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Sometimes you have to take risks with the people you love

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Gasp, what is this? two chapters in two days.

Scared Frank hopped out of his bunk the next day, quietly as not to wake Gerard who looked exhausted even while asleep. His face wore a run down expression made worse by the prominence of his cheek bones and pale skin. It slightly unnerved Frank that Gerard could look at himself in the mirror everyday and still think he was fat. He was fucking skeletal.

Frank continued to silently make his way to the kitchen uninterrupted until he walked straight into someone.

Frank quickly picked himself off the ground and helped up whoever he had knocked over "Ah shit sorry"

"Dude its fine"

Frank finally looked up to see the latest victim of his clumsiness. He was met with the smiling face of his manager.

Frank immediately put on his happy mask, trying to conceal any sign that something was wrong "Brian? hey man what you doing here?"

"Just checking up on my favorite band" Brian said, tousling Frank's hair fondly. "So how's the tour going? How's mainstream fame treating ya?"

No one else on the bus was up yet so Frank continued to talk to Brian near the front of the bus, where it would be impossible to wake the other's. They talked for a good few hours about the tour, upcoming show's and anything else that popped into their heads. Frank had managed to keep his good mood up for this long, his eyes occasionally flitting back to his bunk to see Gerard's sleeping form.

After a 2 hours of coffee and catching up, the conversation began to drop into a awkward silence. Frank's smile started to falter as he looked down at his tattooed hand shyly.

"Um Bob called"

Frank's head shot up. Crap did Brian know? Frank was visibly panicking, almost forgetting how to breath.

"er about what?" He asked dumbly.

"He told me about Gee, and i figured i should come down here and talk to him or at least give you guys some advice on how to handle this"

Frank's eyes began tear up before he could wipe them away. With Brian helping them they might be able to get through to Gerard before it was too late. They could save him.

"What can we do Brian, he just won't stop and i c-can't see him like t-this an-y mor-re" Frank sniffed, his voice wavering as he felt several tears stream down his face. He could tell Brian was holding back tears of his own. They hadn't had conversations like this in a long time.

"There's not much we can do unless he's willing to listen" Frank burst into a new fit of sob's with his managers almost harsh words. "but i guess the first thing we have to do" He continued "Is tell the other's"

Frank signed shakily. He knew Brian was right but how in gods name would he be able to break news like this to Mikey. It would kill him. But the young guitarist knew deep down Brian was right, the rest of the band deserved to know what was going on especially Gerard's own brother.

"But Brian...if we tell we're gonna risk losing all of Gerard's trust, he won't listen to a thing we have to say" Frank almost pleaded. He of course was thinking back to the time when he had caught Gerard doing coke in the tour bus bathroom and Gerard had sworn him to secrecy, so that when he did eventually tell, Gerard had started beating the living shit out of him. Frank shuddered at the memory.

Brian bit his lip nervously, obviously on the same wavelength, as Frank before replying.

"That's just a risk we've gotta take buddy"

kinda short filler chapter but there you go. R&R, cos i really wanna know how i'm doing with this one.
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