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Movies and morning sickness


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When they arrived at the movie store, Gerard went, and grabbed Step-Brothers, The Benchwarmers, and Talledaga Nights: the balled of Ricky Bobby, from the 2$ rack. 

"Got your movies?" Lindsey asked. 

Gerard smiled, "Yep." 

They paid for their movies, and headed home.  Gerard was craving marshmallows and popcorn, with chocolate, and peanut butter, and nuts. A huge sugar buzz. He googled how to make whatever it was. 
Lindsey walked in, "Hey, hunny, what are you making?" 
She licked chocolate off of his cheek. 

"S'mores popcorn." he said, mixing the ingredients together. Lindsey reached over his arm, and grabbed some popcorn. 

"Hey! No fair! It's not done yet!" Gerard yelled, laughing. 

He returned to what he was making. About a half hour, later, it was done. He took a handful, "Bon Appetiet!!" 

It was better than good, it was like a PARTY in his mouth.  He took some to the livingroom, to share with Lindsey. They popped in The Benchwarmers. They were both laughing their butts off. Especially, when the guy whos afraid of the outside world played baseball for the first time. Gerard could barely contain himself. He was dying of laughter. 
Then, it was back. The cold sweat, the metallic taste in his mouth. This was NOT going to be good. He could actually feel the popcorn coming up his throat. He brought a hand to his mouth. 


He gagged, then darted for the bathroom, barely making it. He fell to his knees, trying to keep it all in. It wasn't working. He felt it shoot out like bullets. He heard a knock, "Gerard? Hunny? Are you ok?" 
He moaned in response.  Not the best idea. His head was spinning. His throat, chest, and his stomach hurt. 
He curled up in the fetal position, shaking. Lindsey opened the door, "Hunny, maybe the s'mores popcorn was a bad idea. The morning sickness will be gone soon, Gee."

"How soon? I've been puking for at least two months." he puked again. 

Lindsey looked at him sympathetically.
Gerard had started crying. It hurt to breathe. He was positively freaked out.  She pulled him close, "Hunny, everythings gonna be ok." 

"I can't take it anymore!" he whispered. "I wish I could drop fucking dead!" he sniffled. "I dont deserve to live...." he stopped. 

"Gee," Lindsey began. "I love you. I want you to be strong. B and I need you to stay strong. She may be in her terrible twos, but she loves you so much." 

"It, it's so scary," he whispered. "I dont know how to deal with this. I just wanna stay in a corner until it's all over!" 
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