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Just You And I Your Starless Eyes Remain

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singing, horror movies and cupcakes.

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Gerard’s POV
I woke up with Meg’s head on my lap, still asleep, I looked around the room and noticed that apart from Kirrah and Frank in a corner everyone had left, proberly to find a more comfortable sleeping arrangement.
Frank and Kirrah, who were both awake, were cuddling and kissing, pretty much all over each other. Obviously they thought I wasn’t awake.
“Hey,” I whispered in Meg’s ear. “Kirrah and Frank are making-out and it’s a bit awkward watching them.”
She giggled and turned her head towards me. Her chocolaty eyes were glazed and I could tell she just woke up. She stretched her arms and legs before yawning and closing her eyes, twisting her head into a more comfortable position.
“So are you going to wake up or just leave me to endure their, extremely lovely, make-out session?” I asked, grinning a little.
She giggled again. “You can endure, you’re a big boy.” She replied, poking her tongue out at me, It was a random move considering her eyes were still closed.
“Awww.” I whined.
She giggled again and managed to open her eyes to look up at me briefly.
“You can keep talking to me but I promise you, after a while I’ll fall asleep.” She told me, grinning.
I chuckled and laid down, my head resting on my hands. Meg moved her head from my thigh and placed it on my chest instead, I didn’t blame her it was a bit weird laying down and having her head there. I chuckled at the thought and I swear I saw Meg roll her eyes.
I started randomly singing ‘Sleep’ and I heard Meg yawn.
“Some say now suffer all the children and walk away a savior, or a madman and polluted, from gutter institutions.” I sung.
“Don’t you breathe for me! Undeserving of your sympathy, cuz there ain’t no way that I’m sorry for what I did.” Meg sang with me. I stop singing and looked down at her, doubly-surprised. 1) Because she was singing and I thought she was asleep and 2) because she was an OK singer. She noticed me looking at her and blushed looking down.
“And through it all, how could you cry for me? Cuz I don’t feel bad about it...” She murmered.
“So shut your eyes, kiss me good-bye and sleep. Just sleep.” I sang.
“The hardest part is letting go of your dreams.” Me and Meg sang in sync, I smiled down and her and she smiled sheepishly.
“If I know a song I have to sing it.” She told me sheepishly, which made me laugh.
“Did you want me to sing you something random then?” I asked, chuckling.
Meg laughed as well and shook her head. “I’ll survive.”
I chuckled and continued with the song “A drink for the horror that I'm in, for the good guys and the bad guys. For the monsters that I've been...”
After a while Meg’s head finally relaxed against my chest and drifted into sleep, her deep breaths warm through the shirt I was wearing.
I smiled to myself and closed my eyes, still mumbling the song to myself.
Meg’s POV
“A drink for the horror that I'm in, for the good guys and the bad guys. For the monsters that I've been...” Gerard sang, his voice so was good! and comforting, I was so tired but I wanted to stay awake and listen to him and eventually I couldn’t fight it anymore and my head flopped against his chest in defeat before I blacked out, only to be haunted by my dreams...

I woke with a start, I was moving and also in someone’s arms. The movement of walking soothed me a little but I was still confused as too who was carrying me. I brought my hand up from the random’s chest and poked the cheek that was closest to me. The person turned to me in confused and I smiled; it was just Gerard. I put my hand back into my lap and closed my eyes, I was still tired.
The last thing I heard with Gerard chuckling.
Kirrah’s POV
Me and Frank were on the couch in the living room, watching some random movie that was on...I can’t remember what it’s called but it was pretty good, it seemed like something Meg would watch...Gore and blood. Some werewolf movie, some old werewolf movie, my great-grandfather proberly watched it. These soldiers were in a house and these wolves were attacking them, ripping out there insides and then transforming them into wolves before going on a killing spree and killing everyone else.
“Eeep!” I yelled and buried myself into Frank’s chest before I could see the rest of it. Some guy, Spoon I think, was trapped in the kitchen with 2 werewolves.
Frank chuckled and rubbed my back soothingly as I listened to the sound of Spoon being ripped apart and eaten.
He put his hands over my ears for a couple of seconds then took them off when he thought it was OK to look back at the screen.
As I stared at the TV screen intently Gerard walked past with Meg in his arms, I saw her wake up and poke his face before going back to sleep.Random child I thought before turning back to the movie.
A guy was sneaking out to check the jeep was running and opened the boot door and all this blood and guts came spilling all over the floor and onto his feet, like a flood, then one of his friends head fell onto the floor.
“Uuugh...” I moaned, it wasn’t a pretty sight.
Frank laughed at me and I stalked off to find something else to do, leaving Frank to watch his lovely movie by himself.
I found Andy and Shaun raiding the fridge in the kitchen and it reminded my oddly of that spoon guy being attacked and I screamed a little, jumped up and down and waved my arms around hysterically before running into a random bed-room and jumping onto the bed.
“Ahhhh!” I heard a tired voice scream.
“Ahhhhh!” I replied.
Then I saw Meg on the bed and immediantly calmed down. “oh, it’s you.”
“Oh, it’s you.” She mocked me, winking.
I poked my tongue out and she laughed.
“Hey, do you mind moving your hand?” She asked awkwardly and I then realised in my fright my hand had picked a very inappropriate place to rest. I moved my
hand away from her chest and blushed.

“Sorry!” I yelled at her.
“It’s Ok!” she replied laughing. “You woke me up!”
“Oh.My.God...! I am sooo sorry!” I replied sarcastically, clutching my hands to my chest to emphasize my point.She laughed and pushed me off the bed.
“Whoops, so sorry.” She said, winking down and me.
“Ha. Ha. Ha. Hilarious.” I replied, squinting my eyes angrily at her.She just winked at me again before walking out the door and fumbling around in the kitchen by the sounds of it.I got up and followed her, stretching my back and grabbed the hair-tie from my wrist to tie my hair up.I stepped out from behind a wall and saw Andy lifting Meg over his shoulder, so that her head was near the lower part of his back whilst he held her legs against his chest.
“Ummm....” Was all I said.
“She tried to steal my cup-cake.” Andy replied, holding a cup-cake in his free hand.
“I see...” I replied. Then an evil idea popped into my head. I ran up to Andy and stole the chocolate cup-cake from his hand but in my haste to run and I tripped over a chair leg. As everyone laughed at me I felt my face become a bright red and I brought my hands up to my face to shield myself from the embarrassment.Frank had walked into the kitchen at the time and I could hear his laugh boom through the kitchen.
“Shut up.” I managed to mumble at him sternly, making a gap in my fingers so I could glare at him.He just chuckled at me and picked me up.
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