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And the reason is you


Gee tells all

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The Reason is you
After supper, Gerard had fallen asleep. He felt fine, until Bandit jumped on his stomach. 

"Hey, sweetie. Daddy's sick, remember? And Daddy needs sleep, ok hunny?" Gerard said groggily. Bandit bounded off the couch, using Gerards stomach as a launching pad. He sat up, disoreintated. His stomach lurched into his throat. He stumbled to the bathroom. He fell on the floor, his stomach threatening to spill. Gerard lied there, shaking. He sat up, when he started retching. The sound of his weird food hitting the floor, reverberated in his mind. He moaned.  He hated the puking the most. He sat up, and dug around for his morning sickness pills. He swallowed one, but forgot to put the cap on, when he felt his stomach contents rise up. He tried to push them back down, and actually succeeded.  He fell back, the lights, and the overwhelming nausea blinding him.  
Lindsey knocked on the door, "Gerard? Are you feeling ok? Did you take your medicine?" 

Gerard moaned. Lindsey opened the door, and knelt beside him, "Gee? Hunny?" 

He rolled over, looking at her, with watery eyes, "I'm so stupid. I never should of done it." 

"Done what?" 

"I was fucked in an alley."   Tears streamed down his face. Lindsey was shocked; he had done such a good job hiding it. He even was allowing people to hug him. He gagged again. She put a hand on his back, trying to calm him. He hurled up the tacos and pizza from earlier, and it did NOT look to pretty. Gerard could see chunks of stringy cheese, and chunks of the taco shell. He groaned, the smell making him want to puke again.  Lindsey looked shocked again, "Why didn't you tell anyone Gee?" 

"I didn't want to burden you." he whispered, his voice hoarse from crying. He coughed. "I'm sorry Lindsey." 

"Gee, hunny. I need to know what happened. Can you tell me?" 

Gerard wiped a tear off of his cheek, "We, we were touring. And, I--I went for a walk, because I wasn't feeling too good. We were in's really crime ridden. It's pure fucking Jersey. And-- I was just too fucking stupid. I was walking, and. I got hit from behind. I was raped...I just couldn't tell the guys--and now--now I have a kid on the way! I don't know what the fuck to do!!"  

Lindsey looked at him, "Hunny, I love you so much. And right now I'm scared. I'm afraid something will happen to you. I want to help, but, Gee, I don't know what to do. What I do know, is that eventhough you've had that terrible experience...I still will stand by you, no matter what."   She wiped away his tears. Gerard looked at her. She could see the sadness in his eyes. He walked out, and took off his shirt, which smelled like a dead animal.

"Gross," he muttered, throwing it in the laundry.

He stopped in front of the mirror, and gasped. Gerard Way, had a small bump!
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