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I spent most of the night contemplating whether I should go back to the corner store and ask her out. Well, I should probably find out what her name is first. I guess I could just ask her out for coffee. Maybe get to know her. Just asking her out would be kind of fast wouldn’t it? Uhg…my phone…

I rolled over and grasped it; I flipped it open to hear Mikey’s voice on the other end.

"Ray! Hello I’ve calling you for the last three minutes. Gerard said something about going to his house…something about a cook out and swimming I think. He said you’re in charge of getting drinks." Mikey said.

"A cook out? Swimming? Oh great, just another way to see Frank panicking and getting his precious attention. But, sure, I can get drinks. Who’s all going to be there?" I said

"Frankie's already in panic mode. He's trying to choose with swim trucks look best." Mikey said

"Who's the judge on that one?" I chuckled

"Unfortunately, he picked me. Frank, no your hips don't look big in that one. Someone please shoot me. I can't believe I'm doing this." Mikey said. “And were going to be there, Alicia, …and who ever you invite.”

"Alright. I'll see guys in a while, after I get the drinks, and Mikey don't have to much fun with Frank." I teased.

"Fuck you Toro." Mikey yelled as the line disconnected. I heard him holding back giggles.

Rose P.O.V

I spent the majority of the morning restocking the shelves with chips and candy. I was dancing along to the music that was playing on the stereo. I was currently listening to teenagers, it was really load. I wasn't really paying attention to anything around me until I heard the giggling of the bells on the door, and someone behind me.

Don’t let it be my boss…

When I felt someone tap my shoulder I immediately turned around to see Ray Toro standing by the cash register trying not to laugh.

"I love the dancing Rose." He said as he pointed toward my name tag. "You do that often?" He asked cheekily, and smiled. I turned scarlet.

"Thanks, but no it’s usually slow on Sunday mornings. No one really ever sees me doing this." I said as I looked down at my converses.

"Not to worry, I won't speak a word of it to anyone." Ray said assuring.

"So is there something I can help you with?" I said realizing he was probably here to buy something. Not to just talk to some fan…

"Yea I came to buy some drinks. Gerard's decide he wanted to throw barbeque, out of now where. I got put in charge of drinks. Sometimes I wonder how crazy he is. “Ray said, I nodded.

"Well, That sounds fun. Do you know what you want to drink?" I asked. I would rather be anywhere, but here. No one ever comes in here. I hate this job. It’s so…boring and normal.

"Um Rose would you like to join us? It is pretty slow and it doesn't like anyone gonna show up." Ray said.

Oh my god.

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