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So many questions asked, but not sure how to answer them.

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Gerard has a problem in P.E but what is his problem? Sorry for the majorly long title.

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So, my secret was out. Well not out, it's just Maisy knew. She now knows that, I'm in love with Frank, and that I was bi. We caught up with the class, no-one noticed we were gone. Maisy was asking me all these questions, but I wasn't sure how to answer them, and if I did, I wouldn't tell her here.
'So, Why don't you tell Frank bout everything?' I carried on taking photo's, the camera hiding my face, just incase I blushed at some point.
'I don't know Maisy, it's just way too complicated, I don't want to risk losing my friendship with him, to ruin it all by saying how I feel.' I turned my back on her.
'But Gerard, Your going to have to tell him at some point all these feelings can't be kept a secret forever, one day they will come out, like they did today.' I turned back around, I stepped alittle closer to her.
'Maisy, they will, all in good time. But right now, they can be kept a secret for as long as possible, You have to promise me, you won't say anything to Frank or any of the guys about it. Please?' Maisy placed her hand onto my shoulder.
'I promise, Gerard.' I silently nodded with a smile, she took her hand off of my shoulder, and we went back to taking pictures.

~ Hour Later ~

Fuck sake. We have P.E. Joy. I absolutely hate P.E with passion. I mean it's stupid, it comes nothing into my future, so why have it now? Today, I had to do P.E which means my arms and legs will be on show. I was sitting in the changing rooms on a bench, taking my time to get dressed.
'Sup guys?' Frank walked into our little section of the room, threw down his stuff and started to undress, by taking his shoes off first. Fuck.
'As normal, nothing, but Gerard is taking donkey years to get dressed.' I looked up when someone had said my name. It was Ray.
'Wait a minute, You know how I feel about P.E, it's worthless!' I started to unzip my hoodie and slipping my shoes off. I wasn't really ready for everyone to see my arms yet, so I quickly changed my t shirt, without anyone seeing then throwing my hoodie back on. I looked over to Mikey, he gave me a sympathetic smile, I gave him a half smile back. I saw that everyone else was nearly ready apart from me and Frank. Frank took his Misfits t shirt off. I now wished I took my jeans off first. I need to some how cover the fact that I had a huge bulge in my pants. Frank smiled at me, he had realized that something was up, with my sheepishness.
'Gerard? Yo, get dressed!' I looked up and smiled, what the fuck could I do?
'Yeah I am, but my belt is kinda stuck, so I'll catch up with you!' I quickly thrown him off my sheepish scent. Frank took off his jeans,He still hadn't put his P.E top on yet, We were now the only two left, they teachers don't care if we're late as long as we get there at some point in the hour lesson. Frank was standing in his boxers, he walked over to me.
'Let me help!' For Fuck Sake, REALLY?!?! I wouldn't stand up, because if I did it would be majorly noticeable, so I stayed sat down. Frank got on to the floor, on his knees. He tried undoing my belt. It was actually stuck but I didn't think he undo it for me. The bulge was just getting bigger, by the minute, but Frank didn't notice. He tried so much, when I thought he had given up, he stood up from the floor.
'Do you mind?' Before I could answer Frank was now sitting on my lap, trying to get it undone. If anyone walked in, we'd be fucked. Just when I was getting over the paranoia of someone walking in,He undone my belt.
'There you go!' I looked up into his russet green eyes, they were glistening. He had a huge grin spread upon his face. He jumped off, and walked away from he to get some clothes on. I took my jeans off and put my shorts on, with my trainers, well converse. Frank still hadn't got dressed and he wanted me to wait for him. This is not going to go well.

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while, it's just because I haven't had internet and so yeah sorry D: I'll try to update tomorrow, if you would like to sumbit some ideas into what happens next then go for it and just review it :) Bye for now earthlings
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