nightmares begin to enter the world.

Within the nightmare world, everyone appears suddenly in this world of dread. Everyone is shocked and awed with the sadness and despair. "Wow." Streaky says in awe, "This place is so gloomy." Ace agrees, "Perhaps a bit too gloomy." Kirin says, "So this is the Nightmare World. It's more scarier looking than it usually is." Scary spirits and stuff fly around pass them. The Nightmare King just remains silent. He spots Para-Clone, "Para-Clone!" She steps forward, "Ye...yes sir?" "Why are you standing there with those insignificent manifestations!?" Streaky protests, "Hey who are you calling insig...insig...Well what you just said..." "Silence!!!!" He pipes down, and the king continues, "From what I saw through my foolish brother's eyes, it seems you rather perfer these fools over your duty!" Krypto thinks, "Through his brother's eyes?" "Nightmares are supposed to make a person miserable and sad! Yet you think you would do better as a Dream image, when you know it's impossible to do that!?" Para-Clone tries to respond, "I...I....Ohh..." She looks at Krypto, who wants her to go ahead and say it. She gets confident, "Yes! Yes I do think that! You think I like being a Nightmare? Do you think I like making people miserable or even try to destroy them in their dreams!? No I don't! Cause like it or not, at least I have feelings, and this girl says enough is enough! I don't care if I'm a Nightmare, I can still act like a good Dream! And someday, I'll find my way out of this Nightmare and become a real something!" Kirin asks, "You want to become real? Is it even possible?" "I..don't know. But I know that once I find a way, I'll be free, free from you! You have no power over me! You're just a sad little man who lost his position long ago! You're nothing! You're..." He had enough, "Enough!"

He points his finger at her and zaps her. "Para-Clone!" They all shout as she is lifted into the air by the beam. "Let her go!" Krypto shouts. But the king continues, "You have long lived your usefulness. As for your freedom, you shall never have it!" He clenches his fist and she screams as she explodes into oblivion. Everyone is shocked at what just happened. They get angry. " could you do that to her?" Streaky says. Kirin clenches his fist. "Monster..." Krypto even says, "You...what you did...I'll never forgive you for that! She was just a normal creature and you killed her! Just who do you think you are?!" The king replies, "You have no right to say that to the king! As for my name, you can call me...King Nefarious! And that twit of a Nightmare you may call, your friend, she was a fool to think she could ever escape this world!" "What do you mean?" "You see, most of the Nightmares of this world really don't want to continue their life tormenting others. Some actually believe that there is a way to leave this world, and enter the real world, as living creatures! Well....This is why I destroy those very creatures, as I am the only one who knows the secret of leaving this world! That is why I went into hiding. I made it seem I disappeared so those fools could instead try to rule the Nightmare world, not knowing that only those of mystical blood can ever be true ruler. So, on that day the Dream Shard was formed after falling off, I escaped into the Dream World. However I could not maintain form for too long, so I inhabited the body of my brother, King Leogun. And all this time I controlled his every move! Of course now he should be back to normal, but even then he cannot stop me. Fow now I have enough power to escape into the real world, and turn it into the world I want! And there's nothing you can do to stop me!"

The others are really surprised by this. "So this was the real plan all along." Ace says. "And Leogun was nothing more than a pawn in his actions." Kirin says. Streaky adds, "Man. And I was really going for that other guy to be the bad guy." Then Krypto makes his saying, "It doesn't matter now. Now that we know who our real enemy is, we have to stop him before he accomplishes his goal. We'll make him pay for having destroyed our friend, so guys, let's get him!" Everyone prepares to fight. "You think you can stop me!? You really are fools! I shall show you the true powers of darkness! The true power, of the Nightmare World!" He raises his arms in attempt to power up. "Mwahahahaha. die..." He runs for them so fast, it breaks them up from formation. He then starts spinning around as he punches and kicks each of them who attack him. Kirin slashes at him with his Light Blade but is blocked and he gets punched backward. Streaky tries to scratch him but he gets knocked down. Ace bites him but Nefarious throws him down as well. Krypto charges from the air but he is kicked backward. Nefarious yells, "Enough playing!" He holds up a ball of dark energy in his hand. "Time to end it...Negative Dream Bomb!" He slams it down on the ground and it causes a huge blast of energy that sends everyone flying. When the blast is finished, everyone is knocked out, but it looks as though they are dead. "Those fools didn't even put up a fight...No matter. The time to conquer the real world is now. The secret, shall now be revealed!" He raises a sword that looks evil. "Oh Ancient Lords of the Night, open the passage way to the world of the living, and give me absolute power!" The sword turns a black color and launches into the sky. An opening is revealed in the sky of this world, the Dream World, and the real world. Everyone in the real world is awed by this, and wonder what's up.

