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Sad Taker/Shawn fic takes place after WM26 if you've heard the song Rodeo you can tell where this is going

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15. Rodeo – Shaker

Shawn was pissed, absolutely livid. Hands clenched in to tightly balled fist he stood facing the balcony trying his best to stay calm.

Eyes slipping closed he exhaled slowly through clenched teeth.

"You said you were done," he spoke evenly refusing to turn around.

There's a sigh followed by the creaking of the old mattress and the ruffling of sheets caused by the uneasy movement from behind Shawn.

"I wish it were that easy babe."

Shawn felt his blood boil and he turned around face red, eyes narrowing in anger. "Your contract's over, you walk away. It is that easy Mark," Shawn spoke venom lacing his words.

Mark sighs leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees. "Vince called, wants me to stay on for one last angle."

Shawn scoffs "you told him no right? You better have told him no."

Mark's eyes closed in frustration "I told him yes."

"Damnit Mark! What happened to our plans, did you forget about them?"

Rising up from the bed Mark moves closer to Shawn placing a hand on his shoulder. "I didn't forget about them babe, we just need to postpone them a bit."

Shawn pulls away from Mark "don't you 'babe' me."

Mark sighs letting his hand fall to his side uselessly. "It's just through Wrestlemania, and then I'm done."

"Oh just Wrestlemania huh, that's all?" Sarcasm drips from every word as Shawn sneers at Mark.

"Shawny, it's just Wrestlemania, Vince says the streak is important."

"Oh 'Vince says the streak is important'. So you stay for this Wrestlemania and what about after that? Am I going to have to wait for next Wrestlemania too?"

"No, just this one," Mark replies softly.

"Just this one?"

Mark nods "Just this one."

Shawn relaxes, he desperately wants to believe Mark but he's been through this before. Every year it's the same thing, the streak must live.

"I don't believe you," Shawn whispers stepping back.

Mark blinks in confusion "where are you going?"

Shawn looks at Mark taking another step back. "I'm leaving. I'm not gonna stay here playing second fiddle to that fucking streak!"

Mark's eyes narrow at the remark, but Shawn's not done. "You do everything for fear of breaking that streak, and for what? What has it ever done for you? Nothing! Not a damn thing, but left you a battered old man," Shawn seethes.

The slap came as a shock to Shawn.

Mark's standing in front of him chest heaving jaw clenched, but one look at Shawn grabbing his cheek in shock and the fire in his eyes diminishes. "I'm sorry," he whispers.

Shawn's eyes are watering and he's backing away from Mark hand still poised on his cheek.

"Shawn I—"

"Don't fucking touch me!"

Shawn's at the door when he turns back to Mark "It's over Mark. The streak obviously means more to you than I do."

Mark takes a step forward trying to reason with Shawn but stops when Shawn raises his hand. "Don't," he whispers turning to open the door. "I can't do this anymore Mark," and like that he's out of the room and out of Mark's life.

Mark slinks back to the bed and pulls out his cell doing the only thing he can and calls Vince.

"Vince, its Mark, is the contract still on the table?"
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