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Bright Lights That Won't Kill Me Now, Or Tell Me How

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depression, concerts and smoking.

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Meg’s POV
“I got you these…” Tania said, and she pulled out some slips of paper. I peered over her shoulder to see what they were and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two plane tickets and two MCR concert tickets. I felt a tear roll down my face, but I ignored it. Tania was crying as she handed them to Kirrah. I saw her face light up, and the tears that were welling up spilled over as she hugged her mum.
“When’s the flight?” I asked.
“10:30,” Tania smiled
“But it’s 10:00 now!” I panicked.
“Well we better get going!” said Kirrah, jumping off her bed. We both followed Tania outside and got into the car. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face, and by the looks of it, neither could Kirrah.
We got to the airport at 10:20, and we had to get on straight away.
“Bye mum, thank you so much!” said Kirrah, her face buried into Tania’s shoulder.
“Shh, it’s okay…” Tania soothed, running her hand through Kirrah’s hair.
“Ladies? It’s time to board,” said the flight attendant. We said out last goodbyes to Tania and got onto the plane.
Gerard’s POV
12:00pm. The concert was at 7, and I haven’t been more nervous in my life. We decided to have one more practice before-hand as we weren’t doing very well.
“Mama, we all go to hell. Mama, we all go to hell. I’m writing this letter, and wishing you well. Mama we all go to hell. Oh well now, Ma-”
“I can’t do this!” shouted Frank, and he stormed out of the room. I chased him out leaving the other three standing on the stage, dumbfounded. Sure, they missed Meg and Kirrah, but it was affecting me and Frank the most. I found him curled up on the couch, sobbing.
“Frankie…” I started
“I know, I’m pathetic. You don’t need to say it.” he replied
“No, Frank! No! You aren’t!” I comforted him by sitting next to him and pulling him into a hug, which he happily received. “We’ll get through this,”
“Please welcome to the stage… SHORT STACK!” Dylan yelled over the mic, and cheers erupted from the crowd. The nerves were getting to us. We all just sat there in silence, listening to Short Stack play. The guys from FOB and Panic! had tried to figure out what was up, but none of us answered. Three performances to go.
“How were they?” yelled Dylan, obviously enjoying himself.
“Now, please welcome our second guests this evening… FALL OUT BOY!”
More cheering. Two performances to go.
“Wasn’t that amazing?!”
More cheering. I was starting to sweat and we hadn’t even started playing. I had no idea how I was going to make it through tonight. I ran my hand through my jet black hair, and sighed. One performance to go.
“Who loves Panic!?” yelled Dylan, and the crowd went wild. “I thought so! And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!”
The crowd started chanting by this point.
“M-C-R! M-C-R! M-C-R!”
I felt like I was going to be sick.
“Here they are. MY. CHEMICAL. ROMANCE!”
We walked on the stage, fake smiled plastered on our faces. I prayed that we would get through tonight.
“Melbourne!” I yelled, smiling as the crowd went crazy. I looked down on everyone, and was about to start my next sentence when I saw Meg. Wait, Meg? She’s in Brisbane…?
“You all good, Gee?” I heard Frank say into his microphone.
“Yeah, of course! Let’s get started!” I paused as the crowd cheered. “This song is called Mama!”
I heard the familiar sounds of ‘Mama’ start playing and I looked over to Frank to see how he was holding up. He was just standing there, playing with no enthusiasm what-so-ever. I bit my lip, hopefully no one would notice.
Halfway through, and we were doing okay. We hadn’t majorly stuffed up anywhere, but we were very out of it. I think the fans started to notice, but I had no idea how to get them into it, when we weren’t. Then, I had a brainwave. I walked over to where Frank was playing. He looked up curiously, probably wondering why I went over to his side of the stage. I didn’t hesitate in kissing him full on the lips, and I heard the crowd go mental. I smiled to myself as I pulled away and continued the song.
Frank’s POV
‘This is the shittiest show I’ve ever played,’ I thought to myself, but I stayed put. I didn’t have enough energy, which is very weird for me. I noticed Gerard walk onto my side of the stage. I looked at him curiously, wondering why he was over here. I expected him to just stop and lean over to the fans, but he kept walking until he was right next to me. He grabbed me, and pulled me into a kiss. Shocked, I tried to keep my attention on playing. Since when did we bring ‘Frerard’ back? He pulled away and winked at me, then continued the song.
We were sitting backstage, faces in our hands, listening to Dylan finish the show.
“I hope you guys enjoyed the show, there will be a meet-and-greet with all the bands in 10 minutes around the side of the venue,” he said. I groaned, I just wanted to go home.
