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I'm Taking Back The Life You Stole

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parties, crushes and phone calls.

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Gerard's POV
“PARTAY!” Frank screamed. Kirrah and Meg just laughed.
“Hehehe. Yeah!” Ji giggled.I just rolled my eyes, trust Frank to think of something like that.
“Extra alcohol.” Frank added slyly, nodding. Kirrah sighed and Meg rolled her eyes.
“We’re not going to be able to throw an alcoholic party at my house.” Kirrah told us.
“Not a problem for Frank, my dear friend!” Ray told us.
“Knowing him he proberly already has something up his sleeve.” I added. Meg and Kirrah giggled and I grinned. Mikey winked at me and I felt my face burn. Meg just so happened to look over at my blushing moment and started giggling again. I glared at Mikey and he just chuckled along with Kirrah at my discomfort.
“Enough giggling over something I don’t know about!” Frank exclaimed making Kirrah giggle. Frank’s look of confusion quickly turned into a look of victory, like he had just won over Kirrah’s heart.
“Anyway,” Frank continued. “I know a friend who lives near here that would let us stay a couple of nights.”
I laughed. “Who is this?”
“A guy...” Frank replied.
“More guys! No offence but I dunno if I want to be sleeping with a bunch or random guys.” Meg said.
“Oh, so were random now?” Ray asked, sounding offended.
“No!” Meg exclaimed. “I didn’t mean it like that!”Ray pretended to cry and Meg ran over to him and started hugging him practically screaming at him that she was sorry. I laughed but I wish I had thought of that, I was a teeny tiny bit jealous. I thought I hid it pretty well but when Mikey nudged my side and winked and me I was suddenly aware that I may have looked a little jealous. I sighed and looked at my shoes; they were very interesting all of a sudden.
“We’ll have to ask mum if we can go though.” Kirrah said, looking up at Frank. I was assuming she was talking to all of us though.
“Don’t tell her there’s alcohol involved though.” Meg laughed. “She’ll go crazy on us!”
Kirrah laughed. “I won’t; trust me.”
Then she burst out laughing at something. We all looked at her funny but after a while I think Meg got what she was on about and joined her in her crazy laughing fit.
“Umm...Can we know what’s so funny?” Mikey asked. Kirrah giggled again before replying with: “Nahh, its cool.”
“Damn...” Mikey muttered jokingly before winking over at them. Meg and Kirrah giggled again but Ji just collapsed!
“Err...” Mikey said.
“She does that.” Kirrah replied before flopping onto her bed. Frank took his phone out and started texting who I assumed to be his friend we might be staying over’s. He placed the phone on the bed and after a couple of seconds it started screaming out Princess by Short Stack. What the hell? Kirrah giggled.
“Did you do that?” Meg asked her .Kirrah just nodded whilst Frankie glared at her.
“Heh Heh Heh.” Kirrah chuckled evilly whilst high-fiving Meg.
“Hey Bro.” Frank said into the Phone. I was a bit hard to understand what was going on since there was only one side of the conversation and this was all I got.
“Yeah, is that cool?” Frank replied. “Sure, sure. Why wouldn’t there be?” Frank said again. Then Frank laughed. “Only blind from the beauty of the girl sitting next to me.” He said slyly, winking over at Kirrah who simultaneously blushed and giggled. Gosh that was so cheesy, Meg seemed to be thinking the same thing because as I looked over to her (as you do) she was rolling her eyes in Frank’s direction.
“Oh cool. Pretty hot.” Frankie said again after a little silence then after they said their good-byes he hung up. “Awesome! Max said we could stay for as long as we want, but we’ll only be there a couple of days. Bob was there too, he said he’s feeling all better and ready to party!” Frank told us, dancing to some imaginary beat.
“YAY!!” Meg screamed. Everyone looked at her funny and it was even loud enough to wake Ji from her collapsation looking startled.
“Umm...No offence to you but, why the hell are you screaming?” Mikey asked.
“And you think I’m the weird one.” Ray said laughing.
“Hehe Bob.” Meg said, looking dreamy.I felt a pang of jealously hit me and I managed to stutter out a form of question.