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With the worlds open, King Nefarious begins his ascent into the real world. He passes through and ends up on top of a building in Metropolis. "Ahh...The real world. Oh how I longed for this day. For now I may have power to control this city, soon I shall be able to control the entire planet. Now! Nightmare Forces, gather before me! Engulf the city in everlasting darkness! Make sure no one gets in! Only I decide who shall enter and who shall leave! Obey my command and do my bidding!" Just like that, creatures from the Nightmare world begin to envelop over the entire city. People scream and run in panic as they are attacked by evil things. At last, the barrier is set.

At Justice League HQ you know where it is, it would seem they lost visual of Metropolis. "What's going on?" Wonder Woman asks. Martian Man Hunter comes over, "What's wrong?" "One of the major cities we were tracking has just disappeared under some kind of barrier of sorts, I can't get a visual on it." "Yes...I sense something evil down there."

Back in the Dream World, it seems Isis can see what is happening. "So this is what happens when I steal something as dangerous as a shard." She then notices King Leogun awakening. "Wha...what happened?" Isis goes to him, "So you're awake." Leogun looks up into the sky and sees the large rift to the real world. "What have I done? Have I really let my evil brother take the better of me?" He tries to stand but can't. "Don't try to move. You're injured." "Where...where is that dog and his friends?"

They later end up in the Nightmare World. Leogun holds out his hand, "Gather!" His hand glows, then Krypto and his friends are gathered in one spot. Isis is shocked, "Oh my...Are they.." "No, they are alive. But just barely. We must act quickly to revive them." He holds out both arms now, "Ressurection!" His hands glow and a beam hits the group. They injuries disappear and they begin to wake up. After the process is done, Leogun kneals back down as he is tired. "We're alive?" Streaky asks. Krypto asks Leogun, "Is that really you King Leogun?" "Yes...It's me. Well..the real me. Not that mean jerk you had to fight." "What happened to you? Why did this all happen?" King Leogun confesses, "It's all my fault. I shouldn't of ever of tried to connect the worlds together." "What do you mean?" He explains, "It all started when the Dream Shard was first discovered. I took it and did research on it. I learned that I could use it's power and a special process to connect the Dream World to the real world. I wanted to bring some of my creations who dream to be real, into the real world. But I had become possessed by my evil brother, and for so long I've been under his control, trying to get the power necessary to open the worlds together. However I was fortunate to banish the shard into the other world. But it was unfortunate to get it back. I regret ever using the shard. I should of just destroyed it. And because of me, I lost my own creation. The one who was more than a Nightmare..." "Para-Clone.." "Yes. She was the only Nightmare who wasn't purely evil. I gave her a personality. I gave her the gift that only a Dream could possess. I wanted her to go to the real world and live among you, but it's too late now." Everyone else feels sad, and Streaky looks like he's gonna cry.

Leogun stands up, "But now is not the time to mope. My brother is currently trying to turn the world you live in into a living nightmare. We cannot allow that to happen. So here's what I'm going to do. I shall lend you most of my powers to you. Use the power of the Dream World to combat the evil King of Nightmares. Only when he's defeated, will the worlds be closed off forever. At least in a way to make it seem real. Do this for me, and I shall grant you one wish." Streaky is interested, "A wish? Really!?" "Yes. It is something that can only be done in this world, but will be granted to the real world. But only when you win." He holds his arms and energy is passed from his body to the others. The others are getting new powers. "I feel stronger somehow." Kirin notices. Streaky adds, "No kidding! I feel like kicking butt!" Krypto says, "Thank you Leogun." He nods, "I shall now send you to the real world." He holds out his hand, but Isis adds, "Wait! There was one more who got sent here by me." "Do not worry. When the battle is all over he'll return to your world in one piece. Until then, you must go." They all begin to rise into the sky and through the rift. "I'm counting on you."

Nefarious enjoys his moment of destruction. "Ah ha ha! All bow down before me! King Nefarious! Lord of the Worlds!" A flash of light comes from behind and he looks around and sees Krypto and his friends. All with white auras and ready to fight. "Nefarious, your reign ends here!" Krypto shouts.

To Be Continued...
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