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Chapter 16

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Frank opens up. If only Gerard could hear.. Then another suprise on The Used's bus.

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Frank’s POV
“Gerard!” I screamed as I watched him face plant into the ground. Fans were screaming as the security guards were trying to immediately clear the area. Bob and Ray start to pick up Gerard, his body is completely limp and his face is pale. Tears brimmed at my eyes, wishing that I could help but knowing that I was too small to even attempt to carry him. So I stood frozen on the spot.
“Oh shit! Oh shit! Should we take him to the hospital?” Mikey cried.
Bob stopped and lifted Gerard’s eyelid for a moment to examine his eyes. “No he’ll be fine, he just fainted. Probably because of how fucking hot it is outside.”
Mikey, still freaking out, said “Are you sure? What if he took something and had an overdose or something?”
“Lets just get him back to the bus and we can figure it out there” Ray spoke.
I finally broke out of my frozen state as they started to carry Gerard back to the tour bus, “Wait what about the fans?” I turn around and my question answered itself as I see security pushing back all the fans and making them leave.
We all made our way into the bus, I stayed and sat at the table with Mikey as Bob and Ray carried Gerard to his bunk. I put my arm around Mikey as he cried into his hands; I tried to comfort him but failed at the attempt knowing that I was on the edge of a meltdown myself.
My eyes watered as I remembered Gerard reaching out for me only seconds before loosing consciousness and falling right at my feet. I then remembered what he had said to one of the fans about him and Bert only minutes before fainting, “Why don’t you ask last night’s broken condom.” My breath caught in my throat. I know Gerard, and he wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t a big deal… Did Bert have something?
Bob and Ray came back into the room, interrupting my thoughts. “Man, he is knocked out cold. He didn’t budge an inch when we laid him on the couch in the back- Oh man Mikey don’t cry!” Bob ran over to Mikey and began to rub his shoulder soothingly.
“This entire fucking tour was a mistake! What the fuck was Brian thinking?” Mikey said through panting sobs.
Bob, obviously angry “This isn’t Brian’s fault; he’s just doing his job. Bert’s the one to fucking blame here! He just enjoys fucking people over! He just has to drag people into his hell hole!”
At the mention of Bert’s name I could tell that everyone in the room was reminded of what Gerard had said and the same thoughts were running through their minds as they did mine. Mikey had stopped crying as he stared wide eyed at the rest of us, trying to figure out what he could do to stop this.
He finally spoke, “Fuck this. I'm finding Brian, this tour is over! And Bob, I want you to go beat the shit out of Bert. Now!” His eyes burned with anger.
“Uhm no Mikey, I'm not going to beat him up. Lets just all go talk to Brian and get the fuck out of here. And we’re getting Gerard help, whether he wants it or not. Let’s go”
“I’ll stay here and keep an eye on Gerard then.” I said
They all filed out of the bus one by one, all infuriated and ready to strike. I peeked out the window and watched them leave until they were out of sight then slowly made my way to the back of the bus where Gerard was. I stopped at the door to admire him, even when he was sick and unconscious he was still beautiful. I approached and kneeled in front of him, brushing a strand of black hair away from his face and cupping his cheek with my hand.
“Why do you do this to yourself?” I whispered to him.
I trailed my hand down his face and neck, over his collarbone and onto his chest where some skin was exposed from his failure to button his shirt up completely. His skin felt cold above the warmth of his beating heart. I kept my hand there for a while then finally reached my other hand up to my own chest and felt that our heartbeats were in sync. They were beating at the exact same time, with the exact same rhythm. My head fell as I began to think about how much I loved him, how much I loved to hear his voice, to see him walk, to watch him talk, how much I loved to have him near me, to be able to smell him; that delicious smell of coffee, mint, and cigarettes.
I laid my head on his chest, still wanting to hear his heart. I breathed him in; he didn’t smell like he usually did. He smelled of stale sweat, flour, and smoke. But not sweet cigarette smoke, just pure smoke. This wasn’t him; this was what Bert made of him. Bert took him away from me; from all of us. This was what Bert had chewed and spat out, what Bert had manhandled and violated.
