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Simple Rendezvous

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The weekend came and went. Sebastian offered to walk me home before school, but I denied. I didn't want him to show up late. He promised to call me at Dave's after he got home, and I told him I'd be there. As I walked to Dave's, my mind recollected on the weekend. After we had pissed ourselves laughing, we had been running around town, sort of just sightseeing. On Sunday we just hung out and talked. It's amazing how much you can be blinded by love when you're not willing to accept it. I am now, and I have to admit that I love Sebastian so much.
I rang Dave's doorbell, and surprisingly he opened the door quickly. "Come in, sweetheart," He cooed to me. I rolled my eyes.
"The only one allowed to call me sweetheart is Sebastian," I stated. Dave snorted. "You act like that's news to us. Well, here's news to you. You were running around the Strip with him, holding hands and kissing, during the entire time Crue was on stage. Your secret relationship has been foiled, my dear."
I blushed. "So?"
He patted my head softly. "You just enjoy yourselves. I'm going off to get some blow."
I watched him prance away and out the door. I ran up his marble stairs, being careful not to slam my heel into one of the steps again, and found my way to his guest bedroom. Since he never had company over, it became my bedroom while I stayed with him. Shit was still strewn around from my last stay. I jumped onto the bed and kicked my stiletto boots off. I turned the radio on, spinning the dials until I found a decent station. I dozed off to some cheesy pop song emanating from the speakers.

I heard a loud buzzing in my ear, and jumped awake. I looked around and noticed the phone ringing. Shit! Did I really sleep that long?
"Hey sweetie," I heard Sebastian say. I chuckled.
"How was school, Seb?"
"Fucking boring. Wanna come over?"
"Of course!" I said. I heard the phone hang up, and I put it back on the base. I hopped out of bed and spun around the room, trying to get my heels on. Once they were on and I could walk without falling on my ass, I ran down the marble stairs. Dave was in the front room, snorting from a huge pile of coke.
"Bye, Dave," I shouted, slamming the door behind me. I ran down the stone walkway and out the gate-why did he feel it necessary to own a gate enclosing his home, anyway? I almost tripped on the sidewalk, and decided to walk instead of run. I surprised myself by finding myself almost at Sebastian's home. I must have forgotten how close the two lived to each other. Cars whooshed past, blowing my jacket around on my shoulders. It was nice living in LA. Mid-December and the temperature was still in the 60s. A breeze started to pick up, which whipped my hair about. I was almost at his home when I saw his long hair walking down the sidewalk. I gave a huge grin and ran into his arms. Even with my boots on, he was a good 5 inches taller than me. I kissed him warmly and hugged him.
"It's winter break finally," Sebastian smiled. "Four more days 'til Christmas, too."
"I miss not having snow," I said. "I used to live in Michigan, Colorado, Maine, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. It snowed in the winter there. Not here. I'm still not used to it."
"Me too. I used to live in Toronto, and it snowed so much there. We used to go skiing sometimes, but I sucked at it. Gangly legs, probably."
I held his hand as we made our way to his bedroom.
"I never really got into that shit. My parents were poor, for one, and we moved so much it was hard to know whether or not we'd be around snow by the next year."
He sat down next to me on his bed. "Well, I have two weeks to be with you. No interruptions of school or any of that bullshit. I can't wait."
"Well, you don't have to wait, because I'm here now," I said, smiling up at him. He quickly pecked my lips, a grin spreading across his face.
"I know. I love you, Jessica."
My heart fluttered, even though I'd heard him say it countless times before.
"I love you too, Sebastian."
"Wanna go look at the stars?"
"What are you talking about?" I asked. "It's only five."
He snickered. "You're obviously a night-owl. Come on, let's go look."
He opened the bulkhead and I followed him out. Thankfully, my shoes were discarded on his carpet, or I would have broken my ankle. To my surprise, the sky was lit with stars, and a waxing gibbous moon. At that very moment, Sebastian grabbed my hand, and pointed to the sky with his other hand. "Look, sweetie. A shooting star. Make a wish!"
He shut his eyes and smiled. I closed mine, and wished Sebastian could make it big one day, just like he dreamt.
I opened my eyes and waited for him to open his. Once they did, he started chuckling at me. "What'd you wish for?"
I shook my head. "Can't tell, or it won't come true!"
Sebastian narrowed his eyes, and started to playfully tickle at my arms.
"Don't you dare! I'll piss myself!" I shrieked, flailing. He stopped and picked me up into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his hips and kissed him.
"I love you!"
I kissed him back. "Let's go inside. It's cold out," I said sarcastically. He laughed at me, and I raced him to his bed. I buried myself under Sebastian's thin quilt, and covered my face with it. He got in next to me and fit himself underneath with me, although he kept his face out.
"It's early, why are we sleeping?" I asked. I heard Sebastian yawn.
"I don't know. 'Cus we're tired?"
I took that as an acceptable answer and fell asleep instantly.
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