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You Talk To Me

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tears, lies and confusion.

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Mikey's POV
Meg had just left the room to talk to Ray about something, but only minutes later she came out with tears running down her face.
“Meg! What’s wrong?!” said Kirrah, alarmed. But Meg just shook my head and whispered, “Nothing.”
“I’m not stupid! Tell me!”
“Nothing, okay!” She then yelled, running out of the room. We looked shocked at her random out-burst and Kirrah even looked hurt at her rejection. I looked over at Frank and he pulled a face before running after her. I moved closer to Kirrah and gave her a hug and she willingly accepted. We sat there for a few minutes before she put her head on my shoulder, and I felt a wet patch forming on my shirt.
“Aw, Kirrah! It’s OK,” I said, rubbing her back soothingly, “She didn’t mean it like that.”
All Kirrah did was nod though and I couldn’t help feeling a little guilty as I enjoyed the moment.Just as i had mustered the courage to put my head onto Kirrah’s, Frank stormed through the door, anger blazing in his eyes and I jumped in fright, moving my head away from Kirrah’s. I don’t think Frank noticed though as he was glaring at Ray, who wore a scared expression.
“Can we talk?” Frank asked through gritted teeth.
“Um....” Ray replied but after deciding he was too young to die he got up and walked into the same room he and Meg did earlier.
Ray’s POV
I gulped and followed Frank into the same room I had led Meg into.
“Yes, Frank?” I said, trying not to let my fear show.
“Well, Meg might have told me that somebody told her that Gerard didn’t like her.” Frank replied, raising his eyebrow at me.
“R-really? W-who would do such a-a thing?”I replied, jittery, I was getting nervous.
“Hmmm. Not sure, maybe someone who didn’t care that Meg is in her room balling her eyes out!” Frank replied, starting to yell towards the end.
“S-She’s crying?” I asked. Shit, I didn’t think it was that bad!
“Yes. And you wanna know why? Cuz she thinks Gerard doesn’t like her!” Frank replied angrily. I didn’t really wanna know but now he said it I was starting to feel really bad.
“I didn’t mean it...” I mumbled, knowing it wouldn’t make a difference.
“Well then go tell her that!” he replied.
“What do I say? ‘Oh, sorry about earlier I was just jealous That Gee and Bob seem to get all the girls and what I said just slipped out and I maybe like you a little and it hurt that you said you like two people and neither of them were me!’” I said, my voice slowly rising in volume as I reached the end on my sentence. Frank just stood there looking shocked and I couldn’t believe I had actually just told Frank all of that.
“Ray...” Was all Frank said and I could feel tears threatening to spill down my face. I shook my head and the tears disappeared.
“At least tell her you’re sorry...” Frank said, calming down.
“I-I...I can’t...” I murmured. Frank pulled me into a sympathetic hug, and told me that I had to. I nodded and took a deep breath, walking to the room Meg was in at the end of the hall. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a groan; I opened the door and found Meg laying on one of the double beds with her head in a pillow.
“Hey Meg...” I murmured, not really knowing what to say next.
“Ray?” Meg said, and I winced at the sound of hopelessness in her voice.
“Yeah... I need to talk to you.” I said.
“About what?” Meg asked, dead-pan.
“I was lying about Gerard not liking you...He does...i don’t know about Bob, I guess I was shocked?” I replied, scared of what she would do.
“You don’t have to try make it better Ray... If he doesn’t like me then, he doesn’t like me...” Meg replied. Gosh, now I had to convince her he does like her, and listen to her tell me how much she likes him.
“But he does like you!” I said.“Sure...Whatever you say Ray...”
Great, now I have to tell her I like her.
Mikey’s POV
Frank walked back into the room, looking slightly upset.
“What's wrong Frank?” I asked, Kirrah in my arms.
“Nothing...” Frank replied, crashing on the couch.
“Frankie!” Kirrah exclaimed worriedly, jumping away from me and running to Frank. My heart ached.
11 o’clock had come and went and still Meg was in her room. Gerard was growing extremely worried and Kirrah was tired enough she nearly fell asleep on the floor.
“You can have my bed if you want Kirrah.” I offered. Kirrah’s sleepy eyes found mine and she nodded gratefully. She raised her arms up and I lifted her up, carrying her into my room and onto the double-bed. I turned to leave but she grabbed my arm and patted the bed sleepily.
“Don’t you want Frank?” I asked, then immediately regretted it as I knew what she was going to say. I was shocked when she shook her head and pulled me towards the bed. I didn’t object and got under the covers with her. She snuggled into my chest and at that moment I didn’t feel guilty for Frank. I gave her a good-night kiss on the forehead and fell asleep.

hey look, it's an update! ta-dah! sorry about the massive wait. Meg has been having some personal stuff going on and she also had a MAJOR case of writers block. sucks, right? anyway... it's my chapter next, i hope you liked this one? i will try and get an update as soon as possible but i'm going through some stuff and i would rather wait then to give you a shit depressing chapter. hope you can forgive me?
so yeah, i think that's it. hopefully i will be adding another chapter soon, and i hope i get some R&R's. that would be rad.
okay, i think that's it. i love you all :) :)
- kirrah xx
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