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"Oh Gee"

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Sorry i have ignored this story recently, i had to finish up 'Don't Stop If I Fall' and I've been busy with my friends this week since they are all going on holiday next Monday. Plus I've started GCSE art so that taking up loads of my time. So don't worry; i won't have a social life for the next 3 weeks meaning i can update more. YAY!


"It's fine Gee, you probably just bruised the bone"

Mikey finished taping up Gerard wrist, concerned about how this could of ever happened. His brother had taken harder hits than that. Gerard had been seemingly quiet while they tended to his injury once or twice getting worried glances from Bob, who had appeared as soon as he heard screaming.

"Does it still hurt?" Ray asked tentatively, his voice laced with guilt.

Gerard slightly looked at Bob out of the corner of his eye before replying.
"Its okay now but was like i couldn't even breathe"

"You gonna be okay on stage?" Mikey pressed.

"I'll be okay" Gerard looked directly at Bob as he said this, straight into his icy blue eyes. Gerard and the drummer both knew that he meant it in more ways than one. The defiance in the older mans voice was enough for Ray and Mikey to exchange looks while Bob just sighed anxiously.


Gerard stumbled back to the bunk rooms that night feeling accomplished. He had managed to sneak out of bed and make his way to the bathroom unnoticed. This time he made sure to lock the door and run the tap to drown out the noise. The malnourished singer couldn't help but smile when he was finished. Sure he felt drained, tired, cold but he was skinnier too and that made it all worth it.

He crept back to his bunk with a slight spring in his step, totally oblivious to the fact he was being watched until he heard a small voice croak out in the darkness.


Gerard froze on the spot when the sound of his name being called reached his ears. Frank hadn't spoken to him in over a week, well ever since he had found out how 'bad' Gerard had gotten. He had missed Frank's voice immensely, he missed everything about Frank really. He was sure the younger man was still mad at him for betraying his trust but it was good to know he stilled cared .

"Frankie" he finally whispered.

There was a ominous silence in the odd blackness of the tour bus. For a second Gerard thought Frank might have fallen back asleep or maybe he didn't hear him reply. He shifted nervously from one foot to the other.

"You okay?" Frank's voice sounded stained, as though he had been crying. Gerard felt a pang of guilt. He had made his Frankie cry again.

"I'm cold" Gerard answered truthfully. He began rubbing his pale bony, hoping the friction would give him some warmth.

There was another awkward silence before Frank spoke "You wanna hop in my bunk?"

Gerard grinned before practically leaping into his friends warm bunk. He snuggled against Franks small frame and draped his stick like arms around his waist, hugging him very tightly like he would disappear any second.

Frank was shocked when Gerard hugged him. Not at the closeness he rather enjoyed that, but at how fragile and broken Gerard felt. Frank could feel his rib's jutting out and his hips prodding him uncomfortably. It sickened him. How did Gerard think this was healthy? Non the less he shifted his arm returning the hug, he shivered slightly when he felt Gerard's spine through his t-shirt. It was then he realized that his shoulder was slightly damp. He looked down and saw Gerard's face buried in the crook of his neck sobbing slightly.

'Oh shit' Frank thought, willing himself not to cry at the sight of his friend breaking down. He put both his tattooed arms around him and quietly shushed his cries until they were small gasping hiccups. Frank sighed dishearteningly and lightly began stroking the singer's short white hair, humming demolition lovers.

A though occurred to Frank while a was soothing Gerard from his minor meltdown. Why did he choose to hum demolition lovers to hum. I mean of course he though Gerard was brilliant, very attractive; Only a fool would say otherwise. And maybe Frank did think Gerard was and maybe Frank thought of Gerard as more than a friend. But it didn't matter because he knew Gerard was straight. They had discussed the 'Frerard' thing was an act to piss off homophobe's. Nothing more. Even if Gerard was gay it still wouldn't be an issue because there were bigger problems at hand now.

Gerard's breathing got slower and deeper until Frank was sure he was in a content sleep. His chest moved up and down rhythmically, and when Frank felt his heart beating against his chest it was almost in time with his own.

"Oh Gee" he whispered, his voice cracking as he stifled a sob. Frank gently kissed Gerard's forehead before drifting into a troubled unconscious state.
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