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Urine for it!

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I felt something soft graze my lips. I opened my eyes tiredly and saw Sebastian running his index finger along my bottom lip. He smiled sheepishly when he saw I had awoken. I sat up next to him and gave him a tender kiss.
"Good morning, beautiful," He whispered to me. I smiled.
"Good morning yourself."
I yawned obnoxiously while I stretched my arms above my head. Sebastian decided to tickle me while I was vulnerable, and I screeched. I started blindly throwing my fists around, not hitting anything but air. He continued to tickle me.
"Jesus Christ! Oh my god," I screeched between laughter. "Stop it! It hurts!"
Sebastian keeled over, laughing, and I whipped a pillow onto his head.
I rubbed my sore armpits and rode out the last waves of laughter.
"You are such a bitch," I muttered. Sebastian continued laughing hysterically, so much so, that tears started pouring from his eyes.
"Buddy, it's not that funny," I said, chuckling nervously.
"Oh shit!" Sebastian moaned, mid-laugh. A wet spot started to form on his pants. He doubled over in hysterics again, and I had to laugh along, hysterically too. He was actually pissing himself after tickling me!
"You're pissing yourself!" I said, in shock. He finally stopped laughing like a maniac, but it was too late for the sheets and his pants.
"Oh man. I'll never live this down," Sebastian mumbled, his cheeks turning very red. "Whenever I laugh hysterically, I end up peeing myself."
I smiled. "You're not the only one!"
We both grinned at each other before cracking up again. Thank God we had both previously relieved ourselves.

A/N: Short chapter, I'll have another one up later. :)
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