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From sadness to happiness?!


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He brought his hands to his growing stomach. All he could think was, "Why me?" 

He sat on the floor, tears threatening to fall. He heard Lindsey come in. She was always there for him. 

"Lindsey? We...we gotta tell B. She can't live with a fucking coward and liar for a dad." he said firmly more to himself. She looked at him. 

"I know. Shes pretty sharp though. She will soon ask questions. How should we explain it?" 

"Uh, maybe something like: hey daddy's been sick lately. And you might be having a little brother or sister." Lindsey added. 

"yeah. I'm more afraid she will tell gramma and grandpa Way." 

And so, Gerard Way smiled, for the first time in a week. Lindsey smiled back. 
He looked at himself in the mirror, reminding himself that he needed to stay strong.  


"Yes Gee?" 

"Can we go on a movie run?" 

She was amazed that he was trying to stay strong, "Sure." 

"SWEET!!" he said, getting his Misfits hoodie. 
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