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The Nightmare Battle of the Century! Destroy The King of Nightmares! Part 2

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The fight continues in the real world. Can Krypto and friends defeat the evil King Nefarious once and for all?

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The Dream Shard: The Nightmare Battle of the Century! Destroy The King of Nightmares! Part 2

Outside of the barrier, we see different characters looking and wondering about the situation. First we see Hatchi, standing on a building as he stares at the thing. "What in the world?" From space, the Dog Stars wonder the same thing. We then see the LoSC looking on. Everyone in Kevin's neighborhood stands outside as they see the humongous barrier around the city. Everyone is worried about what is going on.

Back inside, we rejoin the others. Nefarious is surprised to see Krypto and the tohers back in the real world. "You..." Krypto steps forward, "King Nefarious, it's about time you get out of our city. You outstayed your welcome." "I rather am surprised. I thought I had wasted you back in my world. Looks like I'll just have to try again." He holds up his hand and forms another dark ball. No one seems to be scared though. Nefarious is rather disappointed, so he changes his mind and makes it disappear. "On second thought, I won't use that attack again. At least, not yet. Not unless I need to. After all, such power could destroy the city, and I'm still getting used to it. In any case, I think I'll try something different." He begins to multiply a few times. There are now 3 of them. "If you wish to defeat me, then come and get me. Hm hm hm." All three of them fly away into the depths of the city. Streaky complains, "Aw man. We just arrived and he runs away." "He knows we got more powerful, so I'm assuming he's trying to separate us to weaken the group." Kirin says. Krypto doesn't care, "Well it looks like we have no other option but to play his little game. Everyone pick one of him and take him down!" They all nod. Ace and Isis she got power too, remember? go one way, Streaky and Kirin go another. Krypto goes alone.

One of Nefarious's clones is causing havoc as he shoots beams at people and objects. "Freeze, you manifestation!" Nefarious gets hit by a baterang and his legs freeze. Ace and Isis have arrive. Though Isis remarks, "In a time of crisis that line is unnecessary." Nefarious breaks free. "So it's just you two then. Excellent. I can eliminate you with ease, especially since you two don't have any real powers for me to contend with. Not even the power you received can stop me!" Ace is confident, "Oh please. I know for a fact you're bluffing. I don't think a clone is a match for us." Nefarious is impressed, "So you know I'm the clone. Not bad." He throws some energy balls at them but Isis puts up a barrier. "Oh. A girl could get used to this." Ace leaps above the barrier and throws more Baterangs. Nefarious stops them in mid air and makes them explode. "Please. Simple toys cannot do me harm." Isis comes out of no where, "Or maybe this will." She scratches him in the face. "Ahhhhh!!!!" He is blinded temporarilly. "Hey Nefarious." He looks upward and sees Ace holding up a dumpster, "Hold this for me." He slams in on Nefarious, crushing him underneath. Isis comments, "I think that went quite well." The ground shakes and the dumpster bursts up into the sky, and Nefarious gets up. "Not over yet." Ace says.

Kirin and Streaky are already fighting one of the clones in the park. Kirin and Nefarious lock blades as Streaky picks a tree up from the ground. "Incoming!" Kirin backs off as Nefarious is whacked by the tree. "Homerun baby!" Nefarious recovers and zaps the tree to dust. "Aww, man!" Kirin runs forward, "Light Wheel!" He starts doing a cartwheel with his blade and he spins so fast his body is that of light. A wheel that Nefarious tries to hold off. After a bit, Nefarious leaps to the side, where Streaky then starts beating him up. He then blasts him with Heat Vision, but Nefarious holds his ground. He remarks, "At least you're putting up more of a fight than in the Nightmare World." Kirin says, "Well that's because then we weren't at a disadvantage. We got more powers now!" Streaky adds, "And you're on our turf now, so it's time you got a beating!"

Krypto on the other hand is fighting the real Nefarious, and is locked paw to hand in a struggle of power. "You're power is most definitely strong. Perhaps it was a mistake to have left you in whole back in my world." "You have no idea what we're capable of." Krypto blows his super breath on him and Nefarious' face is frozen for a moment. Krypto punches him back a bit. "And now a little something from Leogun." Krypto emits an aura and it forms into the shape of Leogun. Nefarious is awed by this. Krypto punches, kicks, and blasts Nefarious a few times before a short stop in the attack. Nefarious gets up. "Very well...I had just enough of you." His black aura surrounds him, "I'm tired of you, and this city. It's time I completely turn this place into a desolate wasteland!" "That's what you think! He flies into him, but is shot back a bit." "That's no way to treat your new ruler. Now stand back and watch!" Nefarious begins to grow in size. He eventually becomes larger than most of the buildings. "Return to me my clones! I need more power!" And just like that, the clones disappear from the fights they were in, and they return to Nefarious. Krypto and gang gets back to each other. Nefarious speaks again, "And with this ball of energy, I shall make this city that which I desire! Nothing at all!" He prepares his Negative Dream Ball again and holds it up high. The gang wonders what to do next.

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Well it looks like unless someone does something, the city is toast. Streaky panics, "Ah! We're doomed! We're all gonna die!" Kirin socks him on the head to shut him up. "We need something big to stop him with. Any ideas?" Krypto asks. Everyone thinks. Streaky gets an idea, "Oh oh! I know!"

