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People magazine should die!!


Those jerks

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The Pregnancy of Gerard Way
People magazine should die
He screamed, and Lindsey ran in. 
He kept screaming. Lindsey grabbed his hand, "Gee! Hunny, calm down! What's wrong?" 

"It--it's a fucking fetus! I'm fucking pregnant!!" 

He started crying, "How, how am I going to, to tell everyone?! Wh-what am I going to do with B? She wont like a freak for her dad!!"  

Lindsey tried to calm him, "Hunny, B isn't going to hate you. And whoever the father is, I will always be by your side. Even if you're preggers." 

Gerard sniffled, "I'm afraid that no one will love me anymore." 

"Mikey , me, B, Ray, Frank, and the fans love you. We'll stand by you." 

Gerard swallowed thickly, "My stomach hurts. I feel like shit." 

"Aww. Hunny, it's just the morning sickness." 
The doctor came in with some medication for morning sickness. Gerard buttoned up his skinny jeans, and pulled down his shirt, and hopped off the table.  

When they got home, Ray looked at them. Lindsey was leading Gerard, who was crying hysterically. He could barely get a word out, without crying. Ray was freaked.

"Lindsey, is he ok? He's spazzing." 

"Ray, it's hard to explain."

"Does Gee have cancer?! Is he dying?! Why is he so sick?!" 

Gerard looked at him, "Call Mikes and Frankie, I need to talk to them."  

An hour later they arrived. Gerard and Lindsey led them to the living room. 
Frank looked at his friend, "What's wrong Gee? Are you dying?" 

"Well...." he started. "Y'know how Ive been sick lately?" 

They nodded. 

"I'm not dying guys. I'm pregnant." 

Everyone stared at him. 

Mikey looked at him, "Whose the dad?" 
Gerard was speechless. He felt his stomach churn. He put a hand over his mouth, and kneeled on the floor. Frank walked over, "Gee?" 

"Ugh, my stomach is doing backflips." 

Frank rubbed his back, "Do you need to puke?" 

Gerard shook his head, "My stomach hurts too bad." 

"So, how are we going to tell the fans?" Ray asked. 

"I don't know," Gerard whispered. 

Frank hugged him, "We gotta tell them Gee. They'll love you no matter what." 

The next day, Lindsey took Gerard to the doctors for a check up. They walked in and saw People magazine, with a headline that made Gerard want to barf. It read: "MCR frontman, Gerard Way pregnant?! Turn to page 60 for story!"  

Gerard looked at Lindsey, "H-How do they know?" 

He was sickened by the article, but he wanted to know who wrote it. He ripped open the magazine, and saw a picture of him with an ultrasound machine. The text read: "MCR FRONTMAN GETS ULTRASOUND FOR SUSPECTED PREGNANCY" 

The nurse called them back, she weighed him, 207 pounds. He groaned. The last time he was there, he weighed around 150. He felt fat. He looked at Lindsey, tears in his eyes. 

"Lindsey, I hate myself. I'm fat and stupid," he whispered. 

Lindsey looked at him, "You're not fat, you're pregnant. And I love you!"

She kissed him. He had salty tears running down his face. 

The nurse led him to a room. A doctor came in 20 minutes later. 

"Hello, Gerard. I need to ask you some questions before we begin." 

She asked him if he had been sexually active, and if he had used a condom.

Gerard felt weird answering that. He said he was always using a condom,  if he ever had sex. The doctor checked how he was feeling. 

"Gerard, you are about a month and a half along. You could choose to abort it if--" 

"I'm not aborting it. I got into this mess, and I'm damn well getting out of it too, in the most humane way!" He said angrily. 

"Ok, then you'll have to carry it for seven and a half months. Touring is going to be rough for you. I suggest you take a break." 

"N-No! I cant disappear for seven months. People are going to wonder! I--" he stopped as he felt the toast he had for breakfast crawled up his throat. He clasped a hand over his mouth, and gagged. Lindsey grabbed the trash can, and slipped it under Gerards nose. He puked again. Twenty minutes later, Gerard was released. He was scared. A nine month break in touring?! He couldn't even fathom that. Lindsey drove home, and Gerard gave her an odd look, "I think Im going to hurl!" Lindsey led him to the bushes.Gerard was doubled over, coughing and vomiting. When that was over, Frank had come over with a ton of pregnancy books.
 Gerard stared at him, "I hate you." 
Frank laughed, "No you don't Gee!" 

Gerard looked down at his beat up shoes. Frank shoved a piece of veggie pizza in his face. The aroma made his stomach churn. 

"Go away," Gerard mumbled. He could smell the pizza, Thai food, and tacos. Just as he thought he was going to puke, his stomach growled. He stood up, and walked in, "I'm hungry." 

Frank looked at him, "About time dude!" He passed Gerard a plate of tofu, rice, and a taco. 

Gerard looked at his plate, "You know what this needs? Chocolate syrup, that's what!"
Frank and Lindsey stared at him. "What? I like chocolate syrup!" 

Gerard went in the fridge, and grabbed the Hershey's syrup. He squirted some in his mouth, "This is so damn good!" 

He poured it over his tacos like salsa, and put it on the tofu like it was soy sauce. Lindsey looked at him, "As much as I love you, I  hope you don't barf this back up." 

Frank put a piece of tofu in his mouth, "Dude, I've known ever since I was first in MCR, that you have strange tastes, but seriously?! Chocolate syrup is a bit much!" 

"Aw, shut up Frank. I'm always barfing, and now I actually am wanting food." Gerard said, putting whipped cream on his pizza. 

Frank looked at him, "Dude, is that shit even edible?!" 

He bit into the pizza, "It is now!"
Some drama, some humor. :) Commmeenntzz pweeeze??
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