I raised my head back up and trailed my hand down past his stomach and rest it on his thigh, twirling circles on the fabric of his pants with my fingers. “If I had you, I wouldn’t ever hurt you. I would treat you like a prince. You should know that.” Tears brimmed at the edge of my eyes. “You have to know this.”
I reached up towards his face and gently ran my fingertips against his lips and stroking his cheeks. A tear fell from my eyes and landed on his shirt collar, “Gerard…” I whipped my tears away “I love you.”
I brought my lips to his and softly pressed against them. I backed away, licking my lips and wanting to taste him. “I’m so in love with you Gerard, I just wish I had the fucking balls to tell you!” I went back for more, and this time I parted his lips with my tongue. Emptily kissing him and caressing his tongue without a response, I just wanted it to last. I wanted to stock up on what I knew I couldn’t have. I relaxed and just held his lower lip between mine, feeling his deep breaths turn shallow as the air blew against my face. I knew he would be waking up soon but I never wanted this to end, although it had to.
I broke contact and stood up, turning around and making my way out of the room. As I was surprisingly met with Mikey leaning against the door frame, cross armed and looking at the ground. My heart stopped and my skin got hot.
“H-how long have you been standing there?” I managed to stutter out.
“Long enough” Was all he said as he just stared at the floor.
My heart was pounding in my chest and I knew he could hear it. I had nothing to say; I couldn’t tell if he was angry or sad or what. We just stood there in silence as I tried to figure out exactly what all he had seen.
“How long?” He spoke.
I swallowed hard, “How long what?”
“How long have you been in love with my brother?” He still wouldn’t look at me.
“I don’t know… I think I always have been… But I didn’t realize it until recently…” My voice shook.
He still didn’t look at me nor did he say anything again. He stood there for a few more moments then just turned and walked out of the room, I stood in my place as I heard him walk off the bus.
I didn’t know if Mikey would ever have any respect for me again but that didn’t matter to me at this point. I had gotten a taste of what I wanted and I knew I couldn’t let it go that easily. So the first thing on my agenda, now that the tour had been canceled, was to keep Bert away forever. I exited the bus and walked as fast as I could over to Bert’s bus, knocking on the door.
Jeph answered, “Gerard’s not here.”
“I know, I’m here to talk to Bert”
He furrowed his eyebrows “Oh, well come in then.”
I stepped into their bus and saw that Bert was sitting at their kitchen table surrounded by empty bottles of beer and nodding off into a drunken sleep.
I sat in front of him and he immediately opened his eyes, “What the hell do you want?” He snarled.
“I’m here to talk and you’re going to listen. I don’t want you to go near Gerard ever again. All you’ve done was hurt him this entire tour, you’ve made him relapse, and you’ve taken away his spirit. I’m not sure if he can ever recover from the things you’ve done to him. So you need to stay the fuck away!”
He leaned himself onto the table, “I didn’t do anything. He asked for everything I gave him. Every night he was with me he pleaded for more.” He said with a smirk.
Anger flared inside me as I caught his double meaning, “Oh really? He wanted you to hurt him and leave bruises all over his body?”
“Yep, he down right begged me to do it harder.” He smiled evilly, knowing exactly what it was doing to me.
“Fuck you.”
He leaned closer, now only inches away from me. He was slurring his words and I could smell the alcohol on his breath, “Fuck me? I bet you’d love to do that wouldn’t you?”
I put on a face of disgust “What?”
“We both know what’s really going on here. You’re jealous that Gerard is getting a piece of this dick every night.”
I then began to realize how really fuckin wasted he was at that point.
He continued, “Don’t worry baby, there’s plenty to go around.”
“What the fuck are you talki-” I was cut off as Bert flung himself at me and shoved his mouth against my own. I stood there frozen for a moment not realizing what was happening but once I did I immediately began the fight to get him off of me. He was definitely stronger than he looked.
He crammed his tongue into my mouth, making me nearly gag. I was still struggling to shove him off when I heard someone walk in.
“Bert, we need to talk.”
Bert pulled away and continued sipping on the beer he was drinking earlier as I was caught with my worst nightmare.
Gerard was standing at the doorway. He had seen everything.
I had no words, I was just as in shock as he was. I just stood up and tried reach out toward him but he had already run out the door.
“Oh fuck.”

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