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This Helps Me To Think All Through The Night

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news, news and more news.

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Mikey’s POV
“Okay, we have news…” Frank started.
“BAD news,” finished Gerard.
“Gee! It’s not bad news!” Frank complained, “Since when was going on tour bad, anyway?”
“You’re going on tour?” asked Meg, “I thought you said it was all over…”
“Yeah, change of plans,” Frank replied, “Our manager just called Gee and said that they planned another one. All he wants is the money; it can get annoying sometimes…”
“ANYWAY!” interrupted Gerard, “We can’t just not go, so…”
“You’re coming with us!” Frank yelled, finishing off his sentence with a positive thing.
“Really?!” exclaimed Kirrah, “When are we going?!” Frank smiled and clapped his hands, He look very excited. I knew she’d say that... Now I have to be the mature one and break everyone’s heart.. “What about asking your parents?” I asked, and Frank frowned.
“Oh…” Kirrah said, “I’m sure it will be fine!”
“Kirrah…” started Ray, “What about your mum?”
“Oh…” said Kirrah. Her smile fell from her face and she looked guilty. “I-I...We’ll talk to her?” Meg stuttered.
Kirrah nodded in agreement and we sighed.
“Ok...” Frankie sighed.
“Who are you touring with?” Kirrah asked.
“Umm...Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy and Short stack.” I replied.
Kirrah and Meg screamed, jumping up and down. Obviously they both really liked them bands... I wonder what Gerard and Frank thought about this. I smirked over at them, and they both shot me glares.
“OMG!” The girls screamed simultaneously.
I laughed. If the girls could go this would make the tour a whole lot more interesting.
Ray left the room with his mobile and I got the sense that he was calling Kirrah’s mum to arrange the details.
After a couple of minutes Ray came back into the room looking sullen. With a shake of his head the new hope I had just fostered shattered.
The girls were on the sofa talking about what they were going to do when they got there and all of places they may go. I felt bad for Ray as he was the one having to deliver the bad news.
“Umm...I just spoke to your mum Kirrah... a-and... well, she said that, you guys-” He couldn’t finished the sentence.
“You guys can’t come...” I finished for him, closing my eyes to stop any tears escaping.
The girls froze and as tears slipped down their face they enveloped each other in their arms. Their silent sobs broke my heart and I dreaded having to say the next words that came out of my mouth.
“We’re leaving tomorrow...”
Kirrah’s POV
“Tomorrow!” Me and Meg exclaimed in union.
“You can’t go! At least give us some time!” I cried, breaking down into Meg’s arms blabbing on about how I had just met them and my life changed and I was happyish for once and stuff like that until Meg’s calming ‘hush’s’ told me I should proberly shut up now.
I looked up at them through blurry eyes to see them all staring at me with their mouths wide-open.
“Kirrah...” Frankie mumbled.
I gulped and forced the words out of my mouth. “Go...Pack your stuff...”
Meg rubbed me back soothingly, and i watched her stare into space.
“You too...” I told her when the guys had left.
She finally looked down at me and forced a smile. “I’m not going to leave you.”
Another tear slipped down my face. This was the opportunity of a life-time, we had spent forever talking about the day when this would happen and she gave it up for me.
“Hey...Um, we finished packing...What do you wanna do?” Frankie asked walking into the room and I peeled myself from Meg’s grip and ran into his arms, knowing this would be the last time I ever got to feel his protective arms around me.
He hugged me back and wiped the tears from my eyes and face.
“Our concert will start at Victoria and we’ll stay there for a week before moving on...” He told me eventually.
“How long will you be g-gone?” I dared to ask.
There was a silence before he told me a couple of months because of the places he had to go.
“W-where are you g-going?” I asked him.
“Victoria, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, New Zealand then Hobart.” He told me.
“We’ll be staying at least a week in each place...” Gerard added after a long silence.
A week... each... 2 months....away from them...?
“I wanna come!” Meg yelled, practically crying, flinging herself into Gerard’s arms.
He looked so shocked but managed to keep himself up which I admired since Meg’s ‘flinging’ was normally more like a tackle.
