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Ray POV.

She looked at me wide eyed.

“S-Sure.” She said, then smiled.

“Cool. So, drinks.” I said, where am I getting this confidence from?

“What do they drink?” She asked, setting the last bag of chips on the rack.

“Uhmm…beer…and I think Coke Zero…” I said. “I drink Cherry Coke, I’m weird.”

“I love Cherry Coke, only thing I drink.” She said and flashed me a smile.

“Cool.” I said grabbing two cases of beer. She grabbed two and brought them to the counter. She ran back and grabbed a 12 pack of Coke Zero, and Cherry soda. She smiled at me as she wrung it up.

I paid her and we took it to my car, she smiled as she locked the store.

“So, where does Gerard live? I hope not too far.” She said.

“Around the corner. I’ll take you to get changed if you like.” I offered, she smiled.

“Uhmm…sure. Thanks.”

Rose POV.

I got changed into my two piece, and hoped no one saw my cuts. They were small on my wrists; I’ll just have to hide them.

I hope this works.

I threw on some shorts and a tank on and walked into my living room. Where Ray was standing there, looking awkward. I laughed, “Come on. The drinks are getting warm.” I said, we hurried along.
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When we got there, Frank Iero was complaining to Mikey Way that he looked fat. Ray sighed.

“Guys.” He tried.

No answer.

“Guys!” He tried again.


“GUYS!” He tried…again.


“Frank, Gerard wants you.” He tried, Frank turned.

“Wha-oh hello!” He said and shook my hand. I smiled. “Frank.” He introduced.

“Rose.” I replied. He smiled.

“Mikey.” Mikey said and shook my hand. I shook firmly and smiled at Toro, who was grinning like an idiot.

I nodded to Mikey and Ray led me to the backyard, where a girl was talking to Gerard. Ray walked me over, I shook Gerard’s hand and me and Alicia talked.

“So Rose, what do you think of my boys?” She asked.

“I’m a fan.” I said. We giggled.

“So you’re not going to rape Gerard?!” She asked, we doubled over laughing.

“Maybe.” I winked. She took her top off. She motioned for me to do the same.

We sat on the lawn chairs talking about music and such, when a radio kicked in and Queen played. Toro grabbed my hand and we danced. Frank walked by and pushed him, and he fell into me, that caused us to fall into the pool.

I came up spitting up water, and I new the make up on my wrist washed away.

“FRANK!” Ray yelled. He looked over and I moved my wrists so he couldn’t see, I walked out of the pool and went to the gate.

“It was just a joke…” Frank said. He didn’t see the tears.

“Rose, wait!” Ray called; I was already walking down the street. I heard footsteps and Alicia and Ray were at my side, I crossed my arms.

I kept walking. “That was just Frank, I’m sorry.” Ray said. Alicia nodded.

“Yeah Hun, can’t you comeback?” I shook my head.

“No. I didn’t want to get wet; it wiped my make up off…” I said. Ray smiled.

“You’re still pretty Rose.” He complimented.

I shook my head; we kept walking until I got to my house.

“Hun, want me to go punch Frank?” Ray asked. I shook my head.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Ray.” I said and walked inside.

I felt bad.

Ray POV.

I saw the scars, and I was going to hurt Frank later.

I walked into Gerard’s house, Frank and Gerard were making out on the couch, and I pulled Frank off of Gerard.

“You just ruined it!” I yelled, Frank cringed.

“It was just some fun, I didn’t know she was covering the lines!” He said. Gerard scowled at me.

“You’re such an idiot!” I said. I stormed out of the house.

That was only a small mistake Frank has made.

But it hit below the belt.

He went too far.

I’m actually considering leaving…

…the band.

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