“W-w-what’s so cool about B-bob?” I asked her
“He is a skilled as pro drummer!” Meg replied, grinning.
“Ah...” Was all that managed to come out. Everyone shot me sympathetic looks which I ignored and sat down by the door. Mikey sat down next to me and rubbed my arm, trying to comfort me but it wasn’t working. I was a bit heart-broken that Meg liked Bob over me, and she hasn’t even spoken to him. I sighed and looked over at Frank, he seemed to be having a real fun time staring at Kirrah. “Hey.” Frank suddenly exclaimed. “If you ask your mum now if we can go we can head off.”
Kirrah sighed, and started heading towards the door before suddenly spinning around.
“Will we need clothes for over-night?” She asked.
“Did you wanna be sleeping in that?” Mikey asked her, motioning to her body. Kirrah seemed lost for words so she just sprinted down the stairs, to talk to her mum. I chuckled and shook my head over at Mikey and he winked at me. Before any words could be exchanged Kirrah came bounding up the stairs again.
“We can go!” She called out excitedly.
“WHOOO!” Meg Screamed grabbed her bag from the floor and some other, smaller, bags from the bathroom, stuffing them into the bigger one.
“What are all them bags for?” Mikey asked her.
“Oh, these?” She asked, holding one up. It was black with a batman logo in the middle. “There for stuff like make-up, hair stuff, girl stuff that sorta thing.”
“Oh so if Gee here runs out of make-up he can always come to you!” Frank exclaimed, breaking free from his conversation with Kirrah. Meg laughed and I face-palmed which only succeeded in making her laugh even more. Kirrah jumped up suddenly, realising she hadn’t packed any of her bags for the ‘sleepover’ and rummaged through, picking up random clothes as she went.
“Do you really want to wear that?!” Ray said, picking up what looked like a Cinderella dress that she had thrown into her bag. “That’s where it went!” Kirrah exclaimed.
“When were you looking for it?” Ray asked.
“When you were 5?” Mikey added, smirking.
“8 actually.” She told them which caused laughs to erupt. She didn’t bother to put it back in the draw.
“You never know when I might be drunk enough to play princesses again.” She told us.
“You look like a princess anyway.” Frank told her. Urgh, he is so cheesy!
“Awwww.” She replied while Mikey made gagging noises. Meg laughed and her and Mikey knuckle-touched, but then stepped behind him, possibly using him as a shield from the look Kirrah was giving her.
“So, we going now?” Ray asked. I grabbed the keys out of my pocket and rattled them.
“Yep!” Frankie said, grabbing them out of my hand and running to the car. Kirrah giggled and ran after him. I sighed and picked up Kirrah’s bag for her.
“Aww, your such a gentleman!” Meg said, gently shoving me.I blushed and managed to mumble a thanks. She giggled and skipped in front of me and started talking to Ray.
“Smooth.” Mikey said, appearing beside me. I blushed again and he chuckled.
“I wish I was more like Frank.” I told him.
“Why?” Mikey asked me, confused.
“He gets every girl he wants, even the ones he doesn’t want! He just has a way with them. Look at me! A pretty girl glances at me and I’m at a loss for words!” I ranted. Mikey started chuckling and rubbed my back soothingly.
“Dude, that’s life.” Mikey told me. “Some people just have a way with that kinda stuff.”
“EWWWW!!” I heard a girly voice scream and then a bunch of laughter.
“What?” Mikey called running outside. Meg giggled, and then hid behind me as Kirrah shot her a glare. Ray stepped towards the car and I threw Kirrah’s bag over at him. He caught it before it hit him in the face and placed it in the boot. We piled into the car, Meg screaming ‘shotgun’ so many times we decided to let her sit in the front.
“Aww looks like Kirrah has to stay here.” Ray taunted jokingly. Frank chuckled and patted his lap. Kirrah considered this for a second before sitting on Frank. Mikey wolf-whistled and the car filled with “ooo’s” from everyone including me. Meg and Ray were in the front of the car, Ray driving, then I was behind Meg, Mikey was in the middle and Frank and Kirrah were behind Ray.
“This will be interesting.” I muttered to myself before the car roared to life.
We arrived at Max’s place with the car full of alcoholic beverages. We had stopped off at some liquor store before we arrived.