I felt like it was my fault she wasn’t going which made me cry and hug the closest person near me. I looked up and saw it was Frankie. Phew! It would be a bit awkward if it was someone other than Frankie.
“I don’t want you to leave...” I mumbled into his chest through tears.
“I know, I don’t want to leave you either...I love you.” He told me, kissing my lips softly.
He loved me?
Frank’s POV
“I know, I don’t want to leave you either...I love you.” I told her, kissing her gently.
I can’t believe I just said that...What if she didn’t love me back?
She mumbled something Into my chest, tears slipping down her face. I don’t know what she said but I didn’t have the heart to ask her.
“...We have to go now...” I whispered to her.
She pulled out of the hug almost instantly and flung herself onto the couch. Meg seemed harder though, didn’t seem to want to let go.
“I’ll see you when I come back.” I heard him say to her.
I walked over to Kirrah on the couch and kneeled beside her.
“We’ll come back for you. I promise. I’ll even take photo’s and send them to you.”
She gulped. “Pinkie Promise?” She asked, holding her pinkie out. I had to chuckle at that.
“Pinkie Promise.” I promised her, entwining my pinkie with her.
I kissed her on the forehead before turning my back on her and walking out the door.
That had to be the hardest thing I had ever done in my life.
We arrived at Victoria after three hours of flying. I didn’t like flying. And the amount of fan-girls that surrounded us when we got there was astonishing.
How the hell did they know we were coming here first? I thought it was a surprise tour... Then the one and only Dylan Star walked towards us, arms open in greeting. His bronzy golden hair was slicked back and dark sunglasses covered his eyes, his golden stubble seemed freshly shaven and the scent of cologne was thick in the air around him.
“Do you like your little audience?” He asked when no-one spoke.
I should have known.
“I’d rather be back where we were.” Bob told him. Bob may have only just met Kirrah and Meg but he was just as attached to them as we were. They were just easy to love like that.
“That’s wonderful, now, we have your line-up ready and a list of which order you will go to the states. Brisbane is last since you’ll be going back home there. Any questions? Didn’t think so. Let’s get moving!” Dylan said very enthusiastically, motioning for somebody to get our bags.
“Actually,” Mikey Interrupted. “How long until we go back?”
“Three months maybe more.” Dylan replied.
“Three months?!” I screeched at him. “They will forget us by then!”
“O....K...Anyway. Here’s the list, here’s the keys to your apartment and here, is your limo.” He said and handed us the list, keys and pointed to the limo, not caring about Kirrah or Meg.
After a week I was falling apart. I couldn’t get Kirrah off my mind and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t concentrate of my guitar skills. No-one could, Gerard’s voice broke, the drum sticks slipping from Bob’s grasp, and Mikey, Ray and I forget our lines! And the concert was tomorrow...
Kirrah’s POV
I sat rocking back and forth of my Bed with my arms around my knees, Meg’s mum said she could stay as long as she wanted, so she was staying forever. Sorry, I’m going crazy, no word from My Chemical Romance, or more importantly Frankie, and it’s only been a week...Imagine me after two months. I chuckled to myself and Meg threw me a concerned look. My mum came up to check on me for the fifth time this morning. It was 10 O’clock. I wonder what Frankie was doing. I giggled at the thought of seeing Frankie and my mum sighed.
“This isn’t healthy Hun.” She told me.
I just looked at her. Ever since Frankie left I was a person of very few words.
“Answer me!” My mum cried.
“She’s been like that for days...She’s not gunna talk...” I heard Meg tell her solemnly.
“I’m sorry...I didn’t know you loved him this much...” Mum told me.
I nodded.
“So I got you these...” She said pulling out for slips of paper.
I cocked my head in confusion and noticed Meg peering over my mum’s shoulder, reading what was on the paper. Her eyes widened and a tear slid down her face.My mum also started crying as she handed me the pieces of paper. Two were plane tickets, the other two were concert tickets...
To see My Chemical Romance.

new chapterrrrr :) meg wrote it, it's awesome. i'm gonna write my chapter ASAP. hope you like it :D
- kirrah xx
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