“This is so unlike us…” said Ray. He was right, we usually loved to meet fans as Dylan always forced us to leave early which means we can’t ever meet them. But for some unknown reason, he felt the need to have one tonight. I could kill him.
“I could kill him right now,” said Gerard
“I was thinking the same thing,” I said, just as Dylan came into the room.
“Come on, meet-and-greet time,”
We all got up and followed him silently. We got to the side of the venue and were greeted by screams. I forced a smile and waved to everyone. The first group of girls came up to us, not even bothering with FOB, Stack or Panic!.
“OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING! CAN YOU SIGN THIS? CAN I GET A PHOTO! OH MY GOD!” squealed one girl. She started with Gerard, then moved onto Ray, Mikey and Bob. I was last.
“Hey, how are you?” I greeted her.
“I-I-I’m good,” she said, tears streaming down her face.
“Thanks for coming out,” I said while signing a copy of the black parade. I got a photo with her, and then she asked for a hug.
“Sure thing,” I said, as I hugged her. I pulled away and suddenly something wet was dragging along my face.
“I LICKED FRANK IERO AGAIN!” she screamed, and ran off. I groaned, wiping my face with the sleeve of my jumper. I looked over to see Gee, Ray, Bob and Mikey pissing themselves.
“You guys suck,” I mumbled, as we greeted the next lot of girls. I was staring at the ground while I waiting for them to reach me, and I suddenly got someone clinging onto me. Wow, they don’t even ask anymore. The girl pulled away and I almost died.
“Kirrah?!” I said, making sure she was really there and I wasn’t going insane. She nodded and I pulled her into another hug.
“Oh my god! I missed you so much, why are you here? What about your mum?!” I raved on, before Kirrah shushed me.
“I missed you too! Mum bought tickets so we could come…” she said, tears streaming down her face. I smiled and hugged her AGAIN. I couldn’t help it.
“Do I get a hug?” asked someone else. I looked up to see Meg, and I hugged her too.
“This is amazing!” said Mikey, grinning like an idiot.
“Girls, you’re taking too long,” said Dylan, and he started escorting them away. Kirrah clinged onto me, and I held her close.
“They’re with us.” I said firmly, and Dylan looked confused.
“They weren’t here this morning?”
“Complications,” interrupted Bob, and Dylan shrugged.
“Whatever, but you’ll still need to step aside. There are still fans waiting.”
“Take them backstage,” said Ray, and Dylan sighed.
“Fine,” he said, taking them to the doors while we finished meeting fans in a much better mood.
After meeting with everyone, we were all hanging at out hotel. Kirrah and Meg had finally gotten over the fact that FOB, Stack and Panic! were all here, and we were all talking about smoking. I don’t know why.
“I don’t like smoking, it doesn’t make you look attractive, it makes you look gross!” complained Bradie
“Awww,” I complained.
“Except you?” laughed Bradie, not sure if he saved himself or not. We all laughed at him and he went a deep red.
“I don’t like smoking ‘cause it’s dangerous, but I think some people can pull off the sexy look,” said Kirrah, who was leaning on me.
“People like Frank?” asked Meg, laughing when Kirrah blushed. I smiled, pulling her close.
“All this cigarette talk has made me want one. Anyone coming?” asked Gee.
“Me!” I yelled, kissing Kirrah on the forehead and following him outside.
Kirrah’s POV
“Me!” yelled Frank, kissing me on the forehead and following Gerard outside. I smiled, watching them go. Meg walked over and took Frank’s spot. The only people in the room were Brendon, Shaun, Bradie and Meg. I don’t know where everyone else went, probably bed since it was around one in the morning.
“I have a problem, guys,” said Meg.
“What’s that?” asked Brendon.
“Well, I like Gerard. A LOT. And I have no idea what to do?!” she said.
“He so obviously likes you! It’s crazy how obvious it is. Haven’t you noticed?” laughed Shaun, and Meg blushed.
“Really?” she asked looking at me, though I have no idea why. I just nodded, because it seemed like he did like her. She smiled.
“Should I tell him?”
“If you wanna,” I said casually, and she bit her lip. Then the doors opened and Gerard and Frank came back inside.
“That was quick,” said Brendon, and Gerard just smiled.
“Fuck! It’s freezing out there!” complained Frank, coming to sit next to me, only to realise that Meg had taken his spot. “Hey!”
Meg just grinned as he crossed his arms and pouted.
“Awww, Frankie!” I giggled, and I patted my lap.
“I’ll squish you! Why don’t you sit on me?”
“You won’t squish me! But okay,” I agreed, and got up so he could sit down. I sat on his lap, and cuddled into him. “Frankie, you’re freezing!”
He just grinned, and we talked until we all fell asleep.
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