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We Never Got That Far

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parties, dancing and news...

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Frank's POV
I leant against the wall. I really wanted to go see the party, but Bob told me to wait until the rooms were sorted. I sighed in frustration. It was taking long enough. Just as I was about to leave and find out what was happening, Gerard came around the corner.
“We bunking in with Kirrah and Meg.” He told me.
“YES!” I yelled, doing that ‘cha-ching’ action with my arm. “Which room are they in?”
“Ummm... that one,” He said, pointing to the furthest room at the end of the hallway.
“Awesome.” I smirked, planning a surprise attack.
“Don’t surprise attack them whilst their getting changed...” he warned, sighing. He knew me well.
“Hey! Your thinking the same thing!” I exclaimed.
“Not all of us are giant perves Frankie.” He chuckled. I winked at him and walke d down the hall. I approached the door, and went to open it. It slammed into my face, and I fell back from the force. I could hear Meg and Gerard laughing, but I was focused on Kirrah, who had knelt down next to me and apologised a million times.
“Kirrah, it’s fine, just help me up,” I chuckled. She held out her hand and I grabbed it. I noticed she had changed into something more dancey.
“I’ll be right back, I need to talk to Gerard…” she said, and slowly turned and walked away. I sighed, and headed towards the dance floor. I was dancing away, kind of getting lost in the seemingly tall people that surrounded me, when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned to see Kirrah, grinning like crazy.
“Hey, so you talked to Gerard then?” I yelled over the music.
“Yeah, I’ll tell you about our conversation later, but for now, LET’S DANCE!” she shouted back, and I eagerly nodded in agreement. We were dancing, laughing, pretty much having the time of our lives, when Gerard came over.
“Frank, I need to talk to you!” he yelled
“Later!” I yelled back
“FRANKLIN ANTHONY IERO YOU NEED TO COME RIGHT NOW!” he yelled. I stopped dancing when I realised that he was very pissed off. I looked to Kirrah and she just nodded and waved me to go. I sighed and follow him out, into the bedroom. I realised that Mikey, Bob and Ray were already there.
“We have a problem,” said Gerard
“O…kay? What’s the problem…” I asked.
“We need to go on tour…” said Bob.
“You’re joking, right?” I said, but the looks on their faces told me they weren’t. “Oh no…”
“Yeah, tell me about it.”
We all sat there awkwardly, not really sure what to do… or say.
“What about Kirrah and Meg?” asked Mikey
“That part is easy, they’ll come on tour with us!” I said and got up to tell Kirrah and Meg the news, but Gerard put his hand on my shoulder.
“It’s not that easy, Frank,” he said.
“Why? Don’t you want them to come?”
“No, but you saw Kirrah’s family life, we can’t just leave Tania on her own, that’s awful! And we need the approval of Meg’s parents as well…”
“Okay! I get your point, but there is no harm in asking, right?”
‘There are waay to many people here,’ I thought to myself, as I squeezed through the crowd. I groaned in frustration. I couldn’t find Meg or Kirrah ANYWHERE! I turned around a little too quickly and ran into someone. Lucky we couldn’t fall, as we were sardined in with other people. I realised it was Meg, and gave her a HUGE hug.
“Frank! What the hell?!” laughed Meg
“We need to talk to you and Kirrah!” I yelled
“About what?” yelled Kirrah, sticking her head over Meg’s shoulder.
“Hey there, and I’ll explain when we get somewhere quieter, yeah?”
They nodded and we all made our way back to the bedroom.
“Okay, we have news…” I started.
“BAD news,” finished Gee, though with different words as to I was going to use.
“Gee! It’s not bad news!” I complained, “Since when was going on tour bad, anyway?”
“You’re going on tour?” asked Meg, “I thought you said it was all over…”
“Yeah, change of plans,” I replied, “Our manager just called Gee and said that they planned another one. All he wants is the money; it can get annoying sometimes…”
“ANYWAY!” interrupted Gerard, “We can’t just not go, so…”
“You’re coming with us!” I yelled, finishing off his sentence with a positive thing.
“Really?!” exclaimed Kirrah, “When are we going?!”
I smiled and clapped my hands, I was so excited; but of course, someone decided to be mature about the situation.
“What about asking your parents?” asked Mikey, and I frowned at him.
“Oh…” said Kirrah, “I’m sure it will be fine!”
“Kirrah…” started Ray, and I silently begged him not to bring up her mum, “What about your mum?”

hey guys! it's a new chapter ^-^ i apologise for the shortness! but yeah, i had no idea what meg wants to do with it so you'll have to wait for the next chapter. R&R :)
- kirrah xx
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