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No one ever tells you forever feels like home.


"The word FREAK was carved in his arm"

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He walked out, too dazed to clean up. Lindsey did the first thing she could think of: call Mikey. 

Mikey arrived an hour later. 

"Lindsey? Where's Gee?" 

"He's in our bedroom." 
He went towards the master bedroom. He could hear Gerard crying. He felt so scared. He knew Gerard had some depression issues. 
He approached his older brother, "Gee?" 

No response. 


Gerard turned his head, "I'm a failure. I dont deserve this nice of a life!" 
Mikey wiped away his tears. 

"Gerard, you're  not a failure. Ma and dad would be so proud of you're accomplishments.  I wish I knew what you were going through, but I'm still here for you. So, have you told Ma and Dad?" 

Gerard wiped his runny nose, "No, I'm afraid they'll hate me, and disown me." 

Mikey grabbed Gerards iPhone, "Just call them. You won't know till you've tried." 

Gerard shakily took the phone, "M--Ma?" 

"Gerard? Is that you hunny? How are you?" 

"Can you put dad on speaker? Just promise me you wont think I'm some freak or a failure...." 

"Sure," she clicked on her speaker. 

"Ma? Dad? I-I'm pregnant...."

"Gerard? When is it due?"

"So, you're not mad?"

"No, surprised, that's all. We love you no matter what. Lindsey will love you too. And little Ban-Ban too." his mom said. 

Gerard laughed, "I bet shell be excited." 

He hung up the phone, smiling. 

"See, Gerard , that wasn't so bad?" 

Gerard looked at him, "Dude, I'm seriously craving some nachos." 

Mikey smiled, "Ok Gee." 

They stopped at the kitchen, and grabbed tortilla chips, and some shredded cheese. They zapped it in the microwave. Then Gerard stared at Mikey, and passed out cold. Mikey jumped.

"Uh, Lindsey? Gee passed out!" 

Lindsey came in with Bandit, "Gee passed out?!" 

"Mommy? Is Daddy sleeping?" 

Lindsey looked at her, "Yeah, sort of." 

"Can I wake him up?" 

"You know how to do that?" 

"Yep! Uncle Frankie told me to say needles! That's how they wake him up when they're on tour!" 

"Daddy? Needles!" 

Gerard opened his eyes. " I?" 

"Daddy's awake!" she squealed tackling him. 

"Bandit, be careful! Daddy is still sick!" Lindsey said. 

"I feel like I'm gonna blow chunks!" he moaned. 
Mikey  went for a water, and Lindsey quickly tried to calm him. 
Gerard gripped his Tshirt, and threw up chunks of nachos. He looked down at his  barf soaked shirt, "Sorry." 

Mikey looked at him, "Well, at least youre awake." 

Gerard rolled his eyes, "Whatever." 
Mikey laughed, "You know Gee? I LIKE being around you. Youre my older bro, but you're also my best friend."

Gerard smiled "Yeah, I know I'm so awesome!" 

He pulled off his dirty shirt, and went for a shirt that had green paint on it. He retreated to his room, and grabbed his sketch book.  He started drawing, his pencil scratching across the paper. 
Gerard stared at his art. It had an arm with the word, "FREAK" carved into it. There was blood coagulating on the paper. Mikey stared at it. 
Then, he realized it. That was GERARDS blood on the paper, not paint. He panicked. The word, "FREAK", was carved into Gerards arm as well. There was blood all over the ground, and his pencil was crimson. 

Oh crap! Cliffhanger!
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