Nefarious' energy ball gets bigger, "Fare thee well, mortals!" But then he gets blasted by some laser and the spell disappears. He turns around and is rather shocked to see...a large robot that happens..if not convienently, looks like the Megazord from the original Power Rangers. Inside, Streaky is in the seat where the Red Ranger would sit, and the others are in different seats. Ace looks at him, "A robot? That's your big idea?" "Hey, you ask for something big, I got something big. Besides, nothing beats the classic Dinozord from the Muscle Marvels!" Kirin objects, "First off, although the first season was definitely the best of all the Muscle Marvel series, no zord is better than the Space Zord from season 6." Krypto interjects, "Let's just get rid of this guy, then you can argue all you want." They both say, "Okay..."

The zord comes into range of Nefarious, and they square off. "So this is what happens when you entrust the powers of the Dream World in the hands of a fool. That has got to be the dumbest idea I have ever seen. I see so many lawsuits in your future. But if that's how you're going to end it, so be it." He takes out his sword again and prepares to fight. Streaky says, "Stupid huh? Let's see how you handle the Power Sword of Fury!" The sword comes from the sky and destroys a hardware store. Everyone inside glares at Streaky at what he just did. "Heh heh. My bad." The zord picks up the sword and holds it up in a somewhat cool fashion. Kirin remarks, "You are not driving anymore." The zord runs toward Nefarious and they clash blades. After a few clashing, Nefarious grows bored, "This is getting ridiculus." He just blasts the zord into some more buildings. Everyone has fallen out of there seats. Isis remarks, "Nice piloting, doofus." Krypto takes the main seat, "We could use an upgrade. Kirin?" "On it. Calling for some backup." He presses a button and that carrier dinozord from season 1 appears and they combine with it. Nefarious doesn't seem too threatened. "You are real stupid if you think something as dumb as that will ever defeat me. I will never lose to the likes of you!" A voice is heard, "Which is why I'm gonna give it some juice!" Nefarious looks into the sky and sees Leogun on a building. "Brother!" "Something as lame as that would need something as better than simple energy." He turns transparent and merges with the zords. "Use the last of my power young ones! Send him back to the Nightmare World!" Krypto agrees, "You heard him! Full power to cannons!" Everyone pulls levers and the cannons begin to charge. Streaky says, "Cue music!" Kirin socks him again, "No music! We don't need to get in more trouble with copyright lawyers!"

The cannons are fully charged. "Fire!" The cannons fire. But Nefarious is prepared. He fires a beam at the other beam and they are in a deadlock. "I will not let this happen! I am invincible! You don't have the power to beat me!" Krypto says, "No one can be invincible, as long as we can supply more power!" Everyone begins to think deeply as the cannon beams get stronger and pushes the other beam back. "What!? That's impossible!" The beams soon hit Nefarious and he is engulfed in the blast. "Nooooo!!!!!!!! How could I let something so simple beat me!?" Leogun's voice is heard again, "Only because you underestimate the power of dreams. Especially when they are let loose into the real world, then you have no power!" Nefarious is blasted back into the rift in the sky, "Noooo!!!!" A flash is seen from there and the rift disappears. All around, people are relieved the thing is gone. Animal heros alike are also relieved.

The zords disappear and everyone ends up back on top of the building they were on before. Leogun stands in front of them all. He waves his hand and with that wave, the city seems to return to the way it was. The barrier is also gone. "There. Everything is the way it should be. And as for your other friend..." We see Kit Clock sleeping in a dark alley, "He should be back to normal as well." Anyway..."Thank you for helping us in the end." Krypto says. "No. It is I who should be thanking you. The world would be a real mess if my brother were still here. But alas, the portal will soon be completely closed, and there will be no way we can get here again. So, I must ask you for my power back." He holds his hand out and absorbs back the dream power from everyone. "Aww..I was so getting used to that too." Streaky complains. Leogun then says, "Before I go though, I do owe you one wish. A wish from my world will now come true here. Please say it quick before I go." The gang looks at each other and agrees on one thing. Krypto speaks, "Well..There is one thing.." "Say no more. I can see it in your souls. And I'm especially happy for it too." He snaps his fingers. A small circle of light envelops on the ground, and Para-Clone emerges from it, standing upward. When the light disappears, she wakes up. "Huh?" "It is done. Farewell my friends." King Leogun disappears as Para-Clone looks behind her.

Everyone happily goes to her. "What happened guys? And where are we?" Krypto replies, "You're in the real world now. We brought you back to life and now, you can live here with us." A few seconds, Para-Clone starts tearing happily over those words and gives Krypto a hug. "Oh thank you! Thank you all! I'm so happy I could..just cry!" After a few moments, Streakys asks, "Hey, where's Isis?" They just noticed that.

Isis is seen walking through the streets, "Next time I won't let myself be taken in by such a tempting artifact, never again." She continues on her way.

Krypto and the gang walk down the streets, with Para-Clone on her back. "Oh this is going to be fun! I can't wait to see the many sights of the city! Where should we start first?" "With bed." Streaky yawns, "I'm pooped, and I want to go to sleep." Kirin agrees, "Me too. Such a long night, and I have work tomorrow." Para-Clone says, "Aww, you're such party poopers. Well I guess sleeping wouldn't be a bad idea." She pauses for a moment, "Say...Where am I gonna sleep?" Everyone starts mumbling...Kirin speaks, "Why don't you live with me. I could use the company, as everyone else is probably booked." "Aww...But why can't I stay with Krypto? He's so cute!" Krypto objects, "I'm sorry. But I don't think Kevin's parents would let him have another pet." "Oh okay..I guess I could live with Kirin. He is kinda cute." Kirin blushes. Streaky complains, "What? Not gonna ask me? I'm cute! You could live with me!" "Eww, no way! You smell like fish!" "No I don't! You take that back!" "Oh yeah!" "Yeah!" They continue arguing while they just continue on.

The End!
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