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Don't judge a book by it's cover!

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Gerard teaches a lesson to mikey, while also he has an interesting conversation with Frank.

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The rest of the day went pretty smooth and fast. I, as always, only had one thought on my mind. Today's P.E lesson. After he told me to wait, he started prancing around in his boxer shorts. He was just cracked up, but he didn't realize how much I enjoyed it and wanted to kiss him. I was walking home, with Mikey, he was mumbling on and on about his day and how there was a new girl in his class, he liked.
'Dude! Have you even spoken to her yet?' I snapped. Mikey looked directly at me and then to the floor.
'Well, no, but she seems nice.' Mikey went all shy, I rolled my eyes at him.
'Look, don't judge a book by it's cover!' We came to the front of our house, Mikey opened the front door, he walked in and held it open for me. I closed it behind me, then walked up the stairs. I flung open my bedroom door, then waited for it to slam shut once I was inside. I walked over to my desk, with my drawings covering it, I put them into a pile and found my laptop, I hadn't used in months. I turned it on and sat down on the chair. I signed into MSN. To see that I had 4 new contacts wanting to add me. I looked at who wanted to add me :,, and I wondered how Maisy got my email address but she probably got it off bob, who gave it to everyone else.
Frank: Hello Stranger!
Gerard: Hey dude :)
Frank: I wanted to ask you something?
Gerard: Go for it!
Frank: Well someone said to me, that they saw you and Maisy, go into the old music room, just after everyone left to take some photo's on the field, I just wanted to know if it's true or if it's bullshit. Fuck, I thought know one saw us, I have to be careful in what I say, I can't him the exact truth, but some bits I can tell him as long as I play my cards right!
Gerard: Frank, it's not bullshit, it's true but it's really not what you think.
Frank: Okay, I'm listening. Frank seemed a little pissed, but who wouldn't when they've found out your best friend and girl friend were found in a old music room together!?! When I was about to reply to Frank, Maisy came online.

Maisy: Okay calm! Just say to him, I was talking to you about before joining this school, I had a really bad relationship and I just wanted to tell you how I felt about Frank and hoping that he wouldn't do the same!
Gerard: Okay, and did you really have a bad relationship?
Maisy: Yeah :/

Gerard: We was going to leave to go out onto the field, when Maisy slowed down and she took me into the old music room, she only wanted to talk to me because she wanted to tell me about her previous relationship in her old school, it ended bad, and she didn't want it to happen again, she also told me how she felt about you :) Dude, there isn't anything to worry about, I'm not going to take her away from you, anyways she's not my type :)
Frank Oh, why didn't she tell me all this?
Gerard: I don't know.
Frank: What do you mean, she's not your type! Fuck, I really can't blow this, he seems pretty pissed.
Gerard: Nothing to worry about, You'll find out soon enough :)

Frank replied back to me with a simple "Ok?" I shut my laptop down and threw myself on to my bed. Too many thoughts running through my head. I decided to sleep.

Sorry it was only a short one today, but I just really wanted to update so here :) I also want to give a cookie to MillyKJ_27 for giving me a review, thank you, it meant a lot :) I also finally thought of a last name for Maisy xD
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