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Art work and Surprise visitors!

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The weekend is finally here!

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I just want to say thank you to everyone who reviewed my story, you all get cookies :) I'll try to make it less confusing with the pov's xD I'm also extremely sorry this chapter is so late :)

My eyes flickered open, all I could see was complete darkness. I reached for my lamp, sitting on the little table besides my bed. My bedside clock had numbers written in neon, saying 3:25 am. I rolled my eyes. I laid in bed, for a while thinking about what I would do today, it always helps me to sleep. After 10 minutes, i reached my hand out for my bottle of water I kept by my bed. Instantly, I fell asleep.

~ Hours Later ~

I woke up to the sound of Mikey shouting my name, I opened my eyes and he was just sitting there smugly at the foot of my bed. I propped myself up with my elbow.
'Fuck you Mikes!' I threw my empty water bottle at his head.
'What? I was only calling you because mum wants to know if you want some coffee?' Oooh, do love my coffee in the morning!
'No, it's fine, I'll make it myself, Only I can master the techniques to making the awesomest cup of coffee in the world!' Mikey rolled his eyes at me, stood up and walked out the room, mumbling "show off" under his breath. I smiled, then fell back into my bed. I looked at the clock on the table and it said 11:45am. Gah, I might as well get up, it's the weekend, I have things to do, people to see. God I make myself laugh. I got out of bed, with a struggle to keep my eyes open. I walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a clean tshirt on. I then found some clean underwear slipped them on and pulled my faded jeans over my legs. I left my room and jogged down the stairs into the kitchen. I sat down on a stool at the breakfast island.
'Dude, your not going out like that are you?' I glanced over to Mikey sitting opposite me, with hair that looks like a nest and his tatty pajama's on.
'Well, You always do, So I'm doing a Gerard today' Mikey started grinning to himself. I muttered bastard under my breath. I gave him a death glare look, then made myself some coffee. I could smell it, when I poured it into my mug. I left Mikey sitting alone in the kitchen, pressing my mug near my lips going to take a sip.
'DUDE!' I stopped walking.
'WHAT DO YOU WANT MIKEY?' I just wanted to drink my coffee in peace.
'It's your turn to do the dishes tonight!' I rolled my eyes, I'll get out of it somehow
'Oh Fuck off!' I started to walk up the stairs taking small sips of my hot black coffee. I could hear Mikey laughing to himself, god he's such a twat. I pushed open my bedroom door, placed my mug on my desk next to my laptop. I turned my laptop on, waiting for it too load. [\Frank's birthday is coming up soon, I gotta finish the picture for him/] I signed into MSN and no-one was online but who would at the weekend at 12:15? I sipped more of my coffee and stood up from my desk, to find the canvas of Frank's drawing. I moved my laptop on to the floor and placed the canvas on it. I started to finish the facial features, when I heard a knock on my door. It opened slightly and Frank's head popped around the door.
'Shit!' I tried covering the picture, with other drawings scattered on top it it. 'Hey Frank, what are you doing here?' I asked curiously.
'Oh, Mikey invited me, Bob and Ray around. I just came to see if you wanted to join me-- I mean us?' I nodded, and told him I'd catch him up. What was Mikey playing at?

Apologies that it's a short chapter and that I posted it late, Cookies for all the reviews :)
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