“Hey!” Max called out as we pulled up.
“Heyyy.” He said again more slyly as Kirrah and Meg stepped out of the car. “You weren’t joking when you said they were hot.” Max said again and winked at the girls.
“Ummm...” Meg and Kirrah said in sync, blushing.
“Kirrah’s the hot one.” Frank said as he walked up and gave Max a hug.
“I’m offended!” Meg called out to him, mock-hurt on her face.
“Aww you poor baby.” Mikey said sarcastically. Meg poked her tongue out at him, and linked arms with Kirrah.
“LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!” Bob called out as he came out of the house. Meg giggled and blushed a little. I suppressed the urge to punch Bob in the face.
“Hey man how ya going?” Ray called out to him.
“Same old same old, how about you?” Bob called back. As Ray and Bob carried on the little talk we grabbed the liquor from the car and made our way into the house. Meg and Kirrah also had their over-night bags with them.
“Where will we be staying?” Kirrah asked Max.
“Dunno.” Max shrugged. “Pick a room and put your stuff in.”
“Errr...” Meg said.“...Thanks?” Kirrah finished.
“Um...Did you guys, um maybe um, want us to, like, maybe stay in with y-y-you?” I managed to stutter out.The girls giggled.
“Why not?” Meg replied, knocking on each door before finding a spare room.
“Real smooth.” Bob said, patting my back.
“You’re starting to sound like Mikey now.” I replied, poking my tongue out at him playfully.
“Your gunna lose that soon.” Bob joked.
“My tongue? Oh the Joy.” I replied sarcastically.Bob laughed.
“Maybe from the girl in that room.” Bob told me, winking. I blushed and stalked off to find Frank.
“We bunking in with Kirrah and Meg.” I told him.
“YES!” he yelled, doing that ‘cha-ching’ action with his arm.
“Which room are they in?”
“Ummm... that one.” I told him, pointing to the furthest room at the end of the hallway.
“Awesome.” He said smirking.
“Don’t surprise attack them whilst their getting changed...” I told him sighing.
“Hey! Your thinking the same thing!” He exclaimed.
“Not all of us are giant perves Frankie.” I told him chuckling. Frank winked at me and walked down the hall, he was just about to open the door when the girls burst through hitting him in the face with the door. Meg and I erupted with laughter but Kirrah knelt down next to him and repeatedly told him she was sorry.
“Have you seen the living room?” I asked her.
“No...Should i?” She replied.
“Yes.” I answered, grabbing her hand and leading her into the room. There were people EVERYWHERE. There was food on table and a bar at the far back.
“Whoa...” I heard someone next to me say; I turned and saw Kirrah standing next to me. She had gotten changed into something more dancey.
“How’s Frank?” I asked her. Kirrah just shrugged and I chuckled. It was silent between us for a bit, excluding the music that could deafen you, then Kirrah mumbled some untellable words.
“What?” I asked her.
“WhatshouldidoaboutFrank?” She rambled really quickly; it was hard to keep up with what she was saying. “I-I think he likes me but I don’t know! Maybe it’s just a charade knowing Frank or something, or maybe he really likes me, I mean I like him but does he feel the same way? And-”I cut her off. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.” I said. “He likes you...A lot.” I told her, pulling her into a friendly hug. “Now go dance with him while I stand her like an idiot admiring the decor.” I joked.She giggled and ran off to find him in the crowd; I assumed that would be quite difficult because of his shortness.
“Good luck!” I called after her, chuckling. Then I caught sight of Meg, she must have run off when Kirrah came. I walked closer and saw she was dancing with Mikey.
“Hey Mikey!” I called out, but someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into a corner.
“It’s for you...” Ray said, holding out a phone to me.
“Hello?” I said.
“Hey it’s Dylan, Dylan Star. Your manager.” Dylan said.
“You sound like your trying to be James Bond and epically failing.” I Joked.
“Haha.” He said, he was a very serious man. “Umm...I kinda got some news to tell you.”
“Yeah...” I said slowly.
“You’ve got another tour.” He told me.

yay, it's bob! hehe, i finally got meg's chapter :3 i'll start the next chapter this afternoon!
- kirrah xx
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