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The stalking starts

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Frank has issues with a door Gerard apologized to Chloe frank stalks mikey ray has a test and still a broken arm bob watches Frankies door issues and frank starts stalking Chloe funnier than I sai...

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It was the second week of school and they all hated it. Ray still had a broken arm and Bob is just plain old weird. They are all brothers."Hey guys I'm board can we go inside."Frank said as a drip of sweat went down his cheek."Um were locked out and how are you sweating in fall?"Mikey said with a puzzled look."Well I sweat like this cuz I'm wearing three shirts. I think I can open the door with my mighty powers."Frank said as he got up and began to twist the knob of the door. He then put his foot on the wall and started pulling."Your not going to open it pip squeak."Gerard said."But I like watching him try to so let him try to open it."Bob said as Frank then went behind a tree and came back with a shot gun. He pointed it at the lock and shot."Yeah that's how I roll bitch."Frank said as he opened the door.

About five seconds later mikey felt like he was being watched."Who's there?"He asked as he turned back around while walking to his and franks room he thought to himself as he herd a loud crash."Holy shit are you okay Frank?!"Mikey said as he flew down the stairs just to see frank uncontious."Maybe the man who was stalking me pushed him down the stairs."Mikey said while dropping Frankies head. Then all the guys came over."What Happend why does it look like he's dead why is he losing blood."Gerard asked impatient.

Frank was really at the top of the stairs what he had trown down the stairs was a dummy that he made look like him."Ha they're too stupid to find out that's a dummy."Frank said as they looked in his derection making him turn his head as he got up and stood still."Frank is that you?"Gerard asked calm. They walked up the stairs one by one. Frank thought to himself the words must hide. They were at the top of the stairs looking around."What's that?"Gerard asked looking at Frankie as he was holding his hands on his eyes."I'm a statue."Frank said as he stood still."Oh okay."Gerard said walking away not knowing it was Frankie even though it was following him. The Frank screamed at Gerard scaring the living shit out of him.

The next day at school Gerard walked up to Chloe."I'm Chloe I'm sorry for saying you have a big butt can you forgive me. I like you."Gerard said while looking her in the eyes."Huh its okay gee I forgive you and I think your cute."Chloe said while picking a string out of his pants making them fall flat on the ground."Ugh cAn you excuse me I need to fix something."Gerard said trying to stay calm.

Later still at school ray had a math test and a broken arm still. He picked up his pencil but kept dropping it. Then it was time to turn in the tests and raymond only answered two questions. He had gotten an A+ still because he was crippled. He went to leave the class and saw Frank following Chloe like a retard. He was just tiptoeing right behind her and when she looked he would jump into a plant or something that was near.

Frank was still stalking her when he left school she was at a park with lots of trees and Frank got in one but when she left he couldn't get down it was like he was trapped.
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