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Hip Hip Hooray For Me

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giggles, talks and a whole lot of confusion.

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Frank’s POV
I walked into the kitchen to see Kirrah tripping on a chair leg. She covered her face with her hands and everyone started laughing. I had to join in, it was a funny sight.
“Shut up,” she mumbled, making a gap so she could glare at me. I chuckled, picked her up and held her close.
“Aw, don’t be mad,” I said, looking down to her. She crossed her arms and turned around. I slid my arms around her waist and kissed her neck.
“Hey! That’s not fair!” she complained, and I just smiled at her.
“What’s going on in here, guys?” Gerard came around the corner, and a look of confusion crossed his face. I looked over to Andy and Meg and realised why. Andy still hadn’t put her down, and he had no explanation as the cupcake he had was now sitting on the floor.
“Err... Well this might sound insane...” I started to explain, “Andy had a cupcake and Meg wanted it, so she tried to steal it… and so Andy grabbed her, then Kirrah stole it and fell… so here we are?”
Everyone was silent for a minute, and then we all started laughing.
“You’re right!” laughed Gerard, “That sounds VERY insane!”
“Hey, guys? I’m going to bed,” I said, and headed for the bedroom.
“I’ll come,” said Kirrah, and everyone started whistling.
“Guys! It’s not like that!” I complained and took Kirrah by the hand as we walked into the room. When we got in, I fell onto the bed, and Kirrah did the same.
“I’m so glad you guys were able to come out,” I said, stroking her arm.
“Me too,” she grinned, then turned off the lamp, “Night, Frankie.”

Mikey’s POV
“That went so much better!” I yelled excitedly. Ever since Meg and Kirrah turned up at our last concert, we had been performing much better.
“I know! Thank god, I’m pretty sure the fans realised what was up,” said Gerard, sitting on the floor with the mic still in his hand.
“And I’m guessing that’s why you pulled the ‘Frerard’ stunt?” Ray asked, chuckling slightly.
“Oh yeah… About that, you know what I realised?” asked Frank, and I shrugged.
“Meg and Kirrah were in the crowd…”
“They would’ve seen that,”
I felt my eyes go wide, and I swore under my breath. I didn’t think of that.
“S’alright, if they’re like any of the other fans they’ll love it,” I said, winking at them. I ducked as Gerard threw a pillow at my head. “Hey!”
Everyone laughed as I crossed my arms and my mouth fell into a pout.
“Awww, who’s being mean to Mikey?” said Kirrah as she came through the door, Meg following close behind.
“They are,” I said, in an extremely childish voice, which made Kirrah laugh.
“Nawww! Poor Mikey!” she said, hugging me. I hugged her back, looking at Frank over her shoulder and winking.
“Mikey!” he complained, “I didn’t do anything!”
“I know,” I grinned, and Kirrah pulled out of the hug.
“So what did they do to you?” she asked.
“They were scared that you guys saw the ‘Frerard’ stunt at the concert, and I told them that you probably loved it,” I said casually and Kirrah hit my arm. “Hey!”
She giggled, skipped over to Frank and sat in his lap.

Ray’s POV
“Hey!” Mikey complained after Kirrah hit his arm. I hid a smile at the immaturity of the whole situation. It was cute.
“Umm, Ray… I was wondering if I could talk to you…?” asked Meg. Surprised, I nodded and followed her out of the room. I have to admit, I had a bit of a crush on her. But I wasn’t going to tell Gee that. He’d probably kill me.
“What’s up?” I asked
“I have a situation… I reeeeeally like Gerard…”
“That’s great!” I interrupted, feeling a little hurt. “Oh, sorry… Continue…”
“But, I also like Bob… I feel like an idiot!”
I stood there for a moment, unsure what to do. She liked two guys, and none of them were me.
“None of them like you,” I blurted out.
“Like-like you I mean. In that way…”
“Oh…” she looked down, and tears started running down her face.
“Hey, don’t cry… It’s okay…” I said, patting her shoulder. I felt a little bad at what I did, but I couldn’t help it. This always happened to me. Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Bob always got the girls. I never did, and I hated it.
“Let’s go back to the others,” I said. She nodded and followed me back into the room.
Meg’s POV
I tried to keep the tears from spilling over, but it was difficult. Everyone had confidently told me Gerard liked me, and now I was getting told he didn’t? It was confusing, and it hurt.
“Meg! What’s wrong?!” said Kirrah, alarmed. I just shook my head and whispered, “Nothing.”
“I’m not stupid! Tell me!”
“Nothing, okay!” I yelled, and then ran out of the room. I went into the room Kirrah, Frank, Gerard and I shared and fell onto the bed. I heard the door open, then I felt someone’s arms wrap around me. It was Frank.
“Go away,” I said, unwrapping myself from his arms.
“Huh? Why?” he asked, looking confused.
“You told me that Gerard liked me. I mean, sure, it would have hurt to hear that he didn’t, but it hurts more when you lie about it!” I yelled
“What are you talking about? He DOES like you, I know Gee like the back of my hand!”
“Well, obviously not, because he doesn’t!”
“How do you know?! Did you ask him?” he looked shocked for a second, then continued, “Did he reject you?!”
“What? No, Ray told me!”
“Ray told you Gerard doesn’t like you?”
I nodded.
“Oh my god!” he said, then got up. “I’ll be back.”
What’s going on?
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