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The first day of school

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Frank is in mikeys class and when they are about to go to gym frank runs right into Chloe.

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"Hi Mikey what are you doing."Frank asked moving his head until it was tilted."Umm I don't know I guess I'm making me a sandwich for our first day of school."Mikey said while putting his hand on his hip."Oh I'm buying lunch fag."frank said a bit soft."Guys where's Gerard?"Ray asked nervous."He's still sleeping why?"Mikey asked slowly."Ray told him to go jump off a roof if he really wanted too."Bob said hidden in the corner of the kitchen. Then they all ran outside to see Gerard in his uniform on the roof."Hi guys don't worry Ray said I could."Gerard said while jumping off the roof and landing flat on his face. The roof wasn't that high because most off it was under ground. We all walked over to see him get up with a giant scratch on his forehead. "Umm are ok-"Ray said as Gerard cut him off."Don't say it.AHHHHHH THAT FUCKING HURT am I bleeding."Gerard said while putting his hand on his head and bringing it down just to see blood.

They all made it to school safe except Gerard. He had wrapped a bunch cloth stuff around his head. Once we got inside everyone stared at us and frank looked at mikey and fell out on the floor in laughter. Mikey then looked down just to see he wasn't wearing pants. He forgot to put them on."Don't look at me."he said just as he had a boner."Mikes what the fuck why did that happen."his brother asked as mikey pointed at a girl with long blond hair and big brown eyes."Oh you better go home and get pants on like right now before she sees you."Gerard said. Then mikey flew out the school door just as a teacher walked up to Frank and asked "Was he not wearing any pants?And did he have a boner?"She asked Frank whowas now crying with tears of evilness."Yes yes he was Mrs.pinkstick."Frank said cause her name sounded like a big joke.

"hey look at that girl she is so pretty."Frank said as they all were going to gym."Ooff hey watch it."Frank said as he ran into some one."I'm so sorry."said the person. Frank looked at her."I'm Frankie iero."He said."Hi I'm Chloe."The person who had ran into him said."I like your bracelet where did you get it?"He asked her trying to be nice."Oh my grandma gave me it but she's dead now."She said looking down."I'm so sorry to hear that."Frank said."Okay I have to go now Frankie bye."She said as she picked up her stuff she dropped on the floor with her butt on Gerards chest."nice butt."he said."Excuse me?"she said expecting an answer."Nothing Chloe."gerard said. She then slapped him and left. They all watched her."You guys do know she did have a nice butt right."Gerard asked as they all nodded."Do You Want Me To Come Back And Kick Your skraunny ass Gerard!"she said like half a mile away."No Sur."He said. She then continued to keep walking all them staired at he with love. They made it to gym and a lot of boys in uniforms.
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