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What starts out innocent, could end painfully

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Oh so fragile Gerard tapped his foot impatiently on the grey carpeted floor of the tour bus. He was constantly fidgeting and crossing (or uncrossing) his legs trying to get comfortable, much to the annoyance of those in the room. Ray and Mikey were watching the flickering television next to Gerard on the couch, occasionally indulging in some mild conversation or commenting on the images that flashed up on the screen in front of them. Bob was sitting quietly at the table in the 'kitchen' area of the bus silently observing Gerard's every movement, not letting the beyond slender man out of his sight. He sighed and let his gaze wander to the door leading to the bunks where Frank had retreated not long ago claiming that being around Gerard was 'too painful right now'. Bob wasn't entirely sure what he meant but decided not to push it. He didn't need to make the tense atmosphere any worse.

Gerard could feel Bob's eyes on him, that piercing stare was enough to make him squirm. He didn't dare move again until he heard the drummer leave for the bunks. The singer bit his lip and peered at the clock. He inwardly groaned. Gerard had been sitting here for what felt like hours, trying with all his might to focus on the vivid colors of the television; when really it had been mere minutes. All his mind could seem to concentrate on was the itching burning sensation beneath his ashen skin. He knew the feeling all to well. Drug withdrawal. His twitching hands craved those toxins that kept his bony body upright and gave him enough energy to survive another painful day trapped in this pathetic shell he called his body. That dull ache in his stomach had been replaced with sharp stabbing twinges that reduced him to crying himself to sleep at night. Yet still...the broken man strived for perfection.

''Hey Gee'' Mikey said monotonously, without tearing his eyes away from the t.v. ''I gotta question''

''Shoot'' Gerard replied tiredly.

''Why did you dye your hair white, i mean was it really necessary for the album? plus it makes you look like a girl.''

Gerard grinned for what felt like the first time in ages at his little brothers obvious attempt to annoy him.

''Does not Mikes'' He said, gasping in mock offence.

''i don't see why you would lop off your magnificent black locks'' Mikey ruffled Gerard's hair fondly while Ray held back giggles. The whole band, even the roadies knew how defensive Gerard got about his hair.

''Your just jealous that you can't pull this off'' Gerard said with a hint of sass in his voice,, smoothing back his scruffy white hair in a somewhat taunting manner.

''Oh you're gonna get it now Gee dumb blond''

The younger Way pounced on his brother with such a force it knocked them both off the couch. Gerard panicked for a second, thinking Mikey would notice his protruding ribcage hidden under loose fitting clothes, but then realized Mikey was way to busy trying to wrestle Gerard to the floor and pin him down. Ray had even joined in, gripping Gerard's skinny legs. Both too absorbed in their rough housing, to notice the physical appearance of their friend. They were laughing like maniac's. Something they hadn't been able to do in ages with the pressure and stress of the Black Parade tour.

Mikey had positioned himself on top of Gerard's chest, not allowing him to move without those burning pains shoot through his body. Ray had both his wrists tightly in his grasp squeezing tighter and tighter.

''Hey Ray mind not squeezing so tight''

''Ha, not letting you get away that easy Gee''

The pain grew worse.

''Toro'' Gerard whined through gritted teeth.

The full weight of the guitarist seemed to be concentrated on his wrists. His blood felt like liquid fire passing through his veins.

''Give up struggling Gerard, we're not letting you up''

The searing agony grew, causing pain to flare up through his whole arm.

''But Ray it hurts'' he whimpered.

He let out a choked cry.

''Ray get the fuck off him now'' Mikey commanded in a worried tone, sensing Gerard's discomfort. The guitarist leapt off Gerard knelt beside him. His expression filled with concern but more obviously guilt.

''Dude i'm sorry, you okay?''

Gerard pulled himself into the sitting position and clutched his right wrist to his chest, slightly rocking back and forth to distract himself from the pain. The burning was still there, lingering.

''It shouldn't hurt this much'' Mikey mumbled to himself.

''It was like my whole fucking arm was on fire'' Gerard said finally quickly wiping tears of pain from his eyes with his free hand. Mikey jumped up to get an ice pack.

''Gerard was the pain from the inside or the outside?'' Ray asked, gently pulling his friends arm away from his chest to check it.

''My veins felt like they had lava running through them and you were squeezing so hard my wrist would snap''

''This isn't good''

Gerard looked down at his wrist. It was a deep purple color but it didn't hurt like a normal bruise would. The pain was searing him from the inside.

''The bones...''

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