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Mikeys best day ever

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Mikeys dream
In mikeys dream he dreamed about dancing with unicorns and playing with a unicorn named chuck. Mikey had loved that dream btw. Rainbows filled the air. Unicorns filled the land. Even though mikey was four he could dream. He loved his dreams. In rainbow land he saw frank,gerard,and himself. He hoped his favorite show was on it was called sugar hill.
End of mikeys dream

Mikey got out of his toddler sized bed. He found Gerard eating his halloween Candy he had left from a week or so. Halloween was franks birthday. Mikey walked down stairs just to find warm blueberry pancakes on the table just for him. He was wearing a footie pajamas thing in his size it used to be his brothers. It was blue it was acculy his favorite one.

After he Finnished eating he saw his favorite show on sugar hill. He went to sit down to watch it. After it was over sponge bob came on. When ever mikey saw Patrick do something stupid he would crack up laughing. Saying stupid Patrick.

Then he found a new toy with his name on it. It was a toy unicorn. When he saw it he laughed.
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